Revlonphotoready concealer color deep 6

Aug 11, 2018

I'd like to know what happened 2 these concealer colors. I've read all over the Internet how not just the Deep 6 but other colors seem to have been changed. Is there a bad batch? Or was this an actual decision to make the shades two to three Hughes lighter than each number used to be? I really want an answer to this because it took a very long time to find a concealer that I could match against my Olive tones. I would buy them up to 8 at a time and then suddenly won't up with my first bad batch . I've traveled a lot this year so I've gone across the country trying to find the original DEEP 6 PHOTOREADY CONCEALER and just kept finding more of that same horrible pink concoction. This is totally annoying and unnecessary. Also are you just making concealers of this type for super fair skin now? Because it doesn't even get close to medium skin tones never mind anybody with dark skin and the other concealers are terrible! I tried your liquid version of this product and it was chalky. If in fact this color was changed on purpose I will never buy another Revlon product again and make sure that I share this information with everybody I know especially anyone with medium to dark skin! Just so you know I've gone to Walmart in Virginia, Washington, Connecticut, Florida Etc and found the original color in one Walmart in Virginia and bought 6 at once. I ordered them from Amazon and received the wrong color again, correct number (Deep 6) and had to send them back. What's going on Revlon? Please answer.

photoready concealer color deep 6

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