RockAutoraybestos brake calipers

I purchased front brake calipers for my 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. When I received the large heavy Brake Calipers, the boxes were destroyed from the weight and bulk of the calipers. When I bought them and saw that it had a core charge I did not see anything that said they must be shipped back in original box. Since the boxes were damaged, I threw them away. When I went on your site to see what I had to do to get my core charge back, that was the first time I saw the policy of having to send the cores back in the original packaging. I emailed Rockauto and after explaining what happened to the boxes, I asked if I could send back the massive calipers in proper packaging that will support the weight without coming apart, can I get back my core charge of $60.00? I am a Disabled Military Veteran and on a very limited fixed income, so every dime counts. The reply: "Cores must be returned in the box the new part came in. Returns may not be refundable if the part, or the manufacturer's box, is damaged while in transit to our warehouse." So Rockauto is going to steal $60.00 dollars from me! That's exactly what y'all are doing. I have been a customer for many years and have spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on and have advised friends as well as relatives to buy their parts from, and y'all are willing to lose a good customer over $60.00 dollars. Really? Plus there is nothing about your box policy until you click on the return core button. Nothing when I bought the parts. I know it won't make even a tiny difference to your Company but I will never ever purchase again from Unbelievable, a multi million dollar company has to steal $60.00 from a disabled Veteran. I am shocked.


Oct 06, 2019

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