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1:17 pm EST

Gratitude Farms Gratitude farms

My family and I purchased a Blue brindle cane corso puppy almost a year ago from Gratitude Farms . A year later my dog goes blind and shortly after he dies in my own home . I am extremely sad the our puppy we all went to go get is no longer with us . It breaks my heart that my son now wonders where his dog is . I contacted the breeder left a voicemail about a week ago and I have not heard back from her at all . I am still mourning the loss of our family dog and this breaded can’t call me back to say anything. I actually want my refund ! Even though I won’t get our dog back she could at least call me back and let me know if there perhaps was other puppies of this breed to loose their sight and or die at such an early age . I am disappointed and wouldn’t purchase another puppy from Gratitude farms . If your dog dies you won’t get any sympathy or call back from this breeder . I rather go to Georgia or TC Cane Corso and purchase another cane corso , they physically look so much better and healthier !

Desired outcome: A call back and a refund !!!!!

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1:16 am EST

Gratitude Farms Outrageous fee for my puppy!

I am so upset about this person's ethics, (or the lack thereof), lack of compassion, rudeness, and out right greed, that I am beside myself! I am a 53 year old, disabled, retired teacher, (taught emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children for 27 years). I was a victim of a terrifying ordeal this past weekend, in which a gun was pointed at me. I had to call the police, and million sheriff's, deputy's and other law enforcement had to secure the house that my puppy, (a mastiff, pit, lab mix), and I were visiting. For whatever reason, I was not permitted to take my dog home with me, and this"Gratitude Farms" came and took my puppy. Now, I have a seizure disorder, and between that and the terror that I just went through, I had a hell of a time tracking down my dog. I was finally able to get the information from the sheriff, and phoned to inquire how to get my puppy. After needing to describe, in detail, what this hard to miss puppy looked like, and the circumstances, I was told that I needed to "prove he was mine", was asked what took me so long, was told that his previous owner, the abusive man that I saved this dog from, had been contacted, because my puppy was chipped, and he "surrendered" MY dog! I was then informed that it would be $290.00 to get y dog back, and I would need to do that quickly, because someone else already wanted my dog! WHAT!? I will now have to lose my puppy because this woman needs to pay off her tummy tuck, or whatever, financed by my misfortune! This is cruel!

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2:58 am EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Gratitude Farms Fraud

November 2011 we purchased a Black Brindle female Cane Corso(DOB 9.22.11) from Tammy and Mark Gimple of East Bethels, Gratitude Farms. we paid 2500.00 for this "show" quality dog. From the very beginning this dog was a fear biter, sullen and very with drawn. I stayed in close contact with "Tammy" to obtain as much information as I could reguarding how to handle a fear biter. We socialized, did puppy classes and even brought our dog BACK to Tammy to do puppy "handler" classes and the dog kept trying to bite the "judge" and would not tollerate handling from ANY stranger.Took her home, we loved her. THIS was dog #1 from this place.
Dog 2# After seperating with my fiancee of 3 years I obtained a second Cane Corso, from Tammy Gimple. A shy, not socialized, much larger boned "show" dog...I paid 2500.00 cash, 525.00 for ears, and countless amounts of money from various Vet bills, from MANGE...(Development of the immune system is under genetic control. Even though pups in a litter where a parent is infected may not show signs of the disease, they can still pass it on to future offspring. An affected dog usually comes from a litter containing other affected puppies. Owners of littermates should be put on the alert to watch for it. All dogs infected with Demodectic Mange, localized or generalized, should not be bred and should be neutered/spayed.) a geneticly aquired sort of mange, only seen in Cane Corso dogs with the Blue gene( my puppy was a Blue Brindle, female).After this cleared, I paid THOUSANDS to "Tammys" Handler..1500.00 a month per dog(x2)...and in the tail end of my seperation and court proceedings, I was paying a Lawyer, to keep my home, and children! I asked "Tammy" if I could take a brea from "show" classes, as I was nearing inancial ruins from the divorce, and she "OFFERED" to help me( she said" after all I co own the dog, its the least I could do") and offered to assist me at 500.00 a month..Still I gasped, as at the time, I was darn near swallowing my pride, I had the "Handler"( who I told I could no longer afford his fee's) please take my 5 mo old pup to "Tammys" as she was going to be assisting me, until my financial situation cleared up. He lived close to her and said it would be no problem to drop her off to "Tammys". I owed the Handler 400+ a cost for a recent soe he had taken her too, and he dropped her off on a Sunday to Tammys.I had made repeated attempts to contact this "handler, assuming he was still in transit, dropping off other clients show does from his busy weekend...and never heard from him.Tuesday I recieved a nasty message from Tammy via "text"...Claimiing she ought to sue me for inconviencing her. SHE had to pay my handler debt, claiming the "Handler" was going to "sell" my puppy, becuse I "didnt pay him"(?) the money I owed him. I tried calling her, to let her know I had been trying "REPEATEDLY" since the proir Friday to make payment arrangments, but had not gotton a call back. She claimed I bought a show dog and was refusing to show her, there for I was in breech of my contract(?!) and she TOOK MY DOG! I was hysterical. All I had been through, all my lifes work turned upside down in divorce, financial ruin, and now THIS? She was KEEPING MY DOG? THAT was last June 2013. I never saw my dog again. I trusted this breeder, i went BACK to this breeder and got a second dog. I offered to pay her all up frnt for Baloos $500.00 fee, and she flat out refused to take my money. over and over I tried, and she said she didnt feel comfortable taking money, and the reality HIT me, she wasnt giving us our dog back, and By God she didnt. THEN I found out the 1st dog we had bought from Tammy, she seized it too. Said she was going to use her for breeding, and not a cent, , , so she took 5000.00 worth of money from us, thousands "I" paid for training and handling classes, AND SHE STOLE my puppy from my two boys, and I...claiming I was breeching my contracy by NOT showing her. I never ever said I wouldnt show her..EVER.. I was simply asking for TIME, as I was in a financial mess through a divorve. I allowed my puppy to go to her home Because SHE offered to help me with my puppys Handling. I never dreamed she was TAKING our dog and making up a pack of lies to keep her...Gratitude Farms destroyed the hearts of my two boys, and ripped out my heart.OMG I loved that puppy! That puppy wanted for nothing. She was loved, excercised, swam in a lake daily, slept with her boys in the night, had the best diet, and safe toys...Isnt it a breeders dream, to have a home, where your puppy is worshiped and loved>>? Isnt that what it is all about..a forever home? We loved our puppy, Tammy. Our Puppy never knew an unkind word or action, SHAME on you"Tammy". The handler told you how great she was doing in the ring, and YOU saw dollar signs. We dont need that fancy crap or titles to know OUR puppy was a winner...she was always a Champion to our family, Not a damn dollar sign. Gratitude Farms You are Frauds, of the worst kind.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Philadelphia, US
Nov 15, 2013 12:36 pm EST
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You should of just adopted a dog from a shelter. Karma

Minneapolis, US
Feb 16, 2022 11:30 pm EST
Replying to comment of Bobafooey

Idiot☝️x2 I have now lost a significant amount of brain cells reading the above article and the comment below if only I could get back the last 15 minutes of my life and the 15,000 brain cells I just lost

10:28 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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We contracted with Gratitude Farms in May of 2011 to acquire a South African Boerboel puppy that had yet to be born. They required a $250 refundable deposit in order for us to reserve a puppy. They cashed my check, #6012, on May 10, 2011. Several months later we were contacted by Gratitude Farms. They indicated that the female dog had gone into labor. They...

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