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Royal Flush Havanesepuppy mill advertises as home breeder

W Review updated:

This business was formerly known as royal flush home
Companions. The owner has posted herself online under different last
Names, so when you are searching for information, be aware that you will
Find only partial results as there are several names to search, both
For the business and the owner. They also sell bichons and cheetoh cats
On separate websites. I have found at least 7 websites with businesses
At the same address: 95 old coach rd., charlestown, ri 02813. I
Purchased a 6 1/2 month old havanese puppy at full price ($1800) from
Holly in
December 2011. The older puppy appealed to me because she was
Supposedly housebroken, having supposedly living with holly and her
Family. She answered all the prescribed "find the right breeder"
Questions well over the phone. When i went to pick up the dog, holly
Was not there. The dog was filthy and there was an employee there to
Introduce me to the puppy in a 10x10 ft. Concrete room. I was supposed
To meet several puppies and the parents. He would not get the other
Dogs. I was also not allowed to see where the dogs are raised nor meet
The parents because of my "germs." there were no windows to see in. I
Did purchase the dog, which obviously was a my defense,
After having so many nice conversations with holly leading up to the
Purchase, i trusted her and i thought that her employee had been
Neglecting the dogs. He couldn't answer questions about the contract
And i thought he was incompetent, but i still trusted that holly was
Genuine and that she would be able to explain what was going on when we
Could get in touch. When i got home, i left a holly a message
About the conditions at the place and of the dog. I was expecting her
To be very concerned and surprised. She was not. She immediately began
Yelling at me that this was impossible and that "all her dogs are
Immaculate, all the time." i calmly asked how could she know if she was
Not there at the same time i was. She just reasserted that the dog was
Immaculate and that i was wrong and that her employee was perfect and
He would never bring me a dog in that condition. I didn't press the
Point because 1) i didn't like being yelled at and attacked and 2) i
Wanted to preserve some kind of speaking relationship in case more
Problems came up. They did, of course. Four days later
When we brought the dog to the vet, we found out she had two raging ear
Infections that according to my upenn trained vet, looked like they had been there for a long time. When i
Presented the "vaccine record" i had received, the vet was concerned
That it didn't look official. After this visit to the
Vet, i emailed holly (To avoid her screaming at me). Here is the email to holly:"hi holly. I
Took sophia to the vet today. The vet was suspicious about the vaccines.
She thought it was unusual for the breeder to do them and she said that
Since you didn't put the stickers from the syringe of medicine onto the
Records, she is going to repeat all the vaccines. Sophia's ears are
Infected and we got medicine for them. What kind of proof do you want
From our visit today to keep the 5 year health guarantee? I can fax you
My invoice, or mail a copy. Just let me know what works."she replied:"well in almost 30 years of breeding i've never
Had a vet question shots. That's really unfortunate that she is loading
Her up on more shots unnecessarily. Perhaps she could have called me for
Details - i have been vaccinating the dogs myself for years. Anyway i
Hope sophia is loved and adored and that your vet was as thrilled with
Her as the other vets are with these guys. Holly mastroianniroyalflushhavanese. Com4018643371" i called holly to ask her the name and
Number of her vet so that my vet could confirm the vaccines with him or
Her. She told me that the dog had never seen a vet. That's right, the 6
1/2 month old puppy had never seen a vet. She said that she
Administered the vaccines herself. I ran this by my vet. She said that
If that was the case, holly should have had stickers from the vials of
Vaccine. There were no such stickers from the vials of medicines on the
Chart. So i ended up having to pay several hundred dollars for the ear
Medicine and to repeat all the vaccines, spread over three visits. Not
To mention the discomfort for the puppy. I told her i was
Very unhappy, i felt taken advantage of, and that the dog should not
Have had the ear infections and she should have seen a vet. This is her
Reply: notice she doesn't address the ears at all, nor does she
Comment on not taking the dog to the vet or having no proof of the
Vaccinations."i will hire an attorney if you think you are going
To spread lies about me. I have never lied. Did you find a crazy lady
Who complained about something 5 years ago?? What about the hundreds of
People you read about that are thrilled and wouldn't get their puppy
Anywhere else. You are an absolute liar. My dogs are all immaculate all
