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did not authorize

Be cautious when ordering from this company. Checking a box that states that you would like to receive discounts and rewards from this company will charge your credit card $14.95 each month without your direct authorization. Calling the "dispute charges" number provided by my credit card company, a credit was issued for the 2 months they unscrupulously charged my card.

  • Nj
    NJ Kelly Mar 29, 2010

    I purchased Christmas gifts from this company, and pressed a key offering a discount. It did not specify that this was some type of travel club that charged $14.95 a month to the credit card that I used to purchase the item.
    Just recently I tried to use the services of this club to reserve a room, and it did not the club is useless. DO NOT SIGNUP!

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  • Fo
    fox02554 Nov 23, 2010

    They got me too,

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  • Cm
    CMARIECASH Jan 16, 2011

    i had just look at my bank statement and see where they have taken 14.95 out of my acct. now i have to ck my other statements to see how l0ng this has been going on. i've been having problems with companies doing this walmart takes 14.94 out of my acct everymonth the bank said the only way i can stop it is to close my acct. have to be very careful . hope i can get a holed of them I'M PISS AND TIRED OF THESE COMPANIES TAKING ADVANAGE OF ME

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simply terrible

I have ordered several times from Sahalie in the past and there previous name "Early Winters" and never had any problems until this December. This was the worst experience I have ever had with a catalog company. I placed my order of 3 items on the morning of Dec. 11, plenty of time to recieve them before Christmas. The web site states that items ship within 4 days. I recieved an email that day stating that the items were in stock and would ship soon. Four days later (Dec.15) I still had not recieved an email confirming that the items had shipped so I called to find out what was up and was told they were in the shipping area and would ship soon. Three days later (Dec.18) there is still no confirmation of shipping so I called again and sent an email to customer service, both said the same thing again. I told them that I needed these items before Christmas and could they check out what the problem was. I was reassured that they would be sent in time.Dec. 20 repeat, Dec. 22 repeat, Dec 23 they tell me that they won't be shipped before Christmas. A week after Christmas I get an email saying that one of the items I ordered was out of stock but my other items will be shipped soon. 25 days after the original order and many more phone calls with "customer service" I canceled the order. Four days after I cancelled the order I got a notice that one of the items has shipped. I don't want it and I will never order from them again.

poor customer service

Buyers beware! This company has an incredibly rude and inefficient customer service department. Who knows what's going on in the warehouse! There seems to be a fundamental lack of concern regarding the product delivery process. I placed an internet order on Friday afternoon and as of the following Thursday, this order has still not shipped from their warehouse. Three telephone inquiries and one email customer service inquiry have not solved this issue. The email inquiry has not even been answered by their customer service department. Each time I call they indicate that the product is boxed and ready to ship, but it has not shipped. Each time I am assured it will ship that day but it does not. I was promised expedited shipping after my second telephone inquiry. After discovering the product had still not shipped I called again the next day. This time I was told that I could not have expedited shipping because I had not paid for it. I asked to cancel the order because I am really disgusted and no longer interested in receiving the product. I was told that the order is impossible to cancel because it is in the warehouse. Long story short, I am in a catch 22 position. I can't get the product and I can't cancel the order. I will never order from Sahalie again.

  • Sa
    Sahalie Feedback Aug 28, 2009

    Dear Unhappy 1,
    We read with regret your experience shopping with our company Sahalie. Sahalie’s goal is to provide our customers with quality customer service. From your posting we've failed to provide this to you and your order and we apologize. Like you, we want to know what happened. Not only to help you, but to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Please contact us by email at [email protected] and include your order number, or a way to contact you directly. We will get back to you promptly. We promise. In the meantime, our deepest apologies for not providing you with the service you needed and deserve. We hope to hear from you soon.
    Sahalie/[email protected]

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  • 3s
    3strikesurout Sep 20, 2009

    I wonder if this was resolved for this customer. They've sent me the wrong size 3 times and have made me pay the return shipping. So, now I have no item and it cost me money. I've sent them feedback - several times - without any resolution to this problem. STAY AWAY FROM SAHALIE!

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fraudulent charges

BEWARE OF THIS PROGRAM!!! This is one of the biggest scams I've run into. One month ago, shortly after ordering some sandals from Sahalie, I got an e-mail from them to sign up for their new Sahalie Rewards program. This is a company that I used to do sporadic business with and thought was trustworthy. It seemed to have good benefits and indicated that it was free.

