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Russ Darrowcheated me on price


On November 18, 2008 I was searching the internet for a car and came across a Nissan Murano 2007 for $17, 749.00 with 35, 192 miles on it. The Russ Darrow website had the car it was located in Milwaukee, WI. I then called Russ Darrow in Milwaukee, WI at approximately 9:30am [protected]) and asked if they still had the Nissan Marano for the $17, 749.00 price I was told they do, and then the sales man Pat Vaccaro asked if I would like to come take a look at it I told him I am in Appleton, WI so it would be in the afternoon when I would be there. Pat then asked for my phone number and name and I gave it to him.
I went into the shower at approximately 10:30 am and another salesman called my home(my husband answered the phone) from the Russ Darrow in Milwaukee, WI location and asked if we were still going to be able to make it to look at the Nissan Murano my husband said we would be there at approximately 2pm.
We then drove to Milwaukee and arrived at the car lot around 2 pm the salesman immediately went out to look for the car he was gone about 10 minutes and said that he was unsure where the car was and that he thought that someone had taken it for a test drive.
He then stated that maybe we should run our credit to see if we could get a loan we explained to him that we had a lien on our van (2001 olds silhouette-made in Canada --miles in kilometers) he said that he would need to have us fill out some paperwork and then he would be able to find out what he could do. He went back and forth from where we were an to another office 10 feet away getting info from us and telling another man in the other office. We negotiated the interest rate from 9 to 8% interest and he stated that he had some cars on the lot that had rebates and that if we wanted to take a look at them we could. So we then took a Suzuki Grand Vatare for a test drive and when we returned I told the salesman Pat that I have my heart set on the Nissan Murano. Then he talked to us about doing a lease and we were willing to but, then the Nissan Murano that we were wanting to buy originally was found and he told us that it was not on a test drive earlier and that it wasn’t starting earlier because the key was not electronically programmed so it would not start but, that the problem has been fixed and we could take it for a test drive (looking back now I am wondering if there was an inspection done on this car)

We then took it for a test drive and decided we did want to buy it. Then we told Pat that we would take it so then he went back in the office that was 10 feet away and confirmed that with the man in the office and then he started congratulating us and 2 other guys came out of the office that was 10 feet away and said thank you for doing business with us. Then we were brought into Mike’s office. Pat told us that he would need to take the vehicle to get cleaned up and ready for us to take.
And then Mike started going over the paperwork with us at this time it was 7pm and we had 2 kids under 4 with us – we were there approximately 5 hours at this point we were tired and knew the car lot had been closed for 2 hours already but, we got half way through signing the papers and I noticed that the sale price of the vehicle was higher ($20, 599.00)and then I asked Mike why this was higher and not the $ 17, 749 amount and he said that they were burying the amount of the trade in so that it would offset the price of the car. My husband and I understood that as the price of our trade in would be higher and the price would even out to $17, 749.00. My husband even said so you are making the van look like it was worth more and Mike said yes—since it was so late and Mike seemed like a nice guy we believed him. So we thought that would make our loan amount smaller and then we proceeded to sign all the papers.
We then went outside to move all of our things from our van to the Nissan Murano and it was about 25 degrees(we had 2 small children under 4 yrs old in the cold) I asked Pat if we could go inside I was told everything is closed up and we could not go inside-- this took about 20 minutes and Pat stayed with us and then after that we got into the Nissan Murano and noticed that it had not been cleaned out and that there was soda spots all over the cup holders and that someone must have had dirty hands like a mechanic and the steering wheel was very dirty and the gas tank was on empty –we started to get out of the car and noticed that Pat had taken off quite quickly and that no one was there to speak to so we left.

For days I looked at the paper work to figure out what was done with the loan and not being that good with numbers I could not figure out what they did with the loan I asked my sister to look over the numbers to tell me what she thought. She said I think they ripped you off I thought since I signed the paperwork there wasn’t much I could do.

