Rushcard Love/ And [email protected]rushcard live prepaid card

B Aug 15, 2018

1St off my question is: has anyone successfully gotten their account unblocked? I haven't read to far through this form but I'm having the same problems with getting my account unblocked unsuccessfully. Since last thursday i had to wait for a new card in the mail, then when i went on the website to upload my id i get emails that saying i have to resubmit it because it's unreadable. I've uploaded my id a dozen times, same email same problem. I emailed my id, same problem. Now that i've seen all of these complaints this company is starting to look more and more like fraud every second. They are holding onto people's money they have their identities and social security numbers. You can only talk to one foreign person on the phone. And that person lies about information and asks you a dozen times for the information you provided them. This company needs to be shut down.

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