RoyaloakGoods not delivered - fake statements



I have ordered a queen size cot from royal oak CMH road. On a Saturday I went there to see the furniture and Sunday I gave the order. Even after telling initially that the furniture is available, at the last moment they changed it saying that it will take 2 weeks of time. I was ok with that and I placed the order for this and a sofa cum bed. While placing the order itself I mentioned clearly that I’ll be available only after 6PM in the evening, so that they can deliver after that time. The service person agreed to that over conversation and I felt they are genuine. They have promised the delivery on the very next day.

I started getting calls from 11 in the morning from the driver and he said he is near my place. Then I called royal oak office and told them to inform the driver as I’ll be available only after 6PM. They said ok and they called me back and said that the driver will call me at 6PM. I didn’t receive any calls after that and the same thing happened for the next 2 days. On Thursday I went to their office again and asked them why have you send the driver again in the morning time. They told that they have never promised anyone that they will deliver the stock after 6PM and they have never done that(But keep a note that the sofa cum bed was delivered at 9PM in the night. As per my experience and knowledge, 9PM is after 6PM, I don’t know how it is for royal oak). I was really shocked to hear this as they only told me on Sunday that they will deliver it based on my convenience.

It was so frustrating and I asked them when are they planning to deliver the cot. There comes the next shocking statement. Their reply was they said, minimum of 3 weeks and it can take more time. They have not promised that as well. In this situation normally people will ask for the cancellation of the order. But I said one condition before asking for cancellation. I asked them if you can deliver within 21st June 6PM(as they say they have never delivered after 6 and they will never do that), it’s well and good. Else I need a cancellation of the order. When I asked for that, the reply was, we will do that but we won’t refund your money!! I don’t know what do you mean by cancellation then!! When asked about the contact person whom I can talk to they told me that those people sit in Malaysia(I don’t know if phone doesn’t work there. Because when I asked the Malaysian contact details they said, there is nothing like that) and when asked for the details of the store manager, they said, there is no one like that(Then the next day I got a call from another person there, saying that the person whom you talked to yesterday is our manager!).

GIVE SOME VALUE TO A CUSTOMER. We were planning to purchase the cot and because of your very pathetic service and the customer satisfaction, we will never recommend your shop name to any other customer. I don’t want the same thing to happen to another person. Because I know the frustration when running behind these stuffs, wasting my energy and time. Hope you understood the concerns. Anyone reading this review, please don't go to this shop. specially in CMH road. Thanks

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