Ritz Crackersritz crackers

To whom it may concern,
For the last 15 -20 times I have purchased your product (Ritz crackers box with cracker sleeves various flavors). Sold at Jewel food stores and Mariannos food stores. The crackers immediately fall apart upon opening the sleeve and removing them. And God forbid I try to put a spread on them!!! It cannot be done without them crumbling all over!!! I have been purchasing your product for over 40 years. Your crackers are not able to be bought without them crumbling in pieces. Why? Really, I have always enjoyed using them for church functions work functions and while entertaining but as of the last few months your product is resembling more of a bread crumb for baking not a cracker for snacking. Im about ready to switch my friends and family already have. I have continued to purchase them hoping the consistency might change back to which it has not. I don't know what you have done with your ingredients, but it has definitely compromised the integrity of your cracker. If it is working on your product line of Ritz-minis it is most definitely not working on your snack cracker line. Sincerely yours, Donnie Kostecki 4507 W Lawrence Chicago Il 60645 / [protected]/ [protected]

May 06, 2019

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