But then I received a phone call from Mike at Russ Darrow and he said that I need to come back because some of the paperwork was not signed he said that it would lower my monthly payments and I said how much lower and he said 1 dollar lower. Then I started to tell him how disappointed I was with the service and that I was left with no car mats or gas and the car was not cleaned out he said that if I would drive back up there that they would take care of all these things. I was going to say something about the price but, decided I would go up on Saturday and discuss it with them then – since the paper work wasn’t all finished yet.
I then got a call 1 hour after I spoke to Mike it was Russ Darrow Milwaukee again and there was a man on the other end asking me if I was still interested in the 2007 Nissan Marano and I was a little confused and said you mean the one from the internet and he said yes and I told him I already bought it –( they seemed to be very unorganized)

I went back To the Russ Darrow in Milwaukee with my sister on Saturday at around 2pm and Mike was in the showroom and asked me to go to into his office and when I went into his office and started to tell him that I thought I was being charge about $3, 000.00 more than I thought I should be charged he basically said that the $1, 500.00 was way more than the trade was worth (2001 olds silhouette Kelly blue book is $3, 370.00) and that they lost money on the deal and he then handed me the papers he wanted me to sign. I said that I wasn’t going to sign the papers and that I was leaving I then went into the showroom for about 5 minutes thinking maybe I should talk to someone else that was a manager then I seen Mike walk into one of the manager’s office and then I talked to my sister and she thought that I should talk to a lawyer.
I then went outside and got into my car and Mike and a another guy came out after us and said that the papers already have been signed for the car and that they cannot change the price since all the papers were signed and I said obviously all the papers have not been signed or I would not have had to come here today the other guy said they lost money on the deal because they sold my van for only $300.00
I said that is a lie please don’t lie to me – Mike then said that if I leave the car lot that he would call the police so I said that I would come in and discuss it so they went back inside I then called my husband and he said that I should just leave and call a lawyer. I left the lot.
Ten minutes later Mike called my husband and harassed him and told him that he was going to call the police if I didn’t go back there.

November 17th 2008 Ivan Lawler called from corporate office he says he is finance directorhe was calling to work things out( [protected] cell) but seems like a dishonest man too. I told him about the computer price $17, 749.00 he then said that I needed to print the information off the internet and that I could bring that to him and we could discuss that so I said if I bring that in that you will give me that price and he said that we will discuss it and then he went on on to say that it was probrobly a computer glitch. And then went on to say that every trace of that add is off the internet. I did’nt realize that I needed to bring that ad off the internet I didn’t think it was a coupon.

November 21, 2008 I called Ivan today and told him that I was going to send a letter to all at Russ Darrow and he seemed like he was more willing to negotiate so we set up a meeting on Saturday November 22, 2008. I asked to have the price changed and he talked about more warranty I just want the price I drove all the way up there for.

Ivan said all that needs to be signed is Gap insurance- not sure why the police would be called for that????
No sticker was on window when we bought it.

Pat Vaccaro no longer works there he must of left the job the day we bought the car???
12-3-08 I got a call from a lawyer today that said that if I don’t go there to sign the gap insurance papers that they will start charging me rental charges on the car and the lawyer also told me the loan provider revocked the loan too so there is no loan in place. I said I would like to return the car and get my trade in car back and the lawyer said no – basically I am being forced to buy the car now.