So I clicked through on the link and signed up. Nowhere in their documentation was there any information on fees. Lo and behold two months later I see a $14.95 charge on my credit card that I'd made the sandal purchase with. I was LIVID!! I immediately called the company managing the program, demanded closure of the account and refund for the fee, which they claim they did and will take 1-2 billing cycles for the refund to appear.

rewards scam

To say that I am angry is an understatement. I, too, have been scammed by Sahalie for the 14.95 per month. When I called Encore Marketing, they said that I knowing signed up for the rewards program on a 30 day trial, checked the box, and when I didn't cancel, they began billing me 14.95 per month. This has been going on for the past 10 months. First, I do not remember signing up for anything, and if I did, it was grossly misleading because I would NEVER knowingly sign up for an automatic monthly deduction for something that I get no benefit from. Sahalie should be ashamed that they have partnered with this company and scammed their customers this way. In my eyes, they stole from me - - it is theft, pure and simple. I will no longer order from Sahalie because I cannot trust them. This is a shame because I have spent thousands of dollars there over last couple of years and I have been a fan of their merchandise. In fact, I am wearing a Smith Rock Tee as I write this. I hope the 150.00 that they stole from me is worth it to them...since they lost a loyal customer for life.

Mike B.

  • Vo
    voracious Jul 26, 2009

    Be sure to call the number on your credit card statement and cancel, and demand a refund of the charges. I was able to get 6 of my 10 months of charges refunded. I accept the $60 of erroneous charges because of my stupidity in not noticing the charges. Of course, I order so much stuff from Sahalie it never raised any flags to see their name on the bill.

    This scam is theft, and I am bitterly disappointed that a company with such unique products would steal from me. I will never order from Sahalie again. Never.

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  • St
    Struckj Jan 26, 2010

    They are charging 14.95 to your Credit card every month for a service that I never agreed to, and I have never heard a word about it after I unknowingly joined. The only rewards are going to them. I would never have agreed to the charge, I'm just a working individual, and I don't have 15.00 to throw away. And after months of paying have never heard from them.
    What can this Complains board do? Do we need to go to some other agency?
    Sahalie needs to publicly apologize and reimburse the money for this Scam! Or we should all stop doing business with them.

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  • Ma
    Mary Beth Herbener Jul 09, 2010

    Sahalie is charging for their rewards program, but not disclosing the amount until you get to page 8000 of their rules. They are 14.95 monthly. I have never heard of such a thing. They wouldn't even refund me the 14.95 for the month I canceled. Told me I could have 14.95 off my next purchase. I reported them American Express and was refunded through them for the few months I neglected to check my bill. Boy, what a sneaky and despicable company. Will never purchase from them again - spread the word.

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I ordered from Sahalie, and in Jan. 2008 just started, but did not complete, to enroll for a rewards program to get 15% off my order. Without ever informing me, they have been deducting $14.95 off my credit card every month for the past 15 months. (what a fool i've been seeing these charges on my account!). I suggest NEVER dealing with SAHALIE that arranged such a fraudulent scheme.

  • Vo
    voracious Jul 26, 2009

    Demand a refund of fees.

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  • Sa
    sahalie Mar 08, 2011

    Beware of buying from Sahlie. They will hit your cc account with $14.95 every month. We were being charged on 2 different cc.

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  • Co
    ConsumerinCalifornia May 17, 2011

    Sahaie Company and their Rewards scam is nothing more than on on-going criminal enterprise. Less than 100 years ago, the individuals who are running this company would have been tarred and feathered and then hung. All we can do now is to not do business with them and to tell everyone of our friends and acquaintances that their are criminals and to avoid their company like the plague.

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sahalie rewards program

My husband ordered a watch for me from Sahalie as a Christmas gift. He did not authorize any rewards program. He did not take any discount on the watch he ordered. Months later, in March, we see a charge to his credit card for 14.95 for the Sahalie Rewards membership. I called Sahalie and they said they do not administer the rewards program and gave me a phone number to call - [protected], Encore Marketing. I called and spoke to them. After a few minutes of conversation, me insisting that he did not sign up for this and if they did not remove it, we would do a chargeback, the representative agreed to have the 14.95 refunded and the membership cancelled and no further charges. She said it would take one to two billing cycles to show on our credit card statement, but that if I tracked that account online I should see the refund in 7-10 business days. I will be watching this closely. We plan to close that card account as soon as this is done. We will never order from Sahalie again, because they shared our credit card information with a company we did not authorize it to be shared with, who then charged to it fraudulently.

