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Complaints & Reviews

poor service, faulty equipment!

This air conditioner failed to function properly after 1 year. The electronic thermostat controls failed and the a/c unit ices up. I sent it to wind service in hicksville, n. Y. And they have had it since august 3rd and claim they are waiting for parts. This is poor service from and authorized repair center as well as poorly built a/c units. I will never recommend nor purchase another samsung product.

  • Me
    melanie stanich Sep 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I cant agree or disagree cause your complint was not clear. More details are needed. Please dont take this as I am sticking up for Wind Serv. I Worked for this company and if they say they are waiting for parts.... They are waiting for part and I would put money on that. There are situations where parts get back ordered. the only cases that I know Wind Serv ever waited for parts is

    1.Its a part that is rare and to order them in bulk is a huge money waster because some parts we used 1 a year some once a month.... Ac parts in August GO VERY FAST!! It was always the manufactuer that always made us wait!

    2. Recall parts need to be ordered in bulk but sometimes you dont know how many you need to order untill you find out how many customers will bring their unit in to us.... If we order say 20 parts and one day 4 customers bring in the unit then and the next day 4 ect..... then one day 15 then we order more. Some customers get a recall on AC and wait till july to get the repair! Use you head! You get recall in Jan bring it in then!!!! DUH! Not when Everybody and their mother needs AC repair at the same time!

    Wind Service Puts nothing off and does their work VERY FAIR!. The apppitments are very organized. Firs come first serve with repairs such as garbage disposals dishwashers or washer and dryers. no exceptions! Think about a hospital... They go by "treage" You come in with a stubbed toe wait for a doctor for an hour and a baby comes in and they take the baby right away.... The ones that are hurt the most go ffirst.. If your appoitment is at say 1-3 and the repair man tell you he is on his way to you to fix your dryer ..... and a call comes in to us that a 90 year old woman's AC broke on a 90 degree day we will go there first ( she could die!)

    Another thing..... People....use you damn head......dont get pissed off if the repair man comes to your house because your dishwasher is flooding bubbles because you put dishliquid instead of dishwasher liquid then charges you the diagnosis fee for telling you that u they make dishwasher liquid for the dishwasher and dish liquid for washing by hand..... there is a reason for that....DUH!!!

    Leave the receptionist alone!!!! Its not their fault that your "waiting too long for you appliance to be fixed!"

    I loved this job........ But the owner fired me! Why dosent it bother me? Because as hard as I tried i made too many mistakes. But the business is his bread and butter. And I know how devestated it was for him to have to do that to me. I will stand by Howard spun in a heart beat. So please...... Be patient.... He's doing his best. He dosent want to lose a customer for one..... and two im sure he would bend over backwards for you if something needed to be repaird that was needed like a fridge. You would be put above a dryer.

    Anyway sorry about your AC.... Give this company a chance. Like I said they get ALOT of AC in august.

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needed the replacement!

I purchased the samsung spilt ac model no=asti8wjwdb last year on 24-aug-2006, but due to renovation in house I installed the same in the month on october-2006. This year in summer when I switch on the ac cooling for unsatisfactory so I raised the complaint in customer care (Compliant no=[protected]) , engineer stated gas has been leak so their refilled I don't understand how come new ac gas got leak without using for a second also. Again after 15 days same problem occurs again leak was refilled.

4 th time due to repeated complaint they took the ac to service station but sorry to say problem persists the same.

This proves that samsung piece which was provided to me was faulty so I wanted my ac should be replaced else I have no other option putting the case to high authority...

not honoring company warranty

I purchased a brand new backjack i607 cell phone (With 1yr manufacturer warranty) and within 30 days (Rarely used), the cell phone froze up. I called up samsung and opened a work order with them and shipped the cell phone per their instructions. After 45 days I received the cell phone back from them along with a letter stating that the circuit board is cracked and it is not covered under warranty and that they can do nothing about it. I called them up several times with no avail. This cell phone is hardly used and never dropped on the floor or water and still looks brand new without a single scratch. They even stopped responding to my calls and letters.

I am stuck now with a non-functioning phone and this is the worst company ever.

major tv problems!