  • Ch
    Chris Wiesmueller Nov 23, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On Thursday November 19th, I noticed a 'beater car' on through Russ Darrow for my son to just drive in winter. He has a really nice car and does not want to drive it in the snow. I called there to see if the car was available and of course the gal said yes it was. We made an appointment for a test drive that evening at 7:00. We arrive promptly, they had our names, and gave us to a sales person. The car was a 1999 Honda Civic, green, with 142, 000 miles for only 999.00. Perfect. They bragged it up quite nicely, 14 pics, inspection sheet all checked off etc. Well, the guy, after about 20 minutes, brings out a Pearl White one. My son stated that wasn't the right vehicle, and of course he played dumb. Was talking about playing call of duty and other things, laughing, said this car was a much nicer one than the one we initially came in for. Too bad, that on was $2, 900.00, so not happening. Ok, he will go get the other one. Another 20 minutes goes by, he says it's outside warming up. We take a look, and it's green, so we thinkg that's the one. My son hops in, even though I said I don't think that's the one - it looks a little different. Well, while they are out for a test drive, another guys hands me the safety report, supposedly on this car...'major' oil leak, extensive under body corrosion, rear end damage...wonderful, I thought. They get back, I show this to my son, then the same guy goes "we can't sell you this car anyway." Of course i said "why not?". He said "we don't have the title for it". I asked him how he could even have the car if he has no title. He gave a sideways glance to the salesman with my son and then says "well, that's the million dollar question I guess". Yes it is, i stated, and I would like it answered. Never got the answer, but I have a feeling if I said I didn't car about the title, it was just a beater that would be junked after winter and that I was paying cash, they would have sold it to me. The car had the radio ripped out of the dash, harness, wiring - everything. Then we find out that this ISN'T the car we came to see either. The salesman tried for another 10 minutes to locate the keys to the car we actually came to see - went to the car and came back - no car- and said the keys were stuck in the ignition and that radio had also been 'taken'. Turned out the safety report was for the one we wanted to drive, not the one he did drive - with no title. We were now there 1.5 hours and nothing. Guys eating pizza, doing fantasy football on their computers. Seemed like only one guy was really working, everyone else was just hanging around trying to sell very sketchy used cars, with no titles. Stay clear, Russ Darrow, 91st and Brown deer.

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  • An
    Anjanette Oct 07, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    [This is an email I just sent to [email protected] the address provided by Russ Darrow above, regarding my complaint experience and their shady practices that are still apparently going on after 4 years from what is being told on this website]

    My name is Anjanette Norton. I am a single mother of 2 children, and a nurse with both a bachelor degree in business as well as associates degree in nursing.

    On Saturday 10-3-15 I went to your Russ Darrow Nissan location to look at a 2013 Ford Explorer for sale that was listed on A salesperson named Fernando assisted myself, my aunt (who came along to help review the vehicle, she has a degree in engineering) and my 2 young children. Fernando accompanied us on the test drive of the vehicle. All boxes on the sticker detail relating to the car were checked in passing condition, with no problems reported. I noticed that the Engine Light was on and questioned Fernando about it... Fernando had a service technician take the vehicle back for inspection. The service technician came out and indicated that all systems, including the engine, were functioning appropriately. He said the light was on because when a Ford vehicle sits for nearly a month the engine light goes on for it to be reviewed by the dealership and manually turned off by the service dept at a Ford dealership, to encourage consumers not to let their vehicles sit for extended periods of time (as in extended vacations or 2nd vehicles). Fernando then claimed that the price of the car was higher than what was reported on CarFax - I indicated this was false advertising if so, and would walk out.

    Fernando went to the manager, came back and said that they would honor the CarFax price that I had brought along as confirmation. I had indicated the monthly amount I could afford, a printout from an online bank source with the finance rate I should qualify for, as well as printout of Kelly Bluebook value on my trade-in. Because we were in the offices for over 3 hours, with multiple stories over prices and attempts to haggle - which I indicated I did not want to do - I walked out of the building and into my own vehicle. Fernando chased me down in the parking lot to stop my vehicle, saying they would come down slightly less in price - I said no, based upon the research I had done. When I arrived home 45 minutes later, there was a message on my machine from Fernando saying they would come down a little lower on the financing and monthly payment. I called Fernando back, told him what I was comfortable with - he spoke to his manager, they came to terms and said they would meet the finance percentage I was looking for, with a monthly rate $20 higher than I had looked for. I said if that was firm, I would make the 45 minute trip back out on Monday since it was very late in the day. They assured me that would be okay after 9am.

