RpmHarrasing calls.

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Continually calling my phone number. My credit is excellent, and I have no debts. I have no idea why these people call. I no longer answer their calls.


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    Jessica Sep 19, 2008
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    They keep calling my business never say anything and finally hang up. I answer then sit the phone on my desk to waiste their time not mine! lol

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    Laurie Sep 25, 2008
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    RPM is harrassing me as well over a Fraudulent charge on my JC Penney account.

    Someone at JCP knew the debt to be fraudulent because they never bothered to try and collect it themselves and JCP also changed my mailing address without my knowledge or consent, to ensure I would not dispute the fraudulent charges.

    Everytime RPM calls we tell them to validate the debt in wrting and that we will not agree to anything unless they can prove that it is our debt.

    Written demands for Debt validation have been sent to them as well as JC Penney's.

    Its been 2 weeks since the first call and still no validation of debt. Since we believe them to be fraudulent charges - they are not going to be able to validate the debt.

    When first contacted I was told I had "ignored" numerous mailings, when in fact they were using an incorrect address provided by the original creditor and those were all returned by the post office as "UNDELIVERABLE AS ADDRESSED".
    They knew I was not receiving them, but chose to use the "YOU IGNORED" lie.

    One rep called and spoke to my husband who is not on the account and told him that he spoke to me and I told him to call my husband to arrange for payment. Another LIE and violation of FDCPA laws. I never spoke to this rep and will be filing charges when against them.

    I plan on working directly with JC Penney on this matter as this is a fraudulent bill they attempted to hide from me, then sold as a bad debt and damaged my credit rating.

    I have filed formal complaints against JC Penney's with the
    Federal Trade Commission, TX State Attorney Generals and the US Postal Service (mail fraud)

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  • Tu
    turtle Jan 28, 2009

    I also have been getting harrassing phone calls from this company, in fact, as we speak, I have gotten 3 calls from them within the last hour. They never leave a message on the answering machine, in fact, the only way I could kno who they were was to call the number back from my caller ID. I got a message saying that all of their representatives were "currently busy", imagine that, I'm sure they were not busy harrassing other people. Anyway, if anyone knows of a way to stop this insanity, please let me know. Thanx

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  • Ra
    Ralph Thompson Apr 25, 2009

    RPM has been calling me sometimes twice a day. Never leave a message. So, One day I called them back and I was transfered 4 times to 4 different people (neither of them knew what was going on). They wanted me to tell them my information about me. I told them they called me they should arleady have this information. Finally I got the ### of them and hung up. Somehow they have gotten my cell phone number so I set my cell phone to no one can call my cell phone unless they are in my address book.
    They kept telling me i have been ignoring letters that were sent. I have NEVER received any letters from them. I have never even heard of them up until two weeks ago

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