The time. You should be ashamed of yourself!!! How dare you make
These crazy accusations? No lady, i'm the one who is furious. Bring that
Puppy right back here today and i'll give you back every penny you
Spent!!! You are not capable of loving and caring for a puppy. You're
Insane. I will fight you with every fiber of my being. I have been
Raising gorgeous, healthy pups for 28 years. I can provide anyone with
Hundreds of people who will not get a pup anywhere else!!!"i
Called her again and she told me not to contact her again. So much for
The 5 year health guarantee.]i posted a review on yelp
That she had removed, and posted reviews on havanese websites. I found
A lot of people that had been burned by holly on those havanese sites.
I then got a letter in a mail from a lawyer holly hired to threaten
Me. It said she was going to sue me for damages to her business unless i
Took down my posts immediately. I was scared - i've never been
Threatened like that before - and i took them down. But then i felt
Angry, because everything i said was true and these dogs are suffering.
So i hired my own lawyer, who reviewed my posts that i has printed and
Said that it is 100% legal to share my experience. But he also said
That the swiftness with which she bullied me shows she has experience
Shutting people up. I guess this puppy mill business is worth a lot of
Money. I decided to contact rhode island to see if they
Would inspect her facility. They agreed and found, "approximately 50
Dogs in
Stainless steel enclosures which more than suitable in size for the
Number of dogs in each one." there were also more dogs outside. It
Turns out that puppy mills are legal, as long as the dogs aren't being
Starved or physically abused. Holly hides what her facility is, stating
Over and over that the dogs are all lovingly raised in her
Home. Who on earth can lovingly raise over 50 dogs in their home? Of
Course they are kenneled in a separate room. So besides
The vaccine issue and ear infections, the dog was not even close to
House broken, as promised. She was essentially a rescue. She was
Absolutely terrified of being crated, having spent her entire life in
One. We spent over $1, 000 on two different professional trainers, who
All said that she had never learned to eliminate wastes separate from
Her crate, so the dog was completely unphased by sitting in poop and
Pee. I stayed home for 6 months and entirely dedicated myself to this
Dog, but although we could train her to sit, come, lie down, etc. She
Had no problem peeing and pooping on my children's bed, while being
Hugged by the kids. No problem just standing up and defacating in the
Kitchen right next to me while i was doing the dishes. There was no
Improvement after 6 months of hard work. Back to the
Lawyer battle - so my lawyer wrote back to her lawyer stating my rights
Were undeniable and too bad about the posts. So she wrote back, stating
That she would offer me a full refund if i would return the dog,
Therefore negating the sale and i would have to take down the reviews
Because i no longer had purchased the dog! Well by this
Time sophia had been spayed and was one year old. I feared for her
Life. If holly already had over 50 dogs, what was she going to do with
One she couldn't sell or breed? So my in-laws adopted her and don't
Mind her eliminating all over their house. They are truly saints in the
Dog world. We ended up using a reputable breeder next time who let us
See where the dogs were raised and visit our puppy several times before
Taking it home at 8 weeks, and she was perfectly housebroken within
Weeks of owning her. Please consider my experience and search
For other negative ones online before trusting this business. Look for
Someone else, without so much controversy. There is a lot out there if
You search enough, one tip is to use the address instead of the business names. Read
Read read on reputable websites, like the akc or local clubs for your
Breed on how to choose a breeder. Make sure you get the number
Of the vet before purchase. Make sure you confirm with the vet that
They saw your dog. Make sure your vaccination papers are valid. Make
Sure you see the pedigree papers of the parents. Insist to see
Where the dogs are raised. Insist on meeting the parents. Clearly with
50 dogs all together, this person is in a huge money making business
And not particularly interested in loving the dogs. Holly had stated on her website that she was akc recommended or something. I contacted
The akc (After purchase, unfortunately) to verify her claims. Here is the response: "the akc does not license or register any breeders or
Kennels. There are no akc registered breeders. If you send me the
Breeder's name, i can check to see if she registers dogs and litters
With us and if she is in good standing with our rules and regulations. Please let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance. If a reply is necessary, please include all previous correspondence. Richard lemisakc customer service representativeakc. Org919-233-9767"


