Labradoodle Complaints & Reviews

Labradoodle / snowy river labradoodles

Aug 12, 2017

This breeder was previously known as Bad Company Labradoodles. Please check their reviews before purchasing a puppy. The labradoodle I purchased from Bad Company developed seizures at age 2 and adrenal tumors and a hemangiosarcoma. There are multiple complaints about Bad Company and Addison'...

Bad Company Labradoodles / Addison's, Cushings & hip dysplasia


My Sophie was stricken with Addison's at the age of five. The disease is genetic and it must be in the blood line of the lab and the poodle. My Sadie was stricken with Cushing's at the age of six. They were from two different liters from this breeder. Sadie also has hip...