  • Ca
    California Consumer May 18, 2009

    I had a very similar experience. I caught a 14.95 charge on my credit card that said SAHA REWD, back tracked and found I had been paying this for seven months to Encore Marketing. I called them and they said I had signed up for this when I made a purchase online from Sahalie in Sep 08, that the acceptance click takes you to the contract page. I NEVER sign up for ANYTHING that is supposed to be FREE. They agreed to reimburse six of seven months, I will deny payment through my credit card company on the seventh.
    Sahalie has gone from a company I respected to one I will NEVER use again.
    Steamed in North California

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  • Ba
    Barbara Jun 13, 2009


    I sure wished I had checked Sahalie on the internet. Like so many of the stories above I purchased a $15.00 gift for a friend for Christmas. My husband pays the bill and asked me today what I keep buying for $14.95 from Sahalie. I told him I haven't. After calling we got the same song and dance they Sahalie can't cancel we have to go through the rewards program

    I NEVER approved any rewards program and VERY UP SET that Sahalie shared my credit card information and they charged my card. But then tell me they are not related.

    What a RIP OFF. I plan on speaking to them on Monday and getting a refund. Meanwhile TELL EVERYONE NOT TO EVER SHARE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO or purchase anything from this company.

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  • Ra
    ramso Jul 15, 2009

    Same thing happened to me. Placed an order in January. They had a mysterious extra charge of $1.95. Then I have had $14.95 charges every month since. They claim I approved this but why would I pay this amt. of money every month for nothing? I did not authorize this!
    I have cancelled my credit card today and complained. The last 2 mos will be disputed by the credit card company.
    Please everyone beware of charges on your monthly credit card bill. There are many companies out there doing this very thing. They test your card number with a minimal amt., once it goes thru, they up the ante and start sucking your dollars monthly, hoping you will not notice.
    Get out the magnifying glass monthly!
    Charlotte, NC

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  • Sa
    SahalieScam Sep 23, 2009

    I purchased an item from Sahalie on-line. I was automatically enrolled into their "rewards program" managed by Encore Marketing which Sahalie claims has nothing to do with them. I never gave my credit card information to Encore Marketing, Sahalie provided it to them without my knowledge. They started charging me $14.90 a month for membership in some "rewards program" that I know nothing about. Encore Marketing claims to have sent me an e-mail about the membership which is a lie, there was no such e-mail. They claim to have sent me material in writing, which is also a lie. I am unable to get money Encore/Sahalie stole from me refunded. The customer service representatives of both companies are "innocent" and say this is all my fault for signing up. The supervisors in both companies were too busy to talk to me. STAY AWAY FROM SAHALIE AND DON'T GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD NUMBER. I wonder what kind of people it takes to make a living by scamming others. Sahalie must have a lot of complaints about it as their customer support is super expedient in blowing people off.

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  • Ch
    Chitownlawyer Oct 18, 2009

    This just happened to me! I ordered three items from Sahalie on August 30, 2009. The $1.95 SAHA REWD charge on my credit card was for that same day. The charge for my clothing items happened a few days later. I since returned the clothing, but got a second charge for $14.95 on October 5, 2009. I have disputed both charges with my credit card and I plan on calling both Sahalie and this purported "rewards" company tomorrow during business hours (today is a Sunday).

    Further, I did a little research on their site, and it is interesting to note that you have to submit your email address to them, which I did not do, and they claim you will receive a $15 gift card to use at Sahalie. I never received that $15 gift card. None of the other people who posted prior to me even mentioned the $15 gift card. This must be the incentive to get suckers to sign up. Except, if they sign you up without consent, they don't even have to send you the $15 gift card!

    I am shocked that this goes on and intend to pursue this fully. I will never shop this company again.

    Lawyer in Chicago, IL

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  • Ni
    Nina Woolf Nov 08, 2009

    Several unauthorized charges

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  • Bl
    blackiedogandcat Dec 18, 2009

    I work for SAhalie. I love the clothes and company but I will say that since encore has found its way into the company I am not so happy. The person taking your order should have read to you a paragraph and you had a right to say yes or no. if it was no then they are to do a rebuttle. I go so far and if it is no it is no. if this order taker scammed you I hope they no longer work there. I don't know about the book, I have seen them but you are not the only person who has stated they never received it. Go to the Better Business Buro(?) It may not get your money back but the more complaints maybe someone will do an investigation. For future reference, mail in a money order like I do or order on the internet. Oh, may be someone will still my info. Yes, now days there is nothing that is 100% percent safe but you will get the items you want with out listening to the Encoure pitch.

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  • Ve
    VermontHistorian Jun 08, 2010

    I had the same experience as the others above. I ordered something in August 2009, and at first I thought the $14.95 charges to my credit card were for items that arrived piecemeal. The charges occurred sporadically, then in 2010, every month. It took me awhile to figure out that the cryptically-titled charges weren't one of my charitable contributions! When I called the number (which is conveniently printed on the credit card bill), I was able, with some persistence, to get someone to agree to refund all the charges. We'll see if it happens.

