Ricoh Business SolutionsDiscrimination!

Ricoh is a public company and is required to file a company 'code of conduct', with the SEC. Ricoh does not ADHERE TO THEIR OWN company policy, specifically RESPECT for People 6 and 7. SEE Rcode.pdf. CONFLICT OF INTEREST SEE HR525relatives Kim Szedeli, manager, is Amanda Long's step-mother. Amanda reports directly to her and was recently promoted to an AR Coordinator. Amanda Long could not even type when she started and did not have the experience that is a requirement.


Amanda Long and Crystal Beckwith openly grab each other and have been told to keep their hands on the table when seated next to each other. Crystal Beckwith verbally shares her sexual conquests daily and is heard by supervisors, yet never disciplined. They laugh.

Also Crystal Beckwith lies on her time sheet in regard to hours worked. She was caught printing obscene pictures during normal work hours, not on break or lunchtime, and never disciplined. Hostile Work environment.


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    Praveen Kr Mishra Dec 26, 2009

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    This is to inform you that we are facing some problems in our printer Modle No. 2016, Machine No. K8156900114.As per your Mr. Sushant, BBSR, we shall have to change cleaning blade.This may eradicate the problem of shaded printing.We request you to please make some arragement for the cleaning blade at the earliest so that we may meet our printing requirement smmothly.
    Thankin You
    Your's Truly
    Praveen Kr. Mishra
    [email protected]

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    CeR101 Jan 21, 2015

    WORST JOB I EVER HAD WAS AT RICOH SMITH AVE BALTIMORE MARYLAND. Ricoh does not ADHERE TO THEIR OWN company policy, specifically RESPECT for People 6 and 7. PEOPLE are being harassed everyday by Manager and Supervisors. MANGER THINKS THIS IS FUNNY AND ENTERTAINING. Corporate office is a joke no need to contact this office call a lawyer instead MANGER AND ALL SUPERVISORS NEED TO BE TERINATED Then and only then will you have a productivity.

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  • Ce
    CeR101 Jan 21, 2015

    I Agree with this comment. I worked at this location for 6 months things got so bad I had to walk off this job.

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