Reward Zone USA$350 cashier check reward (never received)

I was told to follow all instructions and I would receive a $350 cashier check.. I did everything, filled out the forms, the survey, I even did the silver deal and spent money I didn't have so I could get my reward .. I had 60/100 points and it said once you did a silver deal that was listed you would get 40 points. Therefore you finished all the requirements and you receive your reward. Anyways as soon as I finished the silver deal that I SPENT MONEY ON, SIGNED UP FOR A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION TO SOME PLACE I NEVER EVEN HEARD OF, it NEVER REDIRECTED back to the site, so I didn't even get the 40 points I needed.. I NEVER do these things but I'm in need so I tried. That's not right

Sep 30, 2019

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