    Sahalie should be ashamed of this deceitful business practice. They must get some sort of kickback to allow this to happen to their customers. Shame on them.

    Historian in Vermont

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  • Hd
    Hdavitte Jan 10, 2012

    The same happened to me in regards to just ordering something. I caught it before the thirty days and called and guess what, they said I would not be charged and two seconds later they told me that I would be charged. This is a total scam and there are a lot of people out there without knowing would not even look at this rewards catalog, throw it away and then at the very least 14.95 taking out of their account, this might only happen once but there are those out there that don't keep an eye on bank statements so what does it add up to? I called Sahalie and told them I would never order another thing from them because of this, love their stuff. They the rewards program said they would take the charge off so we will see. I am disgusted.

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horrible customer service

Sahalie has HORRIBLE customer service. They charge you for items not shipped. They pay no attention to the fact the you paid extra for rush shipping. Also, they say items are in stock, but are not. They won't answer your question, either. They only give canned responses that don't even pertain to your questions.

  • Ah
    ahornat Dec 23, 2008

    PROCEED WITH CAUTION! This company is horrible to do business with. I ordered my items (which were all listed in stock) over a week ago and paid extra for expedited shipping. Not only has my "expedited" shipping time come and gone, apparently the order still has not left the warehouse. That's what I was told at the end of last week... Since then I am unable to get through on the phone lines at all. There is a recorded message that they are unable to help me due to the high call volume.

    So, they have my money and I have nothing. Who knows if or when the product will ever show up. I am kicking myself. Should have done some research before buying from a company I've never used before. Beware, the website and the catalog are glossy and professional. The reality is quite a different story.

    I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and urge anyone else having problems to do the same.

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  • Cu
    customer service is key Apr 04, 2013

    Terrible customer service! Same problems some others have mentioned. Say Items are in stock and then don't mail out or process returns for " 3-4 weeks" as I was quoted in an email. Then when I call they want me verify my shipping, phone & email when I just shipped them a return and just emailed them and called, helllooo !!! The rude agents that repeat their script of updating there system blah blah blah... and give you all this totally non sensical information not relevant to the reason for your call. Via email or on the phone they communicate like they can careless if you order from there or not. Either they have really subpar employees or they have heard complaints so much they just don't care anymore. This place has cute clothes but a nightmare for Customer service Management - is anyone overseeing this department????

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charge my account without permission

After ordering an item from the web site, I was added to Sahalie's "Sahalie Rewards" program without my consent. I discovered a charge of $14.95 on my credit card in January and immediately called my credit card company to register a dispute and also called "Sahalie Rewards" to cncel the membership and demand a refund. Sahalie did say they would refund my money and gave me a cancellation confirmation number but that it would take 2 billing cycles to get my money back. The customer service rep had no idea how I could have been registered automatically. I tried to contact Sahalie but their email links are not working. I am lucky I caught the charge the first time; according to the web site for Sahalie Rewards, the program charges $14.95 a month and is automatically billed to the card they have on hand. I will be watching closely next month.

not shipping items, keeping money

I placed approximately $200 in orders with Sahalie and it did not ship them. When I called to ask for upgraded shipping to ensure timely arrival, I got no response. I cancelled the orders via email, and when a customer service agent called, confirmed the cancellation by phone, and thought that was the end of the matter. Instead, Sahalie billed me for the items I have not received. It's been almost two weeks and I still do not have the items. Sahalie's customer service has been unresponsive at best, and rude other times, telling me that I shouldn't expect more. It is now January 12, 2009, I still do not have my items, Sahalie has $200 of my money, and they refuse to give it back. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Oregon in hopes of finally getting some action. This company is a ripoff.



  • Fu
    fuzzbox Dec 23, 2008

    I placed an order on Dec. 8th to assure Christmas delivery.

    As late as Dec. 18th this company advertised GUARANTEED Christmas delivery.

    My order never came. I started calling for information on my order Dec. 18th. I was disconnected several times and on other occasions promised a call back from a supervisor. None ever came. The customer service rep told me "they had sold too much stuff, but were still telling everybody they would definately get everything by Christmas.

    Today is Dec. 23rd. They told me they never shipped my order and that it would not be arriving in time for Christmas. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the customer service rep hung up on me. This company was still taking orders they KNEW they could not and would not deliver as late as last week! Merry Christmas from SAHALIE!!

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  • Wd
    WDC Dec 23, 2008

    This is the kind of thing that happens when a company is about to declare bankruptcy.