We paid $1200.00 for this tv at the end of december 2006. The screen went completely black the beginning of...

refrigerator always under repair

We have purchased samsung refrigerator model no: sg25bpwhn on 21/3/2001. Since last year ie 2006 feb, we are having prolonged problems with the refrigerator. Initially they filled gas in feb'06, later it was in the workshop for "water in the body" last month jun'07, and now gas to be filled up again. We are having another refrigerator too which bpl (Frost free) company's since 11yrs without any complaint till now.

I would like to tell all my family friends and folks "not to buy any more samsung home products" from now on specially refrigerators. Their service is bad and their product is hopeless. I am expecting a fair reply from them.

[protected]/6, stno.2, lnno.3, tarnaka, sec'bad-17.
Ph: 040-[protected]

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rt440 refrigrator problems

I bought in feb 2006 a 440 lt samsung frost free from samsung digital home, amritsar, punjab.
Within 5 months of purchase, there was a problem of water leakage and jammed temperature controls.

Since then, I have complained regularly (Once every 20 30 days) to the local service station but they attribute all this to "design flaws" in the fridge. The extent of their their technicians "service" was to use a blow drier / jug of boiling water on the faulty temp controller which they claim is the problem. Ever since this summer started, the cooling also started going down.

Things came to a head this july, when the fridge stopped cooling and the freezer worked intermittently. The technicians visited me on 8,9,10,12,13 and 14 july but each time they had different diagnosis (Different technicians !) but no solutions. The extent of their "service" was to chuck boiling water into the freezer cooling vents which unjammed the controls temporarily, but they froze soon after.

One bright chap said the vents were too small and proceeded to file them to a larger size. He claimed this problem was common in all fridges of this model. As expected, no effect, no cooling and lots of leakage.

Next guy changed some temp control parts and charged 580 / - out of which 200 was for parts and rest for labor (He had to open three screws and snip lots of retainer clips which he didn't replace). Since I was at wits end, I coughed up even though the company should have taken responsibility since this was a problem which developed within 5 months of purchase.

What gets my goat is that the next day 14/7/07 when the same problems recurred the guy who sold me the fridge blew me off saying he had no time to listen to my problems (Even though it was the first time I was talking to him, and that too only because he had told me to call him if the problem persisted).In the meantime, the "engineer" limited his servicing to ### about how they have to suffer because the fridges have these problems out of the factory.

On consulting other mechanics I have found that there are no faults in other fridges of this model (So much for design flaws). Also, that all the boiling water is going to create problems of rusting and failed insulation very soon. Also that the vents being filed to a larger size means that the temp controller is effectively bypassed.

Most unprofessional, untrustworthy and unconcerned company with an attitude problem to boot.
I want them to a. Repair at their cost b. Refund my cash c. Indemnify in writing that future rusting / insulation failure will be tackled free by them d. If they claim a design flaw, change the fridge with one which works.

defective monitors

Samsung monitor service.

Called to receive replacement monitor. Had a $500 retainer put on my debit card to have the replacement sent to my home. Received a defective monitor. Sent it back. They kept the $ hold on my account.

The second replacement monitor was sent to a ups store when it should have been sent directly to me. No $ hold is necessary for this type of replacement transaction. It took a 30 minute phone call to get my money released.

The total time I had to spend on the phone with samsung, just to get a replacement monitor is over 2.5 hours. This includes the original phone call, 3 to get the defective replacement taken care of, and the last to get my $500 back. I am not sure I would have had it refunded if I did not call.

I had to wait days for the broken replacement to get back to the service center before they would send a second replacement. They would not expedite the release of the second monitor.

This has taken over 3 weeks.

Now, I have to go out to a ups store to pick up the second replacement and drag my old on with me.


  • Mo
    mohd arif Jul 21, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Samsung monitor dead:

    Model: SyncMaster 594MG
    Model Code: KS15SLBVR/XTP
    S/N No:LB15HHAL9214007
    My Contact Number: 9819763329/9819171713

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  • Ab
    abhay Singh Oct 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a samsung monitor and the problem in my monitor is this some patches in the center of the picture tube on my monitor. when i was complained in service center but my problem is not solving and he said your problem has been solved.But i am facing same problem on my monitor. Please solve my problem my contact no. is 9811819573, 01204168578

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  • Na
    Nancy Gilkes Mar 19, 2009

