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2:14 pm EDT

Top Notch Bulldogs refund of deposit

Top Knotch Bulldogs ** Recommend Not Purchasing from this Breeder **
I was going to buy Walter from this breeder and I put a deposit down and after the deposit was made the breeder informed me that Walter had Cryptorchidism and when I wanted to negotiate the price the breeder said "No, Walters's price is not negotiable. He was not listed or sold as a breeding male. His cryptorchidism will not affect him being a pet" Which was fine as I was not purchasing Walter to breed but I wasn't purchasing him with the intention of neutering him either. Leaving a cryptorchid dog intact can cause serve health problems. They have a higher risk of cancer which is low but possible. So leaving Walter intact can be an unnecessary risk. What respectable breeder is not aware of the health risk of Cryptorchidism? Most breeders are willing to negotiate prices for puppies with this condition. The Breeder also reduced the price a few days after I was going to buy Walter and still hasn't refunded my deposit? I highly recommended not using this breeder they are not forth coming with information about their puppies.

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2:15 pm EDT

Top Notch Bulldogs Olde English Bulldogge Puppy

We bought a puppy from Marie Morris, owner and breeder of Top Notch Bulldogs, (Olde English Bulldogs) Galivants Ferry, SC. While the 10 adult dogs are kept clean and well fed, it is important to consider these dogs have had very little human contact, and are housed in a kennel...NOT in her home. Puppies are kept in a shed from birth, until they are purchased. If a person intends to keep the dog they buy from Marie in their house, they need to realize the puppy will be completely "wild" when they bring it home. It will be massively hyper, will chew human body parts, paper puppy training pads, and everything else ALL THE TIME. It will be in "overdrive" as much as the most active terrier. And, Marie cut off contact with me as soon as I arrived home with the puppy (I flew from AZ to SC to pick her up). We will keep the puppy, but it will require MUCH professional training.

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bully dogg lover
Jul 18, 2017 1:42 pm EDT

I purchased my dog from Top Notch bulldogs in the fall of 2013. After talking to Marie on the phone prior to buying a pup I came to the conclusion that she loved her dogs more than people in general. Then I put down the deposit and waited to pick up my pup.
I drove down from Ontario Canada ( 17 hrs non stop ) When I arrived all that Marie told me about herself, the dogs and kennels was true. Kennels were spotless, she truly loved her dogs, and they were not running around wild like in some kennels which neglect their dogs.
I have Zoey, my dog now for 4 years and she is a great dog, laid back, sometimes cautious of new people until she gets to know them then all she wants to do is sit on the couch beside them and get lots of loving.
I guess some people do not do enough research on the type of breed they get and then they blame the breeder.

The Leavitt bulldog needs human companionship because it develops a strong bond with the family, becoming a part of the family, it is not a part time pet, . And that in reality is what a lot of people do with dogs, playing with them when they are young and then neglecting them later.
Zoey was never in a crate, was sectioned of in one room with toys to chew .

She made a mess only twice in the house as a puppy while I was home. When she was 6 months she had the run of the house with lots of toys to chew,

You get what you put in with your dog, sure some dogs are more active then others so exercise them more.

I believe that in most cases there is no such thing as a bad dog, only an owner who did not put in enough time with their dog.

I have had an American pit bull, Doberman pinscher, Argentine Dogo, and now a Leavitt bulldogge, and all of them never bit any one just licked them to death.

You get what you put into the dog. The more you put in the more you get.

Keep up the good work Marie.

Bill from Ontario.

Marie Morris
Feb 24, 2016 9:56 am EST
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Mary Feezel, complainer 39242

Located at:
4840 N Avenida De Castilla, Tucson, AZ 85718

Marie Morris
Feb 22, 2016 2:16 pm EST
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In reference to Mary's post...

First of all, none of our pups or litters, and most certainly not your pup, is/was raised in a kennel for the first 8 weeks of their life, so that is a false statement. They are raised in our home were I sleep next to the whelping box for the first 3 weeks of their life. were they are handled by myself, husband and children every single day, loved on and are introduced to new things every couple of days. At 4 weeks old mom and pups are moved to our insulated garage were it is climate controlled to start them on a bit of separation for humans at all times and introducing them to a new environment. Again myself and my family hold and play with the pup several time a day and during feeding times. At about 6 weeks old, pups are given first set of vaccinations and they are moved to the indoor/outdoor kennel were they can socialize with the other dogs and start potty training. So again your pup was NOT raised in our kennel for the first 8 weeks of her life! We also rotate our dog to be in our home for one on one time with our family. All my dogs that I have raised from pups have been raised in my home till they are at least 6 months old and start in the rotation.

As for her being "wild", your pup was always the most laid back of the litter. This is an active breed and you have a puppy that wants to play and chew things. That is what puppies do sweety. It is your job to keep her on her potty training routine and to teach her manners and basic obedience. I also told you crate training was the best thing for her until she knows her boundaries and the rules of the house, as well as help with potty training. Guess you didn't take my advice and don't see how that is my fault. And yes she will definitely need professional training because you can't seem to get a handle on a pup let alone keep her potty trained correctly.

I have 8 dogs not 10 and YES, I have two dogs that get a bit hyper when people come to visit them, God forbid a dog is excited to see people. The other 6 are are quit calm. Would you rather of seen a bunch of shy timid or aggressive dogs? Sorry but that is not the temperament we breed for. I spend countless hours with all my dogs and pups. Only reason why I didn't have a dog in my home when you visited was because I was 6 1/2 months pregnant and was preparing our home for our new babies arrival.

I have never cut off communication with you. I keep in contact with ALL of my puppy buyers. You said you would send me pictures and updates but haven't heard anything from you except when you arrived home with the pup and said everything was fine. If you were having problems with the pup, you should have contacted me either by phone or email. You didn't do either. If you are not happy with the pup you received from us, please send her back. I don't want you to keep a pup you are not happy with and most certainly don't want you to feel obligated to keep her.

I really appreciate all your false accusations and lies.

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