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  • Bo
    BONMON62 Feb 25, 2009


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  • Bo
    BONMON62 Feb 25, 2009

    Sahalie Sucks! They kept hanging up on me! They charged me $2.00 to return something, couldn't explain why! Emailed them, no response. Buttheads!

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  • Li
    LISA M. Oct 22, 2010

    I also oredered from Sahalie a couple of weeks ago and I noticed on my bank statement this morning that there was a $14.95 unauthorized charge. Thanks to the previous complaint that provided a number to call. I spoke with a man named Ben who informed me that I signed up for a reward program when I made my purchase. This programs benefits include a $15.00 off coupon or free shipping on my next order... LOL. But they charge your account illegally 14.95 to make up for it... And that is a monthly fee! The number I called was a telemarketing number which means your privacy is also disclosed when making a purchase.. Wow, would highly recommend not ordering from Sahalie! I will be making a complaint with the better business Buruea as well. It's only 14.95 but how many innocent people are being charged this fee and may not even know it unless you check your satement.. while Sahalie benefits at everyones expense. What a shame. I never agreed to any reward program unless it was is such fine print that it was missed so be careful.

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poor customer service, not shipping items

I ordered items from Sahalie on Nov. 30th. A few days after placing order the order was in "In stock, Ready to Ship" status. It has remained in that status ever since. I've called. I've emailed. Each call I was told "Order is ready to ship and will ship any day now". When I insisted on knowing the actual ship date, I was told "you will get your order by Christmas that's all I can tell you". I called today, 12/23/08, and was told I "may or may not get the order by Christmas". I asked to cancel the order since it is highly unlikely I will get the order for Christmas. I was told I can not cancel the order since it is "on the shipping floor".

I'm still not being told when or if this order will be shipped.

  • Re
    red Dec 15, 2008

    I, too, was a first-time orderer to Sahalie. I placed my order on December 1, 2017. The order indicated that all items are in stock. However, as of today, December 15, 2017, the items have not been shipped. Why would it take so long for in-stock items to be packaged and shipped?

    I called Customer Service last week, and apparently they only have access to the same website I do, which only lists the items ordered, that they are in stock, but that they have not been shipped. She said at that time that someone had placed an order a couple days before me, and last week it finally got shipped. She wasn't able to tell me when my order will be shipped.

    I have e-mailed them 3-4 times, but have NEVER received a response to any of the e-mails.

    Well, I've learned my lesson. I won't be ordering from Sahalie after this.

    I'll also be on the lookout for their "Rewards" program.

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  • Ma
    maria delahuerta Dec 17, 2008

    I have just made my third attempt to contact Sahalie regarding my order; it has not shipped and they have not responded at all to my inquiries.
    They are not currently answering the phone- you hear a recording saying they can't answer, due to "high volume of calls." Makes me wonder how many other consumers are getting ripped off, waiting for gifts to ship and trying to contact them in vain.

    They have time to generate almost daily email ads, well-designed and hip, promising deals and delivery by Christmas, but apparently are not shipping on time nor providing information about the delay to customers who in good faith have placed orders. My order was placed December 8th- the current status for my order number reads: "in stock-ships soon" and that is all I can find out at this point. This is absolutely unacceptable behavior on the part of this company- buyer beware!

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  • An
    angryinTN Dec 18, 2008

    On Dec 7 I ordered some stocking stuffers that were "instock" and eligible for free shipping. On Dec 15 I checked the website and my order had still not shipped. I called customer service to see what was going on and after 10 mins on hold she told me my pkg would arrive within 7-10 business days per their policy. I explained that it generally meant- once it had shipped. She was a zombie and kept repeating the same thing over and over. I had also emailed customer service on the 14th and finally received a reply stating that due to overwhelming response they had been backed up in shipping but that he would send shipping a note to expedite my order since I told him I didn't want the items if I didn't get them before Christmas. Today I checked and they have shipped USPS on the 17th. We'll see when I get them.

    I should have checked here before using a company I had never heard of.

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  • My
    Myra Dec 24, 2008

    I ordered three items on December second. In spite of phone calls and emails, they were not shipped until December 21 and then two items were shipped (out of three), but they were, according to Sahalie's automatic tracking system, shipped to someone else in a different state. The third item has been shipped to no one, although all items were said to be in stock when they were ordered on December second. I have ordered from Sahalie in the past and found them to be perfectly responsable. I have not gotten an explanation and can now only get an auto-reply from customer service.

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  • Co
    Cooper Dec 24, 2008

    I would continue to call back to cancel the order. I had the same issue with in stock items not shipping for over 2 weeks, and when I was able to get through the rep told me she couldn't cancel the order (gave me the same BS that they told you). I called back the next day, and the rep that I got that time DID cancel my order without any hesitation or problem. I really think it depends on who you get on the phone, if you can get anyone on the phone. I have used Sahalie in the past without problem, and I like their products, but I will never use them again after this debacle.

