Safelite AutoGlass / Safelite Groupdriver of safelite/ racial profiling rude and disrespectful service

M Sep 07, 2018

My insurance schedule an appointment on Thursday for repairs to my windshield and upon arrival from the safe light driver he instantly started to give verdict in the detail of my vehicle he then decided upon himself to not install my windshield due to he was in a non concentrated area and he didn't feel he had to do the services do to my neighbors he got scared the driver stated that he did not want to do the service in this neighborhood with these people standing outside not around his vehicle they were in front of their own residence not disturbing him he then stated that he had to contact his boss to see if he is supposed to do the services that my insurance company and I picked for Safelite to come out to repair my windshield he then stated you're not paying for this so there's no reason for me to be here and then he left as he was leaving I got his ID number and a card and the ID number was from the van 14990 if I'm correct I then contacted my insurance company to make a grievance complaint against the driver rudeness and disrespect and also racial profiling I also ask my insurance to file a complaint on my behalf they said they were do that because that was inappropriate behavior and out of character for the workshop that they chose to handle their clients business I am looking for a corporate office manager director CEO to give a contact call to mrs. Gills at [protected] please leave a message if no one answer with a detailed message and number and I'll get back with you at my earliest convenience but I do need a corporate office to give me a contact call so I can make my complaint verbally over the phone thank you.

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