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Ronaunprofessional work and multiple damages

We contracted Rona to install a new bathtub in our home. They sent a subcontractor that was not qualified to do the work. He did plumbing and electrical work and he is neither an electrician or a plumber. The taps do not fit, he cut our floor tiles and left a gap between the tiles and the tub, the tub surround is poorly installed, the tub leaked and we now have a hole in the ceiling in the basement as well as a hole in the wall of the room adjoining the bathroom. Rona sent the contractor and some staff to do a site inspection on Dec. 29th. We have requested that they send an electrician to certify the electrical work and a plumber to repair the taps or refund our money so that we can hire our own contractors to repair the job and the damages caused by the contractor. They have not responded to date. (Jan. 3/2007.)


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    Sharon Noble Oct 15, 2018
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    We had a new water heater installed 2 years ago. This is a supplement to our solar water heating system which normally is guaranteed for 10 years. We had our solar system checked and it was discovered that the panels were running hot due to an error by the Rona installer. This mistake has cost us over $700.
    The installer was horrible from the beginning. He left a large hole in the wall leading to the exterior, and we had to call him back to fix it. It would have allowed entry by vermin if we had not noticed it.

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  • Fl
    Flatlanderer Aug 14, 2018
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    I received this plant for mother's day. It was 60.00. The palms have been turning brown ever since it was brought. I fertilized it but that did not help.

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  • Ma
    Mark Haggith Oct 07, 2016
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    right on

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  • Sa
    Save Bbees Oct 07, 2016

    Kingston Rona consistently fails customers. Rona is the worst of all the construction materials stores. They take your money and you don't even get the products. Return policy? I'm sure it is illegal. They don't refund, they exchange and the cards they exchange to expire, but they don't tell you this, so you've returned the goods but they still have the money. BOYCOTT RONA!

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    longlacman Aug 22, 2016
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    dont buy any thing at the rona in longlac they do not follow the policies of rona i bought a lawnmower and the wheels kept on falling off so i took it back for the refund and they would not give me my refund the owner says he has the last say and he owns the store and he does not have to answer to rona

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  • Sk
    skvk Jul 30, 2015

    We are very unhappy with Customer Service at Rona/Millwork store in Oshawa, Ont. We had a counter and backsplash installed. It took 72 days to complete a 3 day job because of mistakes made on their part. We were understanding at first but Sue Maarse, who headed the kitchen dept. was not very helpful and she was condescending. No one at the store gets back to us in a timely manner and we were forever running after them. Even as I write this complaint I am waiting for the Manager to call us back regarding a serious mistake made that was supposed to be fixed but wasn't. The contractor lied and said he fixed it but it was not. Very deceptive. I am forced to put in a formal complaint to the Consumer Protection Board at the Ministry. Millbrook had a good reputation in Oshawa but now that Rona has bought the store that reputation is fast dissolving. They really need to hire some competent sales people that can at least address these complaints or they will loose a lot of business that Millwork worked hard to keep.

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  • Ry
    Ryan1234 Sep 08, 2014

    I live in Barrie, and in the South end I have the choice of Rona, Lowe's and Home Depot. I stopped shopping at Rona years ago after an issue I had with them over a return of an extension cord. I bought a brand new extension cord took it home and it didn't work, so I tried to return it with the receipt. The lady at customer service told me because I used it I couldn't return it, I told her I would have loved to use it but I bought it that morning and it didn't work. She got the manager to come over, he was on the phone, took one look and said we don't return extension cords (while still on the phone) turned his back to me and walked away. He was extremely arrogant, had I been a younger man I would have punched him out on the spot, I was infuriated, but before I did something I would have regretted I walked away and I've never been back since. I now have a contracting business that I buy $100, 000's/ year in materials that all goes to Home Depot and Lowe's. My father flips house's, and I told him I would never speak to him again if he used Rona, every person I can get to not shop there is a small victory for me.

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  • Sm
    smcnabb Sep 21, 2017

    @Ryan1234 I bought a fridge at the Barrie South location in the middle of August. I was told it would be between 10 to 14 days for delivery. It is now the end of September and still no fridge. I really would have like to have that 10 to 14 day delivery because I was on vacation at the time and it would have been convenient for me. Nevertheless, I have gone in person to customer service, I have called numerous times, I have emailed all to no avail. Always somebody else could help me, that person isn't in now, we have to call around, someone will get back to you, or... no answer at all. Still no explanation why it's taking so long nor a real date of when we could expect it. Holy|! It wasn't even a special order fridge, just a very popular model. I don't understand. How can there be nobody to answer our questions? My husband and I are both really relaxed and patient people but we have lost it with this store. I plan on going in tonight to get a refund. Then we will go across the road to Home Depot and buy the same fridge. I am hoping to have a new fridge before Thanksgiving.
    I feel betrayed because I really wanted this so-called Canadian store to succeed but they don't really deserve to.