    On Monday 10-5-15 I arrived to speak with Fernando, and was upset to say the least that again they were trying to haggle over price. They indicating that although telling me on the phone the price/finance terms were firm, they didn't actually have the authority to agree to that and needed to run a credit check (I have very good credit, and just qualified for a premium mortgage refinance through my mortgage lender that is much less than what I was paying - given I receive $80, 000 per year in support that does not account for taxes and responsibilities). They tried to tell me that the credit check would only allow them to go with a finance rate 1% higher than what they originally told me over the phone... and that now they were also changing the monthly payment $17 higher than what they had agreed to earlier. I again went home to pickup my children from school. Fernando called me saying that they would come in at $7/month higher than what they originally agreed and I shouldn't have a problem since such a small amount - I said since so small, they should honor the consumer and take that amount themselves since they didn't honor the verbal agreement over the phone initially. I told him not to call me back unless he spoke with his manager and all was firmly agreed to be met - that I would not make a 3rd 45-minute trip out there unless they agreed. He called me back 2 minutes later saying his manager agreed and to come back. I drove with both of my children out to the dealership, only to be very disgusted that again they tried haggling over the price and finance terms. At this point, I did not want to continue to make back-and-forth trips to the dealership. They came down $2 (not the $7, which was petty enough it seemed). The Ford vehicle I was purchasing was being driven fast and erratically by a dealership person (my kids and I were concerned as we were signing paperwork) all over the parking lot and into the service dept. The finance person went through papers with me, and I questioned amounts that were different than what I had been told - he indicated he hadn't had a chance to change to the correct amount. I refused to sign, so he reprinted correct paperwork for me to sign. I had called my auto insurance company, which faxed all paperwork to the dealership & told the finance person I would be getting GAP coverage through my insurance company at a lower rate.

    After the paperwork was signed, the vehicle was brought out to me so I could drive home for an appointment that was in 15 minutes. I almost risked making that drive, but instead stayed in the lot and went back inside to speak to Fernando. I told him I was mad that the Engine light had not been resolved as they had made it seem it would be from the service person we all spoke to (Fernando, my aunt, and I all with the technician). Fernando went inside to speak to someone, came back out and said Nissan only has equipment to manually turn off Nissan's - not Fords. I said to him that I would not pay $1 more to have this taken care of when they assured me beforehand it would be - Fernando gave me the information for a Ford Dealership near me, and that there would be no charge to have the light turned off.

    This morning I called the Ford Dealership - they said they do not have any arrangement with Russ Darrow Nissan on Brown Deer Road, and that it is definitely not a free service - that it would cost $100 for the diagnostics and light turned off. They said to have Russ Darrow Nissan contact them and they would arrange for payment so I could have this performed and completed as originally promised by Russ Darrow (who - from all sales and complaint ads - says they stand by their word, honor, and customer interest in 100% satisfaction). I left a message at 8:30am with the secretary for Fernando giving all applicable details, the dealership information to contact and arrange, and how to reach me at work to assure me that he had looked into it for it to be taken care of. It is now after 4pm the same day - Fernando HAS NEVER had the courtesy to return my call. I called 30 minutes ago, again speaking to the secretary stating it was urgent, that I did not want Fernando's voicemail, and that I expected a call back from him today so this could be taken care of - she said they didn't know where Fernando was in the dealership even after being paged.

    I don't have to tell you how this is poor customer service, the pit in my stomach that if the Dealership lied extensively about the Engine light and costs associated with it - what else might actually be found if diagnostics are run on the vehicle, and liability of such since the sticker paperwork was not accurate no matter what Fernando, the service technician, or Dealership manager all stated to me.

