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Wrong item, horrible customer service

Rugs USA ships the wrong items and offers HORRIBLE customer service. Consider yourself lucky if you actually get the item you ordered. I ordered a rug on 12/23/10, after calling the second time approx. 3 weeks later, then they indicate the rug is on back order. Well on 1/28/11 a rug arrives, but it is the entirely wrong item not just a color issue. I spent hours putting in calls to customer service, and was actually hung up on many occasions. I had to hound them for a week just to get an authorization for a return shipping label and had to figure out how to fit an 11 ft rug into my car to take it back to UPS myself. I was told that the correct rug would be shippped out once the other one was in transit. Well, a week (2/11/11) after I sent back the wrong rug, I called again to see if they had shipped out the item that I actually ordered. No customer service indicated they had not fixed the item numbers that were wrong in their system (this is two weeks after they knew the numbers were wrong) and if I wanted them to place another order for the item, I would just get the wrong rug again until they actually fixed their website. They told me to call back Monday to see if the numbers were fixed so I could try again to put in my order. Well, I had enough so I requested a refund and ordered the rug from somebody else!! If they wanted my business they would have gone above and beyond to fix their screw up! Now, hopefully I will actually get the refund.

  • Bo
    boogeyman123 Feb 11, 2011

    this is the best website. i had the same problem happen to me and they issued a pick-up. Call them and speak to the supervisor and she will issue if for you.

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Don't buy from them

They are horrible! The beige leather shag rug didn't look like photo- it wasn't plush- it was a bunch of scrap leather of extreme different lengths and it shed 15-20 pieces a day! Not only did they not answer my repeated phone and email messages, when I did send them pictures they denied my request to send it back after months of me trying to contact someone!

I filed a complaint with BBB and they basically lied and said that they settled with me, which they absolutely did not! So I paid over $100 for a piece of trash!

No good crooks! Terrible service! Don't buy from them!

Resolved item was never delivered

We needed a new rug for our living room and we decided to go to RUGS USA since they had what looked like a great promotion - if you bought a rug you'd get a runner and another small area rug for free.

The website looked professional and the name had "USA" in it so it promised world class quality.

Instead, we got swindled. We got 1 rug of the 3 they promised. They never delivered the 2 additional rugs included in the promotion. They did email us to say 'they were out of stock' on one of the promotional rugs and asked if we still wanted the other one. We said yes. We never received the other 2 rugs. We called them directly 4 times over 2 months and gave them a chance to rectify the situation. We asked to speak to the managers. We asked for a callback. We were repeatedly told 'they are not available'.

After 4 months we gave them a final call and left voicemail requesting a callback and we never got one.

I won't tell you not to buy from RUGS USA.
I'm just writing this to let others know that RUGS USA gave us a bait and switch.
And that when we complained to them directly, they refused to speak to us.
And that it's my opinion that any company that treats its customers this way doesn't deserve to have "USA" in their name.
They should be forced to remove "USA" from their name.

If you ask me what I think their new domain name should be, I will tell you it's my opinion that they should register www.crappyservicerugs.com or www.wewilltakeyourmoneyandrunrugs.com.

I will continue to have this opinion about the company and tell everyone I know about my experience until (if ever) it is rectified.


Resolved Force you to pay for something you don't even order: Even the BBB can't get a response

This is in reference to your complaint against RugsUSA.com. Your complaint was assigned ID 8060422. Your BBB...

Slow delivery and charged for their error

RUGSUSA: I waited over 4 weeks for delivery of one rug and two carpet pads. Couldn't contact them by phone; no answer. Their "Live Chat" did not exist. E-mailed them 4 times, no answer. After 5 attempts, finally a customer rep answered the phone. When the pads were finally delivered, one of them was apparently the wrong size. I did not realize this. Also, this so-called pad was no more than a thin sheet of non-skid material, less impressive than shelf lining available at Walmart. I cut it to fit and placed it under my rug in the kitchen which I was finally able to use after a 4 week wait. Three weeks later, I receive an e-mail from RUGSUSA to tell me that the "pad" was the wrong size and since I had opened the package, the company was going to bill me an additional $20. Thanks for the service; I guess their e-mail works fine when they want some more money. I will never use this company again.

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Resolved Wrong rug, won't ship return label

I really wish I would of looked up the complaints on RUGS USA before purchasing! You are all correct!...

Resolved Never received product. Pathetic exuse for customer &service&

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. I found the rug I was looking for online through rugs usa on sale, much cheaper than anywhere else, AND there is no sales tax or shipping charges. Always remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it is. I'm sure their products are of good quality, although Ive never received the rug I purchased three months ago, so I cannot say.

What I can share is my horrendous experiences with their customer service team. You will be on hold for a minimum of 16 minutes each time. While you are calling, while they are looking up your order, oh and if of course, they hang up on you. Accidentally or not. This is a huge internet company, and I asked one of their reps Jenell how many reps they have. After my experiences I am certain this is a small company. THEY HAVE 10 REPS. Nice.

I'm sure I have spoken to at least half in my three month roller coaster ride. NONE have followed through at any time, although they seem nice IF you reach someone that doesnt disconnect you. I have been told I would receive an email regarding my order and someone would call me back a hand full of times. None have happened, each time I call back and attempt to pick up where the last rep and I left off. I read a lot of ugly reviews regarding customer service prior to ordering, but thought eh, hopefully I'll get my product and I should never need to contact them.

My rug was supposedly delivered and stolen from my home. Which is why I have never received my rug. All I was is the product I paid for three months ago. In the three months UPS has investigated and shown up at my door... AGAIN. DO NOT BUY FROM THISCOMPANY, The hassle isnt worth the savings. And on the off chance that anything happens to your order, credit card charges, or product this company does not have adequate customer service to help you with anything.

