Ruby Tuesday At Independence Mallmanager very rude


The manager asked me to leave because I was a Tarheel fan and he was a Duke fan.I thought he was kidding.When he told me he wasn't, I asked him for the district manager number and he went to the back.I thought he was getting the number but instead he called the law.Alot of bad things happened after that.


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    atlntbrav Dec 18, 2011

    I was present at the bar sitting next to this person she was whistling at the bartender with her 3 kids. The manager responded to complaints about the whistling and when the he confronted her she told him to f*** off so he asked her to leave politely and she refused. When the cops came she was forcibly removed from the restaurant then when she was outside she was arrested due to her drunkedness ans unruliness. Never was she asked to leave due to her being a tarheel fan his assistant manager was a tar heel fan.

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