    I do not plan to sit back idly or quietly. I have already posted this whole ordeal publicly on Facebook for my 200+ friends to share with their thousands of friends so that word of mouth spreads about my experience (under Wisconsin tort so long as the story is limited to my own experience, it is not illegal and very consumer-driven). I am also pulling up the Better Business Bureau page so that I can file a formal complaint about this - especially given that in trying to find complaint contact information for Russ Darrow online I discovered a dedicated webpage going back more than 4 years with pages of terrible consumer stories about this particular dealership I wasn't aware of - and how this is still an ongoing matter that obviously hasn't received appropriate attention from Russ Darrow for correction. I plan to take that website information, along with all of my paperwork and experience, to my local Senator to also issue a complaint for them to look into.

    On top of this, if there is not satisfactory rectification made to the matter I will contact television WISN consumer news for them to report on local businesses that fleece consumers - and contact an attorney to handle the matter.

    I would instead expect that Russ Darrow will take the necessary measures to ensure that something like this is addressed immediately by the Russ Darrow Nissan dealership on Brown Deer Road, without further cost to me, so that I have peace of mind in my recently purchased vehicle through the dealership.


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  • Ru
    Russ Darrow Review Jan 16, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Russ Darrow strives to create an exciting and rewarding atmosphere for every employee which will then reflect in superior service to you. Total customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal whenever we open our doors.

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  • Br
    brian c05 Apr 20, 2014

    I recently bought a vehicle and was extremely disappointed. I drove the car off the lot and the vehicle was making a noise. I contacted the dealership and they said to have their shop look at it. Well they found a $200.00 problem which they said they would not cover. I contacted the GM George Matthews of the Browndeer Rd. Location and he said I should have bought the warranty that was approximately $50.00 a month. I just paid $15000 for a 2012 and they didn't care about my satisfaction. The finance agent lowered my interest rate so he could sell me oil changed/free car washes etc. but wouldn't lower my rate for buying the car! I will never buy a car from this company again.

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  • Mi
    Milwaukee Gal Feb 17, 2014

    Russ Darrow Nissan also treats their employees like crap too. I was in there for service and witnessed the managers Dean or Nick virtually bullying an employee which was totally uneccesary. The managers of this location need to take classes on how to treat their employees fairly and NICELY. When you have someone who is a hard worker they should be complemented not bullied.

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  • Ro
    ROBERT CONFERTON Jul 11, 2013

    They are very dishonest even for car sales man. Only care about making money. Never, I mean Never go on line at Russ Darrow. I went online 3 weeks ago. I know get a call every day about a vehicle that was sold two weeks ago. I asked the on line sales person if the car was still available a week after it was sold to see what she would say. She told me it was there, she could give me a deal on it, and that I should come in. I told her I lived over 3 hours from the dealership could she please check and make sure the vehicle was there, I told her I would be paying cash for the vehicle. She said she was sure the vehicle was there. At this point I thought I knew the vehicle was sold because I spoke to a sales person the week prior who said that he was sorry that he had sold it himself..Anyway I went down to the store Russ Darrow CDJ Milwaukee to see the vehicle and after sitting there for almost 30 min. was told the vehicle was sold!!! I explained to the internet manager what happened all she said, I think her name was Kelly, That sort of thing happens and then said why dont you look at a different vehicle. I was still mad because I really think the car was sold a week prior to me going in but I decide I would look as long as I was there. I aks if she could help me look for a vehicle that may be close to what I was looking for. She said am the INTERNET MANAGER... you will have to wait for the sales person. I asked her if she could look on line for me because I had seen a 2010 Jeep Wrangler that I wanted to check on she said that she was to busy and walked away!!! I left the store and will never go to that Russ Darrow on 7676 north 76th street again very glad I did not buy a vehicle there, if something would have went wrong I know what I would have been told.. "THAT IS TO BAD I AM JUST TO BUSY DEAL WITH IT' ANY WAY BAD MANAGER, BAD STAFF!!!

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  • Do
    dollygreeneyes Dec 31, 2012
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    Verified customer


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  • Mo
    MONIQUE3 Dec 21, 2012


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  • Ru
    RussDarrow Nov 14, 2012

    I am sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact me at [email protected] so I can help you resolve any problems you may have had.