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  • Ma
    Mad in TO Jun 03, 2014

    Rona is the most unethical company you will deal with. Their people are lazy and arrogant and when you take issues to their so-called client service they send you back to the store. Their gazebos have the elegant name Uberhaus but are actually cheap seconds they buy in Some third world country. The gazebo I purchased fell apart after one year and just outside the warranty. They refused to help. I laugh when I hear their CEO talk about their Canadian roots and the big bad American chains. The American chains sure know how to retain customers for life. I hope Rona goes under and puts all the sloths out of work.

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  • Wo
    wopstyle May 08, 2014

    I would like to start off by saying ever since I purchased my house in Barrie(2010), Rona has been store of choice to shop for home improvement items(Kitchen cabinetry, paint, outdoor sprinkler, various building materials, tools, outdoor landscaping products ect). On May 8th 2014, at approximately 9:45PM I went to Rona Barrie and was greeted by the customer service employee upon entering. I stated I had purchased an Orbit outdoor water timer and the 4 way manifold portion of the product had failed. I stated to the customer service member that the product had a 6 year warranty as I looked on the website prior to going to the store. She then stated that there would have been a booklet that would have come with the product. I told her I would go get the product so she could see the booklet she had requested. Upon returning to the desk she stated she would have to get a plumbing associate. Once the plumbing associate had come up to the front he thought I wanted to return the product I took off your shelf and at that point he stated that Rona does not sell that particular product. Once I told him I just got it off his shelve he stumbled upon his words and said “Sorry I’ve never see it”. I then presented the situation I encountered and he said I would have to come back in the morning to find out if it was an in store warranty or manufacture warranty. At this point I was a little frustrated because I had felt like they just wanted to get rid of me for the night as it was 10 minutes until closing. The plumbing associate was saying anything to make the problem go away for the night even if he wasn’t 100% sure of the situation. I then told the customer service rep that I did not have a 3 year old receipt and that I shop at that Rona all the time and that there must be a way they could take care of me. Upon calling the Manager Phil, he came over already aware of the situation and did not take the time to introduce him self and explain the situation in a manner that he actually cared. He simply came over and stated basically sorry you don’t have your receipt I cant help you out. At this point I was extremely disappointed of the lack of customer service and decided not to continue in trying to argue my point in simply solving the problem. I then proceeded to go to Home Depot where I thought I would see how they treated me when presented with the same situation. Upon entering Home Depot, they simply said go get the product we will take that part out of the packaging and send the old one out with the new packaging defective. I did not have a receipt and they did not even ask how long ago I purchased the product. I asked for the manager there and told him that I did not actually purchase the product from them and that by simply doing that for me and just taking care of their customer is what will continue to bring customers back. I let him know that I will be shopping with Home Depot in the future and that they have gained a customer for life. I will now most likely tell a majority of family, friends and co-workers about my experience at Rona and Home Depot and ultimately that will impede on Rona’s business if it has already not been done. In todays retail market and online having such a strong presence price is relatively the same everywhere you go. What will make the location to shop for items difference is the service provided to customers. Service today is what separates retailers apart even if the price is slightly higher. Hopefully the employees at Rona Barrie and the Manager at Rona Barrie can learn from this experience and change in the future. It is a real disappointment that I can not support our own Canadian economy by shopping at Rona in the future.

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  • On
    ONE CALL MAN Jun 29, 2013

    Well this page has to continue and it has been almost a year since someone wrote in...I will just say as a customer I have been treated poorly by Rona. As Contractor that spent $80, 000 a year in material I was treated great by the good-old boys that worked for Rona at the desk and in the yard. Two years ago they opened a second store in Kamloops BC and thats when they hired one manager to run both stores. WHAT A TOOL. He hired assist managers that were puppets and nobody else liked working with due to their lack of common sence "DAN" and when I became an installer for them I had no respect from management at all, After a few months of loosing money, customer issues due to idiot rona staff. I quit.
    In the past few months RONA shareholders and management have fired, layed off and early gave buy out packages to all the good staff and hired young idiots that do not know the difference between nails and screws. They are shutting down the store they just opened and are downsizing the original store. HELLO HOME DEPOT... All I can say. PS BYE BYE DAN

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  • Su
    Super NOT Impressed Jul 27, 2012

    Sad to say, we haven't even gotten them to come to instal anything. we only got into the door and a clerk/service person to help us. The clerk was not able to understand what we wanted even after I said it four times in different sentence structures. Finally someone stepped into to ask if we needed help. The second clerk was able to help us with some information, however because of lack of information we walked out without purchasing anything. I hope that the clerks and all workers at Rona will be trained better for my next visit.

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  • Ab
    abused by rona Jun 06, 2012

    I have never been treated so poorly by a company as i have with calgary ab nw rona. it has taken them 3 monthe to NOT install 500sf of bamboo flooring. the problems are endless and always our fault. First 2 boxes came in wrong color, than the installer has yet to put in a full days work, they didnt know how to install the floor, 4 methods later and 3 months later we have asked to rip out the 50sf of installed area and give us a full refund. Now they are trying to get away with not paying us for the labour...what labour we still have no floor. Our poor 2 year old is covered in slivers because of the plywood that has been our flooring all this time. I would not seek Rona to "do it right" !!!