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  • Jb
    Jbuck Dec 29, 2008

    I ordered one item on December 10th as a gift. When I checked on Christmas Eve the gift had not been received. I called and actually got through to customer service on 12/26 and they said that they would give me free shipping and that the product would go out sometime next week. No date just next week.

    I then emailed and said to cancel the order. The product was now $10 cheaper and all they are willing to do is give free shipping? 19 days for one fleece! The kicker is it was going to Eugene, Oregon - they could have walked it there.

    They can't tell me when the order will go out - but they can tell me they will can not cancel the order!! I am going to alert my credit card and see if I can refuse the charges!

    After reading more of these blogs - I will not do business with them again.

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I ordered 2 items (same item, 2 colors) on 12/9/2008. Both items were in stock when I ordered according to the website. After a week, and they still hadn't shipped, I tried to call and could never get through, so I finally sent an email to their customer service with my concerns about my items not shipping, needing them by Christmas, and not being able to get through on their phone line. I got back a standard form email the next day thanking for my business and they are working on my order. Not one concern or question answered. I called on Thurs 12/18, and was told that one item had shipped on 12/17 and the other would be shipping that day. I did get the first item on Fri, 12/19. On Sat, 12/20, the second item still had not shipped, so I called and with much persistence finally got past the "we can't handle your call now message" and got put in the on hold queue for about 25 minutes. when I finally got a real person, she told me that she couldn't cancel my order. And when I asked what they were doing for customers with issues such as mine, she offered nothing. When I pressed the issue, she 'offered' free S&H. woo hoo. Today, I called back as the item still hasn't shipped, and after about a 15 min hold, I got a pleasant cs rep who did tell me that they seriously underestimated their staffing, and they are having a lot of issues around warehouse/shipping and their online information is updated only sporadically as they have the computer personnel working in the warehouses trying to get orders filled. She did cancel my order and did sound genuinely apologetic. But, that is not enough for me to ever use this company again.

  • Ma
    maj228 Apr 23, 2012

    What a joke... The shipping from Sahalie is a completely a joke. 2-3 weeks for shipping!!! customer service is the worst I have spoken to in a long time - they should have an in-service from Nordstrom or even Kohls! No apologies for delayed items. I will never shop with them again and I will be sharing this with my friends as well! BOOO SAHALIE!

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failure to ship order

Buyer beware: I placed an online order with this company for a couple Christmas gifts on 12/10/08. Though the website assured me the gifts were in stock and would deliver in time for Christmas, it is now 12/22/08 and the order has never even been shipped. In a call to the company last week, I was assured that the order would ship on Thursday. Today, in a follow-up call, I couldn't even get through to a live person. A recording informed me that due to high call volume there was no one available to speak to me. At this point, I don't even know if my order will ever arrive. I left a message for the CEO, John Emrick [protected]), but am cynical about whether I will get a response.

  • Ja
    JAMA Dec 29, 2008

    I had the same experience and have tried to cancel repeatedly but they send the merchandise anyway. I cannot get through to cust. service, I have been trying for weeks.

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  • Ja
    JAMA Dec 29, 2008

    I called the CEO # and was given a number for Dawn Sorensen who is the president of Sahalie 814-726-6023 and if not available to call Debbie Wiltsie @ 814-726-6460 ext 6508. Good Luck

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  • La
    Lauren Dec 30, 2008

    I too ordered items from Sahalie. The order was place Dec. 19 and I paid more for 3-day delivery. All items were supposedly in stock. According to their website they've yet to ship them on 12/29/09 pm. I called customer service and the recording said due to an overwhelming number of calls I should call back later, as above. At 10:30 pm PST, I find that hard to believe.

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  • Be
    bevans Jan 21, 2009

    I have had the same experience, I placed an order with sahalie on Dec. 03rd, 2008 and was assured all items were in stock and would be delivered. contacted them on Dec 18th and was told although they had not shipped yet they would arrive in plenty of time for Christmas. On Dec 24th, contacted them and was told due to a computer virus my package wouldn't be arriving in time for Christmas. On Jan 3rd contacted them and was given a bogus FedEx # (no such package exists) Contacted the Oregon Better Business Bureau and the Portland Oregon Attorney General's Office to file complaints and what was Sahalie's response- They promptly cancelled my order, refunded my credit card and sent me a ten dollar gift card for my inconvience. I called the CEO's number and wasn't able to leave a message. Called the Presidents number and got nowhere. Finally called Debbie Wiltsie @ 814-726-6460 which is actually to a company which takes orders for Sahalie and spoke with a very nice lady named Mary at reception who although didn't have the address of the President of Sahalie where I want to send a complaint letter assured me that if I left my number she would dig it up and call me back, we shall see.