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  • Su
    sunset3407 Sep 25, 2012

    It's funny to hear that ladies story. A very similar situation just happen to me. I found a car I liked on their Russ Darrow site that was listed at 10998.00 I went to test drive the car and liked it so we went in to talk about financing. The guy took our info. Walked away and all of a sudden some other guy comes over Josh I think and says the car I'd 16999 I said no you have the wrong car and showed him the one I was talking about. He brought in the sticker from the car which said 16999. I asked why it was posted as 10998 and he lied and said he just sold a very similar car the before and that's what I saw. I said that was ironic they had two cars with the same color year and mileage. So we went to leave when he followed us out and said if saw something we might like he would call and I said no if you can't explain this don't bother. I pulled my phone out with the picture of the vehicle I saved and held it up, he seemed irritated and said just hold on ill he right back. He returned a couple minutes later and said he spoke with RD3 which I guess is what he calls Russ Darrow the third. He said Rd3 will sell it for the price I found on the Internet. Against my better judgement we went back inside before signing the loan papers we decided we should look at the vehicle one more time and he said ok stay here I'll pull it up when he did so there was mass amounts of exhaust coming from the back which he ignored. I questioned it and first he tried Changing the subject and then he said its an SUV they have a lot of exhaust and I said ok I'm not stupid but that was really a lot when he knew I wasn't going to drop it he told me if it would make me feel better he would drive back by the service department to have them look at it. Literally 2 minutes later he drive up with the stereo blasting. I assume trying to change the topic so I asked again and he said he spoke with the mechanic (which I later found was one of many lies and learned that on Saturdays the service dept. Is only open till 12 and that all happen around 5) and everything was fine. So after purchasing the car we drive a block away and hear a horrible noise start when I turned the air on I tried calling the dealership and they were closed now so I figured I would call Monday well I go home run into the house to grab something and back to the car. When I started the car in the underground garage there was so much smoke I couldn't see the car next to me. I had to prop open the door to try and get some of the fumes out. I called and spoke with the salesmen on Monday which happens to be the manager at the Waukesha location too and basically too bad it was sold as is when I asked why the info sticker had all of the boxes checked off that everything was inspected and working when it clearly isn't he said if it turns on its working maybe not correctly but if it works they check yes it passed. Then a friend if mine looks under the hood and checks the oil and said there was none at all and to immediately drive to valvoline to get oil I paid 20 to have oil added that day. Then I took the car to their service department and exolai.ed everything I waited there over 3 hours. While I was there oddly a finance guy comes up and starts telling me how he has the same vehicle just a different year and how it had a sludge engine I'm thi.king why is he telling me this? He recommends an extended warranty that would cost more per month than my car payment so I figured he was just trying to sell me something. Well after all that time and being late for work the service guy comes up with my keys and says they can't find anything wrong with the car. I was shocked to say the least but what was I going to do? I figured maybe someone had forgotten to replace the oil when they took the car in and maybe everything would be ok? Nope! The smoke had gotten worse and after 3 days I checked the oil and again completely empty. So I took it to a mechanic in town and paid almost 400 for a diagnosis and tune up he tells me he's sorry to say it has a sludge engine and that the engine would eventually seize and stop working. He said furthermore whoever I had bought the vehicle from knew because when he took the engine cap off it looks like someone literally took there finger and cleaned the sludge around that area so you couldn't see it without an experience eye. So now it makes sense why that fiance guy was talking about sludge engines. Boy what a coincidence... Unfortunately now I'm in the process if trying to find an attorney.

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  • Ru
    Russ Darrow Sep 29, 2011

    We are very sorry to hear this please contact me at [email protected] to allow me to assist in anyway possible. We value ALL OF OUR customers and will go above and beyond to help

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  • Tr
    Trucker101 Jul 21, 2011

    Yes I agree with him/her they have dis-honest sales man that what they do!! I bought a truck from russ-darrow and I was told I have warrant latter to find out as it is after they toke my 15000!! I have one year left the payment and I will never recommend to anyone..

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