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Royal Flush Havanese's response · Apr 13, 2017

    Juan, you are a liar. You are very upset that I negotiated assigned parking in our lease and you do not have assigned parking for your gym. Take up your issue with the landlord. You have been rude to everyone at RFHF and you should be ashamed of your nasty, lying behavior. Everyone has been nothing but nice to you. You've created a fake identity and set out to hurt us but we do nothing wrong and everything right! What are YOU trying to hide in your black Jeep Liberty license plate BFBF38


  • Fo
    Former2020employee Apr 14, 2021

    In 2021 they are STILL in business. Worked here for 3 days made me SICK to my stomach. Those poor babies.

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  • Pr
    Protecttheanimals Apr 13, 2021

    I am on my second Havanese and fortunately, both were purchased by reputable breeders in Fl although, my first home is in RI.
    I am just wondering, after reading all these horrendous reviews, especially people who have worked at this hell hole, why hasn't the ASPCA or other animal rescues been involved and started an investigation? If the state won't do anything, then maybe everyone should reach farther for help shutting her down. Having been scammed and having a real concern for the welfare of these dogs, it would be a no brainer. Also, how can the state say that puppy mills are legal, if they are not being treated with dignity, to me that is abuse! Florida and RI Animal rights should investigate. These dogs should not be suffering in this horrid environment! There needs to be justice for all living creatures.

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  • Fo
    FormerEmployee78 Sep 17, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree to all of these comments. I started working here a year ago, and it didn’t last long. I did some research after my interview when i already knew i got the job. I saw all of the comments of how awful it is to work here, but i decided to give it a shot anyway. They work you and work you and work you. Your whole entire shift is cleaning up dog feces. The dogs are stuffed into cages and “suites” which are not big enough for the amount of dogs in there. These dogs need a normal life. Anytime you move they start screaming barking because they want attention. When they do that they get screamed at by the other staff, when it’s not their fault. They want to be dogs but can’t be. They are suffering for the profit of Holly and Amanda. Never mind they are sketchy I noticed that the first day. Whenever i think of this place I can still smell it, it’s disgusting makes me wanna vomit. I wish people would stop buying from here or someone would shut them down. This is NOT OKAY.

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  • Fo
    Former employee 38 Jun 11, 2017

    I worked for Holly as kennel help. That was almost 3 years ago and I still shiver thinking back. I have seen the inside, I have seen what she is hiding from the public and I can tell you honestly 100% every dog in there is neglected & abused. From the outside you see a glorious mansion. From the website pictures you see dogs on her couch and looking clean and happy. Reality is there is one small cemented floor room with stacks of cages that hold 4/5 dogs per cage(small cages!) with wire bottoms and no pillow or bed or blanket offered. They sleep on these crates with no padding days after day month after ninth. They don't have water bowls but rather hamster bottle to drink from. They are taken "outside" only a few times a day (if that!) for a couple minutes each. "Outside" meaning another cemented floor room wit walls and a ceiling. These dogs never see the light of day! The look in their eyes still haunt me. They are offered food in one dish per cage- remember there are multiple dogs to a cage! These are the adults I speak of. The "state of the art" (bs!!) puppy room is just as sad. Puppies in piles with nothing to lay on but a few sheets of newspaper soaked in poop and pee and they all try to huddle together for comfort. They have no socialization at all. I once pet a adult dog that was feeding her babies and my hand came close to her head she layed down and rolled over in complete fear. The adult dogs don't even act like dogs. They are neurotic and stressed out. They don't know how to behave when love is offered. When I spoke sweetly to them to get them back in their cage I was told not to talk to them like that but to command them to get in their crowed dirty dark cage. That's where they live. They NEVER go into Hollys home. They live completely separately and she doesn't interacted with them at all. Only the incompetent soulless staff. All her dogs are absolutely filthy. When someone comes to visit they bathe one and put it in play room where there are a few toys to make it look like these dogs are actually cared for. This place is 100% a PUPPY MILL and these dogs are being abused day after day month after month year after year.

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  • Jo
    Joe MM Apr 13, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    its funny how every time you dont like what others say about you, you claim to put its FAKE well its not fake and every one involved n this has proof its all real

    2 Votes
  • Jo
    Joe MM Apr 01, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    before you buy a puppy from this Puppy Mill google them in RI they ran from RI to Florida to hide from there bad reviews this is a PUPPY MILL if i ever seen one, they hide with the BS pic's.
    dogs are LOCKED UP ALL DAY in a 4x4 Pen 27/7 365 days they never go out side at all the only time this gods are loos is when you go see them they play with them in front of you to make it look like they care they scream at the dogs all day this is a TRUE PUPPY MILL don't be fooled!! new address for them now is 13790 treeline Ave Fort Myers Fl 33913

    2 Votes
  • Fo
    Former employee 38 Jun 11, 2017

    @Joe MM Hi Joe. It sounds like we had a similar experience with this place. Do you know, are they still breeding & selling out of Charlestown? I am interested in making it known all around town the truth of this place.

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  • Ch
    Charles The Lamb Sep 29, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Former employee 38 They are still in Charlestown. I herd from a former employee who just couldn’t take it anymore that their nursery is covered in ticks. What’s worse is she told me the ticks have been their for over a year. They apparently have pest control go in that room once in a while and the employees have to go through every dog every night.