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customer service

I placed an order with Sahalie in order to receive the products before the Christmas holidays. Their catalog says that In Stock items will be received within 4-8 business days. Most of the items I ordered were in stock. 7 days later the items still have not shipped. Calls and emails to customer service go unanswered-in fact, if you try to check on an order on the phone you get a recording that the call volume is high and they cannot talk to you (from 9 am til 9 pm) but they are still taking orders. Clearly customer service is not high on their list of Corporate priorities. I can't even cancel or pay more to expedite my order. Buyer beware.

  • Li
    Liz Lemon Feb 13, 2009

    My husband placed an order for my Christmas gifts on December 13, 2008. One item shipped late December, the other two items were mysteries for a while. It seemed the second item shipped on January 7th (after two weeks of "staging"), but they couldn't give him tracking info and the third item was "staged for shipping" though he was given no other specifics. They kept telling him they were caught off guard by the holiday rush and only gave canned responses that the items were "staged for shipping". The second item did not arrive until January 15, 2009.

    On January 7, 2009 he requested that final item be expedited at no cost and was assured it would happen. Incidentally that day I had received a new catalog showing that item as marked down 50%. He was promised the price adjustment and no-cost shipping. He called again to follow up on January 12, 2009 (five days later) about the third item and was told they may not even have that item any longer though they insisted again that it was still "staged for shipping". They also stated they had no way to "verify" it was on the floor. I asked him to cancel the order, which he did on January 12, 2009. To our surprise the item was charged to his card (full price plus original shipping, they did not honor the price adjustment and shipping) and arrived via USPS (not UPS) this week on February 12.

    I am shocked that a company which claims to be in business for 36 years has such poor customer service and has an archaeic, ineffective processing/fulfillment center is still in business. I was horrified to see there were so many complaints. Had we known, we would never have placed our first and last order. I only hope that we are fully refunded for our return and now have the additional burden of MORE follow up and keeping a close eye on our credit card bill to make sure they don't screw that up. I have written a letter to the CEO John Emerick (thank you EMeyer!) which I am including in the return shipment as well as sending to the corporate office in Portland OR. Further, we are filing a complaint with the BBB in the state of Oregon.

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  • No
    Not a Fan Feb 13, 2009

    Thanks for writing that up. I'm too much of a "second gradeold" to have "writins" it myself. Thanks Jason for the lesson in creative "spellins". Ok, the last one was mine.

    P.S. Questions have question marks after them.

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  • Es
    E-Shopper123 Nov 30, 2009

    Sahalie customer service manual must direct operator to hang up on customers. Their website cut off my full address so my order could not be delivered. I caught it on later email, but woman at Sahalie said that was my problem even though part of my order hadn't even shipped. Spent half her time misrepresenting my issue and then calling me names for asking to speak to supervisor since she wouldn't listen to my request. All they would do is credit my card when package returned not reship out package. In other words, all my discounts would be lost and my Christmas gifts would never arrive.

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  • Sa
    Sahalie Feedback Nov 30, 2009

    Dear E-Shopper123,
    We read with dismay your comments regarding your ordering experience with Sahalie. Sahalie takes pride in providing its customers with unique, quality merchandise and exceptional customer service. From your post we appear to have failed and we apologize.

    We do want to make this right for you, but to do so, we need your order number, or name and zip code. Please contact us at [email protected] with this information. This will take you to the top. We promise. We will respond to you promptly. Again, our sincere apologies. We look forward to hearing from you.
    [email protected]

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  • Go
    gordie Dec 05, 2009

    Sahalie year after year does not stock styles, colors or sizes that they offer in the holiday catalog.
    Whether devious or incompetent this is a company to avoid.

