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We had a simple clogged floor drain in the basement and called Roto-Rooter as my 64 year old husband had recently had knee surgery 3 days before discovering the problem. The service tech arrived and had my husband sign for repairs to fix a slow drain (ie use a snake to clear it...10 minutes of work at most) I looked at the paper and saw a price of $395.77. I went out and told the tech to leave as he hadn't started to unload his truck. He told me that it was a fair and standard price. I told him that I wanted to call another company. He showed me a paper and told me that was the price that he charged for unclogging a floor drain. I told him to leave and then he said that he was already there and would discount the price by 25%. At this point, I said to go ahead with the work but still feel overcharged. The final bill was $259.50 for 10 minutes of work. He said that he gave me the "discount" in exchange for no guarantee. I feel that this company overcharges and takes advantage of senior citizens with health problems. I will never use them again for anything.


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      Nov 20, 2010

    i am sorry to hear about your husband's health.however having said that if the guy is so wacked out that he is'nt responsible for his actions don't let him deal with the service guy, you can't have it both ways, you can't let him sign for service and then try and make it sound like the service guy took advantage of some old fart.the service guy has absolutely no idea of the family dynamics granny...if you truly felt you were being overcharged then you are a fool for letting the service guy proceed.the man did YOU a favor by dropping his charges by %25 and you still [censor]...your health problems are sad but of absolutely no concern to the serviceman or the company.does the local grocery store charge you less because you are sick or old?how about when you get gas at the station do they knock off a few cents per gallon for every year you go past you 60th birthday?you just have that poor old me victim mentality.grow up!take responibility for your own agreed to the price, work was done as agreed, you paid.shut the [censor] up!

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