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Absolutely the WORST customer service I have ever experienced.
The true measure of a company is not how quickly they can process your credit card payment, but how they respond when there is a problem with the merchandise ordered. Rugs USA failed miserably.
I ordered a rug (Manuf. Colonial Mills, solid wool braided rug) and in three days the yarns started separating and I had long hairlike strands on the surface of the rug--it looked like candy floss. I called customer service. They asked me to send pictures, and someone "would get back to me". After two weeks of no response I called, and was told they "couldn't view" the photos. After asking why they didn't notify me, the young woman I spoke to magically was able to view the photos. She would send them to the manufacturer and someone would get back to me about making arrangements to pick up the rug (at their expense). I did not feel that I should pay for the return shipping of $60. for a defective rug. When I didn't hear back, I called Rugs USA again.
No, the manufacturer refused to pick up, they claim it wasn't a manufacturing defect--I had probably vacuumed it improperly.
A ridiculous claim, since the problem began before the vacuum even touched the rug! I then called the manufacturer directly and set the record straight. They were going to set up a pick with Rugs USA. I'll spare the details of all the intermediate calls I had to make (there were 14 calls--all of which I had to initiate). No one ever called me back from Rugs USA. I have documented every call I made--dates, names of who I spoke to, what was said. Only when my patience had worn out completely, and I explained my next call was to Massachusetts and NY State consumer proctection departments as well as local media consumer progams did I begin to see they were taking me seriously.
The problem with this company is that their customer service reps have never been empowered to actually DO anything. They just keep
politely taking your calls, and then do absolutely nothing about it--they just hope you'll get tired of calling an go away. You just have to behave like a dog with a bone, and not give up.

I also own a business, and what I know is when you treat customers in this way, you don't remain in business for long. Because they keep you on hold for as much as 15 minutes per call, it cost me hours to deal with this problem--my time was worth much more than the cost of the Rug, but I won't let anyone get away with shoddy business practices.
It should not have taken 15 calls to rectify this situation. In the end,
the manufacturer paid for the cost of return shipping, and Rugs USA gave me the full refund I demanded. They've lost my business, and perhaps with this review much more.


  • Kb
    kb sharma Feb 09, 2010

    Dear Sirs,
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  • Jp
    J Pfeiffer Mar 26, 2011

    Unlike most Internet sellers this company's main goal is to sell and not deliver. I received my first order in a reasonable time and my second order submitted at the same time was not responded to for at least 2 weeks, saying it was still being processed. That was two weeks ago with no further information. It was obviously back ordered even though I was charged for it but no further information has been provided. When I went to the Internet I found numerous complaints about RUGSUSA. As an Internet marketer, I have identified their manufacturers and distributors and hope to put these -------- out of business. The Internet market depends on trust, a fair representation of products, and communication. This company should be out of business and I will help them towards that immediate end! Amazon and several other companies sell the same products so support them.

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  • Co
    colleenarn May 03, 2013

    I too am on week 2 with no communication or emails from RUGSUSA regarding my order. The next move on my part is to cancel this order and contact CapitalOne and have my money refunded. This company truly needs to be put out of business.

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  • Rs
    RSS123 Sep 06, 2013

    I agree with the statements that this company has the worst customer service. I have yet to receive my rug that I ordered a month ago. I call and they will not communicate what the problem. Kenita is a terrible service rep and apparently the warehouse has no phones???? Interesting. If anyone ever needs to know the customer service manager, Sunita, reports to a Rosemary. I'm still in the process of trying to resolve this issue but I will never order from this company again!

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  • Km
    kmtv Sep 07, 2013

    I too have had a miserable relationship with rugs USA. I ordered 2 of the same rugs in 2 different sizes. Both have fibers growing out of them since they arrived. I also sent pictures and was told they couldn't be opened. I was also told it was not a defect but that I used the beater brush on my vacuum. Imagine using a beater brush while vacuuming carpet, I've. never done it any other way. To date my complaints are unresolved. I have found the CEO's name but cannot find an email address to contact him. My next course of action is to try to deal with the manufacturer directly.

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  • Lu
    Ludamikheyev18 Dec 09, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Horrible customer service, super long wait on phone and live chat doesn't work at all. Ridiculous return policy with only 14 days with NO exceptions! I ended up opening my rug after the 2 week mark due to i had to wait to start on my babys nursery. Once i opened the rug, it was covered in lint that was almost impossible to remove! It was also super uncomfortable to walk, sit, kneel or stand on. Felt like there were pins anf pieces of plastic sticking out of it, making it not only impossible to walk or sit on but also unsafe. Spending 400 dollars on a rug you would think you'd get something better quality with better customer service who would understand the situation and at least TRY to do something about the issues! But no... they didnt even try, they said if its unsafe I should get rid of it, so basically they told me to take 400 dollars and put it in the garbage, super rude and unprofessional! Don't buy from this website! !!!

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  • An
    Angie Mitchell Jun 25, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Awful customer service. Waited for over 12 minutes before I got to talk to a customer service rep about a missing order. She couldn't help me since the warehouse either doesn't have phones ( or doesn't answer them? ) to find out why the online tracker showed the order stuck in the warehouse since June 16 and now it was June 22. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was placed on hold for several minutes and then disconnected. Same terrible results when I contacted the chat room . Supposedly you can't chat with a supervisor directly but I was told "Darlene" (supervisor) would call me. Well, it is now June 25 and I have neither received a phone call nor the merchandise. This company really has no clue what customer service means. They have a "we don't care because we don't have to" attitude. Too bad because the products usually are ok for the price.

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