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  • Ro
    Rosem_ Mar 23, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Stay far, far away from Royal Flush Havanese. Holly has the nerve to call herself a top quality breeder, yet none of her dogs have ever even seen a vet before, and certainly are not checked for genetic diseases before being bred. The dogs live in cages or "suites" their whole life, never allowed to go outside, and females are bred during each heat. Anyone with any knowledgable information on dogs knows that a reputable breeder will only breed a female 2-3 times in their lifetime, and leaving a year between each littler. Her dogs cower from human contact, are poorly socialized, and certainly are not 'trained' the way she describes they are. It is so sad that this woman has the nerve to call herself a behavior specialist when really she is completely oblivious to the physical and emotional needs of a dog. Please do not believe any of the lies that Holly continues to tell her customers. I hope that more people will begin to do extensive research before deciding to purchase from this puppy mill.

    3 Votes
  • Ca
    Carole can Jan 05, 2016

    Some people choose to pay their bills through innocent animals instead of getting a job. Unfortunately holly at royal flush does just that. So many horror stories circled the web but she hired a PR firm to search and destroy any negative remarks so people never know the truth.

    3 Votes
  • Jo
    JoeKerr Apr 02, 2015

    You think she's a lousy breeder, try having her for a landlord. I never been evicted for complaining about conditions, but we would go to pay her rent, and she would go out of her way to not let us in her house, and now I know why. Hate to segue off topic, but animals aren't the only thing she's abused. Heard she had some horses removed from her property for pretty much the same thing as the dogs. And communication? Forget it. We were always accused of 'talking-in-circles', and all I ever tried doing was paying my rent. Needless to say, she lost all her properties, and at one point she owned 5 houses in the neighborhood. Had her cronies break up 3 antique dressers of mine, one had 300.00 in it (the eviction), that we never saw again. Not someone I'd have dealings with again in any capacity...greed immediately comes to mind. Do yourself a favor, and find another breeder...she shouldn't be allowed to do anything like that...

    2 Votes
  • Ma
    Maggie Victor Jan 20, 2015

    I have two pups from Holly, and I have to agree, I wouldn't buy from her again. Overall, my two are well behaved, they are smart, friendly, and well trained...but I believe they are this way from hard work from my husband and I to socialize and take good care of them, as they have not been without their fair share of problems. One of them is on doggie prozac, because she is a very nervous dog, and even though she wouldn't hurt a fly, she hates anything and everything new, which I believe is from her genetics as the other dog is very social and friendly. But, the other dog hasn't been without her fair share of problems. Within days of picking her up we had to rush her to the vet because she was extremely hypoglycemic. She wouldn't eat, even the most delicious of the wet dog foods (the vet referred to it as doggie crack) and had to be syringe fed for a month, including in the middle of the night, as she couldn't last on the nutrition from an evening feeding without some blood sugar in her system before morning. She did eventually start eating on her own, and is now a bit of a beggar, but it was a rough ride that first month.

    Our two girls are about to be two in another month, and although they are really great dogs, I just can't help but think a lot of the problems we had with them are from Holly breeding too many dogs, and not giving them the attention they need, or proper care. I wouldn't not buy from her again, and it breaks my heart to know so many puppies are not being properly raised (just checked her TWO websites and has 16 dogs for sale in Rhode Island, and 13 for sale in Florida...that just seems like too many at once to not be a puppy mill!).

    2 Votes
  • Jo
    Joe MM Apr 01, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Maggie Victor they have some one delivering puppy's to them in a red van im sure they are getting fake papers and telling you they where born there i have proof

    2 Votes
  • Ha
    Havanese Dec 15, 2014

    I have a puppy from Holly and he is truly unstable. We love him because he's ours but he is terrified of other people. He will lunge and nip with no warning. He's been to three trainers and we are constantly working with him. I believe he is a puppy mill pup and it saddens me. I bought a Havanese because I thought he would be a good social dog and unfortunately no matter how much I socialize him he's scared of everyone. I contacted Holly and she said she's never had a complaint before and I must not have socialized him or its my fault. I take ownership of the dog but I know that this is built in his genetic disposition or something that's in him. I wish I had done more research. I will continue to love my pup but I hope other people don't make the same mistake.

    1 Votes
  • Sl
    slynn1 Mar 28, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am sorry not just what your family went through, but the poor dog. I hope breeders like her burn in hell,

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