San Jose Mercury Newsnever delivered, but keeps charging, even after cancellation 1 yr later

L Jul 25, 2017

signed up for sunday + digital for $20 in 4/2016. we never got the newspaper delivered. after repeated complaints of non-delivery, customer service agreed they will cancel our subscription. (during this time, which took over 3 months, we received ZERO papers). 1 year later, a charge pops up in our credit card account for a subscription and renewal that is not authorized. called Mercury News, customer rep is confused since our account is closed and should not have been charged. but has to go through supervisor to reverse unauthorized charge week later, they refund the unauthorized charge minus $0.60.
Unreliable service, and their billing isn't keeping up with subscription status that was changed 8 months earlier.
even with zero delivery, we still receive hand-delivered tips/donation solicitation in December in our mailbox by the so-called carrier who never delivered, so we know the carrier knows the correct address (we have security camera, and no newspaper delivery was even attempted, so it's not the case of stolen delivery)

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