Samsung Electronicsgear fit pro 2

G Sep 15, 2018

i purchased the gear fit pro 2 in December, In April I noticed a chip on the face of the device. I called and sent in it with the docking station (charger) as requested. When my device was sent back it was sent, it was just the face of the device, without the charger.
After calling and requesting my device bands and charger, they sent the wrong size bands and a phone charger.
After calling numerous times, being on hold for endless hours and disconnected 3 times when asking for a supervisor. I was even told 2 supervisors would call me - which never happened.
Finally, I received the correct size bands 5 months later, I was told the charger was no longer available. I stayed on hold, got disconnected again and again, and then received and email stating that they will send a gift card in the amount of 39.99 oxo I could purchase a new docking station... I am furious - they will not replace my returned merchandise.
I do not feel I have been treated properly from Samsung and will dispute the original purchase - The item is useless without a docking station.
Georgine Rowan

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