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R Jan 19, 2016 Review updated:

Carrier misses my delivery once in every 3 or 4 months. Today was one of them. I called at earliest time to complain (about 7:32am) and lodged my request for replacement in the automated system. No replacement by earlier afternoon, so I called again requesting a live person and was put on hold for 10 to 15 minutes before my call was cut off. I called again at ~4:30pm, talked to a real person after a short hold. The responder wanted requested seemingly endless information (way more than needed to bring as replacement) and the said Sorry you get today's paper tomorrow. I've been through this routine before and had to insist on a replacement when it didn't arrive the following day. On this previous occasion, when I finally did get the paper it was without the insertions and special sections. I am not optimistic about how much more effort will be required on my part, when I will get today's paper and what the content will be. In conclusion, the SJMN service stinks!


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      Jun 25, 2018

    You seem to hire the cheapest delivery people out there. Unfortunately, that means continuously crappy delivery service. Last weekend, once again the delivery people just up and decided not to delivery. Perhaps wanted to just relax?

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