Ritz Crackersritz crackers

Every box I have purchased in the last 6 months, and before, 3/4 of all the crackers in the sleeves crumble the minute you touch them. I feel like I am handling a vial of Nitro when I try to grab one. You can forget trying to put peanut butter or a piece of cheese on it, the cracker just crumbles into a small pieces. It's like bread crumbs you put onto chicken before you bake it.
The quality crackers has gone down considerably over the past few years. Ritz crackers has pretty much been a staple in my life for as long as I can remember, and I just turned 49 two weeks ago.
It doesn't matter which style I get, the family size boxes, the big double boxes from Sam's Club or the small individual 8-pack box, more than 3/4 of the crackers just fall apart when I grab one and always the front few crackers are already in pieces before I even attempt to grab one.
I understand business has to cut costs and save pennies on things where they can, so the board of trustees and the higher ups can continue to get their bonuses and take their official company trips to New Zealand. But, literally, your company makes consumable food products for the very people that pay your salary. Come on, some good old fashioned quality assurance on your SUPER Popular brand, needs to be done. When your product gets popular and you start raking in the revenue, you don't start skimping on the product to make more money... you get better and better ingredients. Raise the price because of this, and your customers will follow as long as the product is still awesome.
I really do no want to switch brands, the other similar crackers just dont have the flavor yours does. As I can see on here, the cracker crumble issue is not just me.
Please, don't make me leave one of the few small joys I find in this [censored]ed-up life away because the product is just flat out unusable, for other than bird feed.

Hope everything gets squared away.

All the best,
Walt M. Elliott
Network Administrator
Hawthorne, NV. Army Depot

May 08, 2019

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