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  • Ma
    Ma1235 Jan 21, 2012

    Buyer Beware. I purchase some all weather windows at Rona Regina to be personalized made and install. I had the windows install but 1 window was made wrong and delay for a long time (3 Month). The window is finally install. The window is causing a lot of frost in the wintertime. I call the Rona to come and check it out for me. What they are saying is " if they come to my house, the company is wanting to charge me if it's our house fault. Where the warrenty for the windows that are in the house less than 10 month? Another problem is the company charges an extra $500.00 to $750.00 to install each window. Rona will not stand behind their products and have third party company to install their items. I will never shopped at Rona Ever again.

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  • Th
    thegroundhog Aug 09, 2011

    Rona will not stand behind their products. I bought the last of a gazebo "Uberhaus" that contained parts that clearly shouldn't of passed QA inspection and consequently didn't work. They would not help me solve the problem or give me a discount on the product I purchased as I didn't want to haul it back and return it after I spent an evening assembling parts of it. My complaint pertains to the London Ontario north store.
    Buyer beware! Their gazebos are garbage and their service is horrible.

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  • El
    Elderly Consumer Jul 21, 2011

    Consumer Beware: Bought shingles supposedly warranted for 40 years that started disintegrating before 6 months. Have been given the "run-around" for over year and still no resolution. Shingles made by BP Canada and sold by RONA.

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  • Sh
    ShockedByPoorWorkmanship Jun 26, 2011

    I hired Rona to tile our floor. See the picture for the quality of their work. They replaced two toilets, both are leaking.

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  • Vc
    vcr22 Jun 03, 2011

    As an employee of Rona let me assure you that the only thing Rona cares about is getting your money! Sure you might blow this information off as a disgrunteled employee but I can tell you that is not the case. I believe it is finally time that people knoww the truth about Rona. They advertise buy canadian, but seriously go in the store and look closely at the products and you will see that the majority are not canadian, Secondly they advertise CUSTOMER SERVICE which is the biggest lie in town. Rona preaches to its staff that they friendly and approachable to the customers and most are, However and the end of the shift the friendly staff that helped the customers is berated for not completing the cleaning or stocking or ordering of product. Your experience at Rona is more common than you think, In fact if people want to be entertained just go to Rona and stand at the "SERVICE" desk and you will not have to wait long before you see an example of management completely miss treating the customer. The two worst stores that I have been exposed to are Rona Kitchener and Rona Cambridge, these stores are franchised to the same man that is lazy greedy un caring and embarrassing to work with. His management style, get the money as fast and easy as possible. As I said I am a Rona employee that travels to different stores and everyday I am disgusted by the behaviours and lies to the customers that I see. I dont tell my family and friends who I work for if I can avoid it. You may ask why I continue to work for them, and that is a valid question. I thought I could make a difference but have realized I cannot change the greedy ignorant attitude from the Rona management. I have been upgrading in course that will further my career with another company in the field of Customer Service and Marketing.

    Do with this as you may but its time the public knows the truth and demands honesty and respect when spending thier hard earned money.

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  • Sc
    Scarborough Rona Jun 08, 2009

    I was insulted by an assocites manager at Scarborough Rona store.
    On June 4 2009, I went to the Rona at Midland/McNicole to try to return a 12 liters Driveway Sealer I bought at the store on May 17, 2009.
    The reason I want to return it because I just couldn't mix it to a workable state as the instructions on the bucket suggest. The solid contents condensed to the bottom and separated from the water in less than 10 seconds after the mixture. I couldn't use it with a roller to do my driveway.
    I went to the service counter at the store and the clerk checked the bucket and sealer inside and I told him I haven't used it and the reason why I couldn't use it. Then he called an associates manager to come and let me wait. When the associate manager comes, he took the bucket away and came back 10 minutes later telling me nothing wrong with the sealer. I told him again I can't mix it to do my driveway.
    Then the associate manager said to me, "You have to take it back and door is right behind you." And he pushed the bucket towards me. I insisted to return it and he told the clerk at the counter in a low voice but I still could hear it, " Don't do refund, don't do refund". And then he turned to me and said, "You can go home and see your dad..."
    I was frustrated at that moment and went upstairs to their management office looking for the store manager. I didn't find the store manager first but a lady escorted me and she found the operations manager to the counter. In no minutes, I got the refund.
    When I told the operations manager how the associate manager insulted me, the operations manager just tried to cover things up by saying that I didn't hear him well and of course the associates manager refused to admit what he had said to me.
    I was not satisfied with the product I bought in the beginning, but now I am totally not satisfied with the service at Rona at Midland/McNicole and its management. My feeling was hurt badly as a customer to the store and the icon of Rona has broken in my heart.

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