Resolved No delivery and awful customer service

I attempted a rug order from this online vendor, and was charged immediately. After receiving conformation of the order via email, two weeks went by without any further word as to status of fulfillment. All attempts to reach the company by email and by phone failed. It appears they do not actually answer their customer service line. At least not during the morning hours when I tried after 9:30am weekdays.

For a US based ecommerce company to fail so miserably at product delivery, order tracking, and customer service is pathetic and should not be tolerated. There's too much competition out there for thiscompany to stay in business. Let's help push them along so that a better quality company can replace them.

Ordering from Rugsusa.com

I ordered an area rug from RUGSUSA.com at the tune of $494.00 dollars, on the 12th of February, 2010. Today is the 26th of February, 2010 and I have not received the product I ordered nor have I been able to contact the company by telephone or email. When ordering the rug, the salesperson did not give me a confrimation number, nor did that send me a confirmation to my email address like they stated they would. RUGSUSA.com debeit my account on the 12th of February, the same day I ordered the rug.

Resolved Will Not Ship Product

I ordered a rug on 1/29/2010. The company received payment right then. I haven't received any shipping details, or rug? I have called over and over and at first I received a voicemail and was asked to press #1 for operator. I would and never received anyone on the phone. Next I would call and never get voicemail or anything else, just ring, ring, ring...I had already sent e-mails and instant messages, and of course no response. In a final desperation I started sending faxes, asking the company to call me. Of course, they haven't! So now I want to warn others.

Resolved Customer Service/Quality of product

Absolutely the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. The true measure of a company is not how...

Resolved Won't refund money

I ordered 2 rugs from Rugs USA between 9/14/09. I was sent 2 rugs, only one rug was what I ordered it wasn't even the correct item number. I called Rugs USA and informed them of their mistake, originally I had ordered 108TC57-609, they sent me 108TC67-609. I contacted them on 9/18-9/19. They told me they would send UPS labels, pick the rug up and send me the right rug. I contacted them again the following week because they still had not sent had the rug picked up. UPS picked up the rug on or before the 10th of October. I waited approximately 6 weeks, I had to call them twice for status, to receive what was supposed to be the correct rug. The delivered the replacement rug on the 11/19 or 11/20. I looked at the label and it was the same rug I had returned. I called Rugs USA on the same date I received the rug and asked for a refund on the rug. They said they would refund my money and have UPS pick up the rug. I waited approximately 1 week and UPS still hadn't picked up the rug nor did I get a refund - Rugs USA told me on the phone that the refund would take 5-10 days to post. I called back to check 11/23-11/24 because the rug had not been picked up and there was no refund to my Paypal account. The man I spoke with said I had to wait 10 days to see the refund. On 11/27 or 11/30 I called again because I had still not seen the refund and the rug still hadn’t been picked up. They assured me they would take care of it. I had to leave the country on the 12/4 and just returned. I just checked my Paypal account and STILL they have not refunded my money. The rug STILL has not been picked up. Rugs USA purposefully sent me a product I did not want and are trying to force me to purchase an item I did not order by not refunded my money and not picking up the rug.

Resolved No Shipping

I ordered a rug on Dec. 10 for a Christmas present. So here it is December 28 trying to find out why no rug has been shipped, why nobody called me and why I haven't even received an email.

After waiting 10 minutes for a customer service rep, I was told to wait why they contacted the manufacturer. "Oh, sorry that rug is on back order". Well back order this!! When I asked why didn't email me about the backorder, she said their must have been a communication problem. I then canceled my order.

Now Christmas is gone and the person did not receive the rug I was going to give and Rugs USA DID NOT CARE. Do not do business with this terrible company.

  • He
    Heather Darois Sep 30, 2009

    I'm having the same problem Thier customer service is aweful I used them 3 or 4 times before and everything went well this time it has been a night mare somepne new must be running the show please don't use rugs USA

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Resolved Bad service

I ordered a rug online from RugsUSA and an Order Info email was generated and said that I would receive a shipping confirmation email once the order was shipped.

After about three weeks and no word from the company, I clicked on the track link on my order confirmation with a query about my rug. No response.

After numerous emails in various ways (info @; live chat; reply to ads, etc.) and two telephone calls--all with promises to contact me with information, I have still not been contacted.

When I talk with someone at customer service, and I use that term loosely, they can't tell me anything. Amazing in this day of computers that the company rep couldn't give me one bit of information about my order.

I buy items online fairly often and have never had such an issue. I have never bought, or tried to buy, anything from RugsUSA and will never try again.

I just wanted what looked like a beautiful rug but it is apparent that I will have to try and find it elsewhere.

Resolved Shipped wrong product – won't respond

Placed an order on 6/23 for 2 rugs. Both rugs received on 7/2 incorrectly - one was the wrong size and both were the wrong color. Sent two emails to customer service -no reply. Spoke by phone with a rep was told I had to send an email to returns department with digital photos of the rugs and it would take 5 days for a reply. No response after 7 days. Spoke with a rep via LiveChat and was told that returns dept sent me and email (they did not) that the rugs design was correct - however that was not the problem - the color and sizes were wrong. Oops, sorry for the misunderstanding they told me. Please resend the digital photos and it will take 5-8 days to hear back from the manufacturer who shipped the rugs. 5 days later - no response. Followed up with rep she said wait longer - it could be up to 8 days. Sent multiple emails to rep after 10 days and I am no longer getting a response. They have my money, I have two incorrect rugs. They will not respond. Check their record on Better Business Bureau and reviews online. This company has a horrible record.