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merchandise has never shipped

I ordered some items for an upcoming trip to Colorado on December 14, 2008 and requested their VIP delivery service. Per the shipping information on the website, orders placed before 2 pm EST will be shipped the same day and will be received in 2-3 business days. I ordered after 2pm, so the items should have been shipped on December 15. Today is December 17 and according to the order status section of their website, the items still haven't shipped. I have sent two e-mails and have only gotten back one weak response. I have tried calling customer service for two days now and have been placed on perpetual hold. Today when I try to call customer service the recording says they are too busy and to call back later. This is absolutely ridiculous. If they are that busy they should hire extra workers for this time of year. For goodness sake, people are out of work all over the place now. Surely they could find plenty of people looking for extra work. If I don't receive my items by Friday, December 19, 2008, I will dispute the charges to my credit card if I do end up receiving the items. Customer service for this company is absolutely pitiful!

unathorized charges to my debit card

I discovered a $14.95 charge on November 26 from Sahalie Rewards on my bank statement. I had never heard of Sahalie Rewards so this made no sense. I did purchase one item via the internet from Sahalie in October. I assume they used a deceptive means of getting me to "accept" a membership in the Sahalie Rewards program. I never join rewards programs such as this. I called Sahalie and asked for a refund and was told I would receive one. We will see.

rewards membership scam

Sahalie catalog is CHARGING for their rewards membership...I placed an order with them, and don't even recall authorizing a charge for a rewards program. I then got a rewards catalog in the mail - the catalog has the membership rules in it (once you get to page 51), but I haven't yet found where they disclose the charges. When I called to inquire and get a refund, the customer service at Sahalie Rewards, Kimberly, was rude and defensive. She said I authorized the charge when I placed my order. I think this is very sneaky and fraudulent. I was never told I was going to be charged a MONTHLY fee for some rewards program. I have many, many rewards memberships...not one have I ever had to pay for.

  • Su
    Sue Nov 04, 2008

    Call the toll free number listed on your credit card and ask for a refund.

    This is a slimy business practice. Basically, after you place your order, there is a form that you can fill out to save 20% off of future orders. I have only a vague recollection of the form, and I don't want to go buy another item from Sahalie to see exactly what it says, but I suspect that it pre-fills out the form with info you've already entered, and then you inadvertently click ok, and there you're in for $14.95/month.

    The "rewards company" obviously knows it's a scam because they willingly refund the charges without a fight.

    I am *disgusted* that Sahalie partnered with such a company. I would expect it from a shady company, but this company tries so hard to be cool, green, and hip, and of course being from Portland is so trendy. Just goes to show you that they're just like the ### on Wall Street, out to make a buck at an unsuspecting, hard-working consumer's expense.

    I'll never purchase anything from Sahalie again!

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  • Ea
    Earlene Hamilton Dec 03, 2008

    SHAME on Sahalie for partnering with a Rewards company that is really a SCAM! I joined their Rewards program thinking it was a ONE-TIME charge. How wrong I was! For the last 5 months I have been charged $29.90 a month for the program.
    As a customer I trusted Sahalie, thinking their program was a true Rewards program. I'm a rewards customer with Staples and they haven't screwed me. I'm a Rewards customer with Target and they haven't screwed me. I think I'm a Rewards customer with AMEX and they aren't double billing me for absolutely nothing!

    I hope enough of Sahalie's customers NEVER purchase another item from them again. My $160 purchase has turned into a $300 purchase. So where is my REWARD????? Keep relying on the fine print, Sahalie. How does the Attorney General of Oregon feel about this?

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  • Do
    dockum Dec 30, 2008

    I too have had this happen to me. My credit card has been charged $14.95 for 6 months before I realized what was going on. This is just wrong. Poor practice and with difficult times in this economy makes it even more WRONG!!!

    I too say SHAME ON Sahalie, my use to be favorite company to buy from!!!

    I did call the phone number on my credit card statement to investigate and they did finally after much discussion say that they will refund the total amount to my card. This still remains to be seen.

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  • Re
    Renee C Jul 31, 2009

    I too will never order from them again. I have spoke to encore in the past letting them know I didn't pay or sign up for a membership. They were very rude. So now if anyone partners with encore I just won't order from them.

    What a scam... shame on these companies trying to make a couple extra bucks. THEY ARE OVER PRICED ANYWAY...!!1

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  • Bn
    bnp Aug 27, 2009

    Again, I am another who never noticed the rewards scam until it was on my credit card bill for 6 months. I will never, never, order anything from Sahalie again. It is fraud. Should we start a class action suit. Any attorneys out there?


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  • Te
    Techman 2010 Feb 22, 2010

    I too was scammed by SAHALIE - I purchased 2 gifts in december and NEVER authorized any Membership Service. In January my credit card was charged $14.95. The charge reappeared on the February billing. My card company has issued a credit for the charges. However, this appears to be a SCAM and I do believe this is fradulent behavior. NO company should be able to just pass your credit card # to another company. Given the amount of time and effort involved - should anyone be interested in starting a class action suit - I would join. For now - I will NOT do busines with SAHALIE or any company that I find is associated with this Membership Service FRAUD.

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scammed by sahalie rewards program

I purchased items from Sahalie in the past. Recently, my husband, who pays on our credit cards, discovered...

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