Samsung Electronicsdefective television

F Aug 17, 2018

I bought a Samsung J5200 43 inch LED on March 31 last year. Earlier this week, about 4 and a half months after the warranty expired, the picture suddenly went extremely dim to the point it can barely be seen using a bright light pointed at the screen. Samsung only offered to cover the cost of parts for the repair, but I will still have to pay the technician for labor. It is absolutely ridiculous that Samsung refuses to fully back their defective and over priced products. I personally know others who have had similar experiences with this company, who refuse to buy their products anymore, and I feel I may soon join them. A longer warranty, would go a very long way for customer satisfaction. The fact that the TV failed not even 5 months after the warranty expired is very frustrating. If they would just own up to selling a faulty product and offer free repairs at the very least, it would be a tremendous improvement in their customer service.

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