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Walk FitInauthorized charge

On 10/06/08, I ordered a pair of Walk Fit via web site with regular shipping. Order confirmation promptly returned on 10/07 that order was quote " received and will be prcessed. Standard time for delivery is 3 to 4 weeks, although most in-stock items will be shippee within the next 7 to 10 business days. Rush orders will arrive within 5 days and that all ordes are shipped via US Postal service." I finally received order on 10/27/08 via USPS but they charged me Rush shipment fee of additional charge of $9.95. This makes shipping charge more costly than the product of which I would never agree to do. I called [protected] to inquire, the person who answered insisted that I requested for rush delivery. I told him that there were no detail provided in order confirmation; and even if I did order rush, the order did not arrive within 5 to 10 business days as confirmed on email. He said normal delivery was 21 days and 15 days for rush delivery. I stated that this was not acceptable and wanted to speak to his manager, he said there's no manager and no one that I could advance this complaint forward. I sent another email to document this complaint on 10/28 and have not heard back. The web site tries to sell you all kinds of product before you complete the transition, so be aware of buying stuff that you dont intend. The order confirmation to me never stated product purchased nor shipping mode which is highly unprofessional. Seems like this is the business practice that this company deploys against customers. This product used to be called Phase 4. Wonder why they changed the name ?? Buyers beware !~!

Walk FitOvercharged

I received my order, I was charged for rush delivery, which I didn't want. And it took 14 days to get here, some rush delivery. I was charged for the gel insoles, didn't order those. The total was $54.75 for an order I thought would cost $29.90. After being hung up on several times I finally spoke with someone. Even though I was put on hold several times, I made use of my time by writing this, they "said" they would refund the $24.85, we will see. And after all the B.S., they had the nerve to try and pressure, and I mean pressure me to buy anothher pair!

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    thatgirl1248fl Dec 02, 2008

    What a rip off - nothing is free 'as in free shipping' Customer Service difficult understanding. Sent unordered products. Would not full give refund and sent me product after I had a confirmed cancellation number!!!

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  • Or
    orange Feb 18, 2009

    I ordered 1 time on line on Nov, 08 and they have been charging my credit card 2 different times after that without my order.
    Called Customer Service and can not understand what I was saying...2nd time called, hung up on me.

    They better PAY me back what they charged on my credit card.

    Walk Fit must be SCAM operations.

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  • Pe
    P.E. BLEVINS Jun 01, 2012

    i had ordered walkfit, wasn't able to use . Did try for a wk., than contacted them about returning, it's a total rip off.!!! they charge you over $50.00, you may get $19.95 back. When returning them it cost $8.00, SO FACE IT THEY MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A SUCKER!!! AND BASICLY YOU ARE

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Walk Fitinsoles

Company charged 19.90 for insoles but took 54.90 from my account. When i went to cancel order 24 hours after order was made they would not let me because i ordered it rushed, and i did not.and they already sent it out. Then they explained why it cost so much was because i ordered gel inserts also, 3 pair, which i did not . Also I asked them not to use my account for any thing else . Then they agreed not to send this joint formula that would have cost me an extra 54.00which was supposed to be a free gift with my purchase of the 19.90 insoles or arch supports . Anyway i said i would be sending back the order of arch supports to receive $ back and they said that i would only get 34.90 back because of the 20.00 delivery (mailing) charges. Ordering from this company is a total scam!

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    Jerald Miller Feb 13, 2008

    Walkfit Size E was ordered on Dec 30/2007 and was charged to my card on Feb2/2008. This has not been delivered YET. This is the worst service!

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  • Li
    Lisa Apr 19, 2008

    Please contact your bank or credit card company immediately. The original charge is just the tip of the iceburg. They automatically begin to debit your card $13 and $45 monthly for vitamin supplements (which also never arrive). Please contact the USPS Fraud Investigation Unit ASAP. The more complaints they get the faster they can shut this company down. Our bank was on the lookout after the first unauthorized charge, blocked the second and then they ran it again under a different name (WF Joint Support vs. Walkfit).

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  • Li
    Lisa Apr 19, 2008

    I should also tell you that the vitamin supplements were not something we ordered, but an automatic enrollment in their program. We never asked to be or consented to be in this program, but they said that it was our fault for not calling to decline the notification in a letter we never received. Cancel your card and re-issue. I have a confirmation number that this would be taken care of from their customer service department and then the next day they debited my account another $45. Card has since been cancelled.

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  • Ka
    Katyo65 Aug 21, 2008

    walkfit is nothing but a scam. I have reported them to the bureau of consumer protection and the better business bureau.
    I ordered them on Aug 6, 2008, on Aug 7, 2008 they immediately took the money out of my debit card. I ordered two pair. They were supposed to be $19.95 each plus $9.95 shipping and handling. the amount should have been $59.80. They took $71.75 from my card. Today is Aug. 21, 2008 . I still never received them. Everytime I call, they tell me I should get them the next day USPS service. I get someone who does not speak fluant english or they hang up on me...I called today and they gave me a tracking # which of couse is not valid.
    These people should be put out of business. They are taking advantage of people by getting their credit cards and debiting them the way they want.
    I had surgery on my foot on June 6, 2008 and I thought these would help the pain I am in.
    What else, if any, can I do to get my money refunded???
    Any suggestion would be appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Kathryn Ohara ([email protected]

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    Todd Oct 02, 2008

    If you're not getting any help or response from these guys, you should post them on this site, this is for anyone who has been screwed, ripped off or felt that they had been done wrong. The name of the site is www.uradeadbeat.com, it gives you a voice to the people who will not listen. Not only does the person who you are complaining about receive an email letting them know that they have been put on the deadbeat list (as long as you provide email address) but, they will also receive a post card (as long as you provide a mailing address) notifying them too.

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