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This is so unfair. but remember if this happened to an elder in your family would you allow this type of...

Reward Zone USA

$1000 target gift card

I applied for an survey through inbox dollars and completed one
the promotion with ABC Mouse . How do I obtain my reward
and how long does it take.

500$ walmart

I did everything I was asked I want my 500$ gift card I did my part I gave u my information and followed all steps! I want what I was promised, so plz email or call me. I Don't want to have to get legal advice on how to proceed. So please do what was promised and that won't be Necessary. #[protected] email [protected]@gmail. Com
Please contact me ASAP thanks
I hope the photos will help

500$ walmart
500$ walmart

1000$ amazon reward card

Christina | Customer Service Hey Charmell, how may I help you today? C 1:46 PM Why advertise something that... — I didn't receive my $1000 Amazon gift card

I completed all the requested terms and conditions to be rewarded with a 1000 Amazon gift card and now I'm blocked from the website

  • Updated by Ross Scott · Mar 25, 2020

    I completed my survey and all my deals and no 1000$ amazon gift card was received

FACEBOOK SCAM — scam company. facebook hacking


2- $1000 Wal-Mart gift cards — Never received them

I get these texts from you guys I follow all the directions, complete the survey, pick a deal which I did. The 1st time I took the coffee deal which cost me over $200, and never received my reward. The 2nd time I went with the CBD oil which again it cost me over $100. And once again I have received nothing. Also I keep falling for these I was offered a tv went through everything I was supposed to do and again have received nothing. So either I'm an idiot or just fell for a scam.

have not received my reward

I have received several emails saying "congratulations I have complete all my required deals to receive my...

$1000 chase card — I did not receive my reward I have sent several emails

I got a email to participate in a $1000 chase card I completed survey and all offers it even shows I completed I have sent in many emails my email is [protected] name is Robert Oney please email me back or I will take further action into my hands I have proof and screenshots where my money was took out for these offered and all offers was completed and also filled out form with my personal information


I 'won' a $1000 Visa gift card and the site said it was reserved for me. I followed through with the short survey and all three tiers of silver, gold, and platinum offers. I completed and bought 1 silver, 1 gold, and 8 platinum offers to receive my incentive and after checking my status, I was able to click 'claim'. I filled out what my incentive was and my email and no one has responded to me with a form to fill out to receive my incentive. I have emailed and it was never delivered, I waited three days in Hope of it reaching the address but it never did. I started cancelling subscriptions today but I still have proof of all tiers being completed and can provide bank statements if the company ever replies. So far no reply, but half of the comments say it's a scam, half say just follow all the rules/prompts and it's payday. Is this legit or not❓


my reward

I've been waiting for my reward for over a month. I've completed all the deals, sent in the claim form & sent...

Never received my gift cards

I have been playing your games on Reward Zone USA for months always completing the correct amount of deals i'm supposed ro depending on the amount of the gift card. I have completed 2 months ago 1 was the $1000 visa card other was $ 1000 walmart card. However i have never received either one and i have been emailing you for months. More upsetting is that i was charged for many of deals that required payment have the receipts to prove it either this is a scam or i want 1 of 2 things i want my 2 giftcards i rightfully earned if for some reason i don't rece3them i want a refund of all my money you charged and took from me back of i'm not going to let my reward giftcards

UK bank of america 1000. Reward card

I played rewards zone USA. And completed all 10 incentives plus 2 extra and they are saying I still need to compete 1 .more deal which I've. completed 12 I have screen shot to prove I did all requirements now I want my reward which was 1000 dollar UK bank of America card please help me to get my reward I deserve.thank you
Now they are saying one more deal which would be 13 I was required to do 1 silver. 1 gold and 8 platums I did all and 2 extra. Now I have to write to you to get my reward this stinks please send me my reward thank you my name is Stefanie Peckenpaugh my phone number is [protected] my home address is 15432. N. Verde. St. Surprise. Azerbaijan. 85378 .thank you for your help

UK bank of america 1000. Reward card

Reward that I didn't receive but I did 12 incentives

So I did not 10 incentives but 12 and I have all 12 completed but no instruction after I completed all 12 and I have a screen shot to prove I did and complete them but every time I check they are saying I need 1 more that is b's I was only to do 1 silver 1 gold and 8 platums but I did 2 more and I still have. Not had any reply I was to recieve1000 dollars UK bank America card .please help me get what's owed to me thank you

Reward that I didn't receive but I did 12 incentives

Xbox Reward Not Being Given

I completed a survey and completed a deal in hopes of receiving a new Xbox (valued at $500) and I still have not been given credit for the deal I completed. I was told it may take a couple days to receive credit but after 2 weeks I still have not received credit. I have completed all duties asked of me to receive the reward and have read the "terms and conditions" multiple times and I meet the requirement to receive my reward.

Xbox Reward Not Being Given

[Resolved] 100 virtual visa

I have completed all deals and sent in proper paper work along with the notarization and signature of a tier 2 reward with no further contact from company. I have filed this claim and one with the B.B.C this is just a scam to get you signed up for subscriptions you forget about. I just want my reward. A friend had done this and she received hers so I gave it a try. But no prize

100 virtual visa

  • Resolution Statement

    After I filed this complaint and one with the B.B.C. reward zone then contacted me and I did receive a 1000 virtual visa. It was a headache for a minute and I was worried but they came thru. Persistence pays off with a little bit of patience. Thanks reward zone you are the greatest.

$1000 Walmart gift card

I have completed all the process I was asked including sending notarized form, proof of address and proof of identification and I have yet to hear from anyone. I have sent numerous emails asking about my prize and still nothing. Then I sent an email asking to replay the game. I pretended that it was my first time and they quickly responded to that so in that email I replied back and asked about my gift card again and again no response. Can you please help me figure out what is going on? Was this really just another scam??

$1000 amazon gift card

Here is my issue .. I am NOT going to put myself in any obligation for answering ANY other OFFERS suggested by this website that "CLAIMS" i won a $1000 AMAZON Gift Card.. after being quite skeptical I researched and ONLY come across NEGATIVENESS regarding HONORING THE "PRIZE":
So SNED my info about MY PRIZE not answering offers to my email [protected] Michael

$1000 Visa gift card

I completed all the offers required for the Platinum reward, received the claims form, filled it out, had it notarized, and emailed that back along with all the required documents and now no one will respond to my emails as to whether anything has been received or if a gift card has indeed been mailed out yet. I've told so many people about this site and have said if I got the card in the mail I would in fact tell them the site to use and how to qualify. It seems as if I'll have to simply alert people to another scam. I was looking forward to this.

$1000 Visa gift card

getting the items, monies, gifts ect; not received

My name is Carl Graham. Email: [protected] # [protected]. Today my complaints are about, non items received, as of today ive been involved with this Survey site(s) as far back as 2015 and highly recognize for being 5th billionth texter, but than means nothing. To recognized. for LOYALTY is a different intinty within itself. I never received 1 item for steady meaningless hours taking surveys answering questions i have no answer for. My senior community is (was) ready join in to supplement incomes and give theirs . ive received i ota for my work figure the rest out sir(s). Could been together