    I purchased a new Samsung monitor over a year a go now. However, I had a problem with it from the start. I thought it was my computer and returned my computer to the place of purchase within 90 days. By the time it was figued out it was the monitor and I contacted Samsung they told me that they could only send out a reconditioned monitor. They did and it was not good, the pixels were bad on the replacement monitor. I contacted them again, they sent me out another monitor. I feel that they send me out the exact monitor I sent them had the same problem as the original. I was able to hook up an old monitor that I had and my computer works just fine.
    I have been on the phone with Samsung many times, and in December 2008 they told me that they were going to send me a refund. I have called them many times since to find out the status of my refund. They leave me on hold forever, then come back with me and tell me that they will have someone contact me within 24 hours, they never do. I have been told many times by their executive relations department that the check was in the mail, there were no problems. I called them again yesterday, March 18, 2009 I was again told that someone would get back with me within 24 hours, they did not. I called back today March 19, 2009, I was left on hold for an hour waiting to talk to someone in another department, they finally hung up on me. I called back and I was then again told that someone would get back with me.
    All I want is this to be resolved, I feel that Samsung has not been treating me fairly. I thought Samsung had a good reputation, however, if this is the way they treat consumers. This is just not right!

    Nancy Gilkes

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  • Tr
    Tran May 13, 2009

    SAMSUNG service is bad!

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washer doesn't work

I purchased a front loading samsung washer and dryer in december from lowes and by may 25 th the washer ha...

low quality monitor

Product: samsung electronics
Location: cicuit city - vineland, nj

I intended to purchase a samsung 226bw 22 inch lcd monitor. A few people had warned me that the aforementioned model had three product model/series: s, a & c. This letter is nowhere to be found on the product packaging; the only way to determine which model one had purchased was to open the box and read the serial number label affixed to the back of each monitor - a slick move on samsung's part. I was advised by friends to buy the "s" model, which reflected samsung's supposed quality/dependability, as reviewed by numerous magazine and online sources. I was warned to stay away from the "a" and "c" models that were shipped afterwards, which are produced for samsung by other manufacturers and are riddled with defects and reliability issues - as confirmed by numerous online circuit city and other retail customer reviews. The in-store, 19 inch and 22 inch samsung monitor display models that I checked were both "s. " the store associate wasn't able to tell me the model letter of the in-stock, 22 inch samsung monitor I intended to buy. I was required to first buy the monitor in question; I immediately opened the box in the store; it turned out to be a "c, " the worst of the two lesser quality series. The exchange of the "c" monitor for an alternative brand was a long fiasco. The whole experience has since caused me to think twice about making any subsequent circuit city purchases. Finally, samsung, with their bait-and-switch tactics, does circuit city a disservice, as clearly seen in the all-too-numerous, poor on-line customer reviews. The in-store samsung monitor displays are of the better quality of a series of the same model number, yet the products that customers are purchasing are of a lesser quality and reliability that is not discernable by a simple, convenient inspection of the model/serial number label affixed to the exterior of each box. I, as well as most people who ask me for advice and ask about my good/bad experiences, can't help but speculate as to which other products samsung, as well as other manufacturers, apply such shady tactics to as well. I consequently won't be buying or recommending anything with a samsung label, as most people with whom I speak agree. Why am I not surprised that circuit city's website prevents me from adding this post to their customer review section?

  • Ar
    arthur Jul 15, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree.

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worst air conditioners

This is to bring to your notice, a very bad experience in terms of the product as well as the customer...

unduly harassed by samsung attitude

My 4 year old semi automatic washing machine is not working since 22nd may 2007. I registered a complaint with the company (Complaint no. [protected]) on 24th may 2007. We were visited by a company engineer who decided that a part needs to be changed and he promised to get it done in two days.

On 26th I called up at the engineers cell phone number to be told that the part was not available, but he would definitely get the repair done in another 2-3 days time. Again I called him up and was told it will take some more time. I called up the company helpline, where they assured me that the complaint will be attended to within another 2 days. Everytime we fixed a certain date and time, so as to be definitely available at home, but were kept waiting without a call or any information. The hepline is useless as they have no knowledge of availability of parts, the cost of repairs or who will be visiting etc. Yesterday I managed to speak to the company service centre, where I was assured that they were inquiring the part on an urgent basis and would be able to get the repair done in another 2-3 days time. And the part that will be replaced will cost about rs. 1100 but comes with a one month guarantee only! I am definitely unhappy and feel unduly harassed by their attitude.

air conditioner not working properly

I have purchased my Samsung 1.5 Ton Window Air conditioner from M/s Ashoka sales Sector 16 Faridabad arox. One month back. Since yesterday I am facing Problem - when I switch on AC from mains - Normally it goes to STANDBY First. When I Press StandBy Button On Remote or Front Panel Its switch ON. But what is happening NOW - When I switch ON AC From Mains Automatically I get Two Characters on AC Front Panel - " Ch #. This seems to be some ERROR occurring due to some Malfunctioning in Controller Section or any SEGMENT in the Display have gone BAD.

