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Can anyone explain why their clothes are so overpriced? What exactly are we paying for?
* for the best quality? Nah-ah, I wish it was the best one. But in fact, it's cheap and not worth this money
* for looking the same like the photos on the website? No, the pictures are obviously stolen.
* for fast shipping and delivery? I personally waited for two months.
* for a great customer service? I doubt. I have never experienced anything worse than dealing with these [censored]s.

My advice: don't shop with them unless you have extra money and time.


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      Jul 17, 2018

    I agree this company is the absolute worst! Don't order from them. I placed an order 3 months ago and have yet to receive my merchandise! It was not backordered and then, it was! Every time it gets close to their proclaimed "ship date" I receive yet another notification that it will now be shipped on "July 6...then July August 4th" Just not nice! I am really disappointed that they keep on letting me down. Disgusted with this company.

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