Ruby Tuesdayservice/food

H Mar 07, 2017

I was with my husband and brother. We went in sat and ordered our food. They were out of the salmon that we wanted. So my brother ordered a chicken broccoli pasta dish. Our food came out and his did not. We inquired about the food and was told it would be just a few minutes. After asking twice and over 30 minutes later still no pasta dish. My brother was so upset that he just cancelled the order. It took forever to get refills on our drinks. By the time the drinks got refilled our food was getting cold. Have eaten here several times. Worst experience ever!!! Was embarrassed that I took my brother who is a Marine to dinner here from his return from overseas, to have him not be able to eat. He had flew into Tampa and came all the way up, and was hungry and tired. To then not be able to eat or enjoy his experience. Very disappointed!

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