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We agreed to a rental RV unit, he mentioned in our original conversation that it was his "partners" RV. It appeared very simple and clean. We sent him the deposit, then months later he's making up some kind of fabricated story about why we couldn't have that particular one (and that RV happened to be the only one we'd signed a contract on) but that now he didn't know when it would be available and that we needed to choose another from his selection. Also another factor was that our insurance (State Farm) wouldn't cover us driving a rented RV in that State- so he offered to have one delivered to the site (3 1/2 hours away) *just not the one we wanted) or he would refund our money. Once again we looked through his meager assortment of RV's but couldn't find one that would meet our needs, my husband and I agreed that all the other options would be problematic for me as I have severe ambulatory issues and couldn't deal with multiple levels as so many 5th wheels have. So- we opted to have him refund our money and he refused. Just flat out refused! It was very unprofessional as we had given him ample time with our cancellation...3 entire months in advance- and HE was the one who told us RV we had originally contracted to rent was unavailable, but that was a lie because in our final email he said it had "become available again"...*how convenient!
He also kept trying to push us to rent his son's motor home and his son's motor home was the ugliest one in the bunch and smaller to boot! He is a thief, a liar and a crook. I'm begging you to use a reputable nationwide dealer who has accountability and save yourself the shuck and jive. We ended up buying a camper, and our entire affair with this jackal left a bad taste in my mouth.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jul 18, 2016 1:53 pm EDT
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Although this individual elected to post a negative comment toward our company without identifying herself, I do recognize the conversation, as I was the agent of record. This lady is not telling the whole truth about the details of the rental. A motorhome was offered to her with the stipulation that her insurance company, State Farm, would extend her automobile insurance coverage from her auto policy to our motorhome; otherwise, the down payment that she would make could be forfeited and only returned in whole or in part based on the number of days that our motorhome could be rebooked for some or all of her dates. As we rent privately owned motorhomes, the owners of the motorhome advised me that they had a long-term vacation planned and decided to opt out of the rental. I contacted this lady and offered her a model that was two years newer with a double slide-out (the first one had only one slide).. Now, although the length of the replacement was 27' (large by Class C motorhome standards), it was only a few feet shorter than the previous model. She accepted this replacement; however, the owners of the first model postponed their trip and reoffered their unit. What terminated the rental was not the offering of the replacement motorhome, but that she was wrong about being able to provide us with the insurance extension, as State Farm would not do it. This resulted in a violation of the stipulation of the reservation deposit agreement, which, again, stated that the down payment would be returned based on the number of her cancelled dates that could be rebooked. At that point, because of her assumption and not contacting her agent before she sent the signed form and reservation deposit, the rental agreement was automatically terminated, and unfortunately the reservation deposit was earned because there simply wasn't enough time to rebook any of her cancelled dates.
We are a well-respected motorhome rental agency that began its operations more than 40 years ago and throughout the tie has earned an incredible service rating with thousands of renters; but, as hard as we try in demonstrating our superior service, there is always going to be one or two individuals that feel justified in hurling inflammatory insults toward the principals of our company without any consideration that they themselves were to blame.


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