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Rotech Healthcare review: summit respiratory account not serviced in almost two months

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August 27, 2018
a complaint in Colorado Springs

Where do I start? Summit Respiratory, they have been a thorn in my side since 2009, when first prescribed oxygen! It seems that every year, they find another or several egregious ways to dishonor me. Prime Example: Waldo Canyon Fire June/July 2013. A huge fire traveling towards C/S, the smoke was easily seen in the neighborhood; it would get a lot worse, before getting better. Myself and my wife were concerned: what if we lose power or have to evacuate (we had received a warning from the cspd stating: you may have to evacuate your home! it could happen so be prepared); we had on hand four oxygen bottles. What happens if the fire and smoke were to deteriorate? To evacuate means we need more oxygen bottles, ' call Summit I said" wife did and was told " ' we can't deliver any to your home.' " My thought was 'How about we pick some up?' So she called Summit again only to be told " ' No! You can't have any'" Catherine again called and asked if they had any on hand, " ' yes we do, but not for you.' "
Around June 18, 2018. I called summit and spoke to the stations general manager., notifying him that my account hadn't been serviced it four weeks, he assured me that it would not happen again. Present-day My account hasn't been serviced in seven weeks! When leaving messages on (route manager) Paulie's devise, six or seven in total, he never returned any calls!

The high flow machine that was in my home, (using past tense) stopped working. Why? I assume, because, it had not been serviced since 2016 . It was replaced with, a low flow flow machine.

Getting back to Paulie's egregious behavior towards me; I called in and spoke to him, maybe a year ago and asked for some filters, his response was " 'just wash the ones you have' " How insulting! He wanted to know why I could not or would not wash them? another insulting statement! Not that it's any of your business; am highly allergic to dust.

Being concerned about tripping in my home, a request was made (again to Paulie) for a 40' or 35' main line, " 'they don't make em.' " was paulie's reply. Which is a falsity, they were on line through several manufactures. What was paulie's solution? " 'string some ten footers together !' " We (that would be referring to us, you & me; knowledgeable folks) know that, any way one looks at it, it's counter productive.

Besides having a lung condition, one of my diseases includes Peripheral Neuropathy. With this disease, my chief complaint (besides the all of a sudden stabbing pains) is the unbalancing when walking, standing, looking up while standing and raising my arms above my head! Yet again, Paulie's comment of yet again Why? Not only unprofessional but also demeaning.

What to do about this, you ask? Changes have to be made; look at the local rating: 41 people gave an average rating of two stars. Does that speak volumes?

Respectfully yours, Lee Swendsen

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