AC is also behaving ERRATIC while in SWING MODE or E-SAVER Mode.

  • Ji
    jim bob Jul 02, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why don't you take it back?

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  • Ni
    Nihal Singh Aug 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir, i am sent the complaint yesterday but no response from your side my complaint number is 8407955207 dated 09.08.2008, you are requested to kindly urgently takeup the matter and solve my problme, otherwise i am go to consumer court or other legal action against your company.

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  • Mk
    MKHK Jun 06, 2009

    This Samsung AC is a pain, the engineer came and fixed it, but could not tell the solution so I could fix it myself in future. He did not open the AC to fix it but just pressed a few buttons. Can anyone tell me the answer please. Now its back again :(. Voltas is much better quality and service.

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  • An
    andrija Aug 20, 2009

    Air direction is not moving, this is a hardware malfunction. Please tell me what to do.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Ra
    RAJ VARDHAN May 09, 2015


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faulty a/c, not attending of complaint!

While going through the exhibition at cii chandigarh in the month of april 2007, I had booked one split ac at...

terrible customer service

I received my brand new refrigerator on april 23,2007. It was not working properly. It beeped every minute, 11 times, 24 hours a day. No light in my fridge and the ice dispenser was sticking, all the time. After 4 weeks of constant phone calls, to them. They never called me. I returned the refrigerator and got a maytag. They lied to me and never did fix my refrigerator. They had 1 company come out 1x and thats it. All they did was say, yes its broke, we need parts. After I returned the fridge, I got a call 1 1/2 weeks later from the service company that my parts finally came in. Samsung has a jd power award for excellent service. I have a 4 page documentation of how badly my service was handled. I was even lied to my their customer service reps, numerous times. I have emailed jd power, (I suggest anyone else please do the same) its contact them via email and either start typing or type ahead of time your complaint and attach it to your email. That is what I did. I also emailed samsung, of coarse I got a generic response. I am mailing letters and going on the internet to any complaint forum that I can find. Please do not let them get away with such poor service. I will never buy samsung again, but lets save other people from endless time and energy dealing with a company that will get you nowhere.

Thanks for reading.

unbelievably bad customer service!

I made the unfortunate mistake of buying a samsung product and have found their customer service to be...

cheating people

My name is saravanan I am from chennai tamilnadu in india today (18-may-07) we bought (Booked) one samsung...

refrigerator died right after warranty period

What a rotten product; what a rotten company. Shortly after the warranty ran out, so did the small printed...

delay in delivery and installation of samsung split ac

My name is mani. I bought samsung 1 ton split ac in amutha & co, tambaram, chennai, india on 13-may-2007. At the time of purchase they (Amutha & co) said that item will be delivered and installed by tomorrow evening between 4 pm and 6 pm (14-may-2007) , but they did not keep their word. I called them after 6 pm on 14-may-2007 several times and when ever I call they were saying that item is coming to your area. And at 9 pm when I called they said that item has not come from storage itself and tomorrow only it would be delivered. If they did not get item from storage itself then why they promised me that it would be delivered on 14-may-2007. After that finally I received item on 15-may-2007 afternoon. But they did not install it. They said that service engineer should come from company (Samsung) and by today evening (15-may-2007) they will come and install. But no body came and I called them at 6 pm and they said that (Amutha & co) service engineer may come tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Is this the way of cheating customers? If dealers are cheating like this then why samsung is giving dealer ship to them.

poor quality product - horrible customer service

I bought a samsung air conditioner (As 18wcx) from bismi 0n 24 mar 2007 (Invoice number 20194) in kochi. Air conditioner stopped functioning (Of course the fan and compressor works, but no cooling) from the third day of installation. Samsung refused to replace the unit, but started sending technicians to repair the unit. But after 3 rounds of repairing the ac is in same condition.

I have been in touch with samsung customer service every week, they have give me letcher on heat load, electrical circuits, compressor. I had followed the recommendation made by the sales person at bismi. Either of these two parties should take responsibility and replace the ac and not use my home as a training ground for service personnel.

faulty compressor

I purchased a samsung air conditioner on 24th of april, form the day it has been installed it never cools below 29 degrees, so I made a complained the next day it was installed that is on 27th but the service people came only by 6th june and found that the compressor is faulty and they went, they never repaired it, they said that some other service people will come to repair it but no one turned out.

  • Pr
    Pravin Kumar May 21, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very poor customer care service from Sam sung.i have purchased Samsung 1.5 to A/C, but it not provides the chillness. It simply ran in fan mode. I have register complain. But no response form their side... I strongly refer DONT GOT FOR SAMSUNG A/C.

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  • An
    ankur mittal May 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a samsung split 2 ton a/c from firozabad-gupta electronics on mar. 2006, i complaint for a prob. (less cooling) in nov. 2006. But up to march 2007 no response was coming, again i do a complaint in mar.2007 then a engineer visit to my home after 3 days ,on that time electricity were not coming so it goes back and still now no response is coming, i also complaint in customer care. My family faced too much prob. as i have use this samsung a/c 1st time, really its a very bad experience, and surely if no response coming then i'll go to media and consumer court.

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  • Ha
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have purchased one SAMSUNG split AC from our local shop NATIONAL ELECTRONICS-SAKCH, JAMSHEDPUR on 28.05.2007. Service person who has come to install , simply intall and went back. Till today ( 31.05.2007) it is not started. After atleast 100 complain and 10 times visiting to shop, no service engineers have visited . Still set is hanging on wall without operation. The person who has come to install has finally told that this set is FAULTY and only service engineer can rectify this. But till now nobody has come forward to check or rectify it.

    It is my sincere advice to all who are planning to buy AC, PLEASE DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG AC.

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  • Rs
    R S Bhattacharya Jun 02, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased a split Samsung AC from The Time & Tune Behala Manton Super Market Ph No 033 23971521 on 27th May 07. The same was installed on that date but the air conditioner is not providing any chillness. It is getting started but after 2 to 3 mins only the fan is working.

    I have complained over telephone on 28th ,29th ,30the & gone in person on 2nd June. Each time the service is confirming that someone will attend within one hour but no one has reported till date. If the mechanic reports that there is some problem with the machine then I will return the same & ask for refund of my money & buy machine of other company who gives good product & service.

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  • Ka
    karthiyapper Jul 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I have purchased a samsung 1.5 split airconditioner. Al went fine till the warranty, it started from there i.e gas leak, low cooling. Now this time when i switched the Ac's on, when the compressor is on the whole power in that phase goes off. i.e the fuse is getting burned.

    This is how the samsung Ac Works

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  • An
    anu paul Jul 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    samsung has the ### customer service..completely agree... even we had to go through this ordeal... Repeated complaints and several calls to the customer care number have yielded no result... So please .. anyone seeking to buy a new air conditioner... its better to go without one dan buy a samsung and lose your peace of mind...

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  • Ni
    Nihal Singh Aug 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i nihal singh, 713/11 NH-4, Faridabad Haryana Mobile No. 9873280076, purchase Air Condition Model No. 182KA vide 2022 dt. 23.04.08 through M/s Electronic Traders, 2&3, Shiv Mandir, Market No.5, NIT Faridabad-121001, i am loged the complaint on 09.08.2008 but till date not repair by your staff. I am requested to you please kindly takeup the matter at your level please.

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  • Ni
    Nihal Singh Aug 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir, i am sent the complaint yesterday but no response from your side my complaint number is 8407955207 dated 09.08.2008, you are requested to kindly urgently takeup the matter and solve my problme, otherwise i am go to consumer court or other legal action against your company.

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  • Pa
    Parul Goel Aug 03, 2009

    I completely agree that Samsung offers the worst customer service in the consumer electronics market.
    I have purchased an 1.5ton split Ac from samsung in may09 and till today its not working properly.
    The samsung engineers know nothing about their Acs and right from bottom to top everyone in Samsung is highly irresponsible.I think the company should shut down its operations in the face of numerous complaints that its customers have to face everyday.Complaints that never get attended.I think a boycott should be carried out by the consumers with the help of media to remove the name of samsung from the consumer electronics market. It is the ### company that i have seen.

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