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3:14 pm EDT
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Legal Exec Remittance of R 180.00 due to unauthorised debits

Legal Exec debited my account twice without any right to do so, for R 244.00 and R 130.00 respectively each time. The first time I managed to approach the Bank timeously and the debit was reversed. The second time fortunately there was no funds in my account, however, i incurred R180.00 bank charges due to that transaction. I then requested the Bank to assist me in terms of identifying the person who is debiting my account, and it turned out to be Legal Exec Company. I phoned the company several times talking to a lady by the name of Maria Maluleke with regards to remittance of Bank charges. The issue is now two months old and the company does not seem to be willing to remit that amount, except being lied to every time i call by Maria Maluleke who works for the company.

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Legal Exec
, ZA
Jul 30, 2014 7:36 am EDT

We wish to place it on record that our company believes that through its products it brings value to members of the public and also makes the legal system accessible to all its members irrespective of race, colour or income.
With this in mind, regrettably and unfortunately, it has come to our attention that a fraud syndicate infiltrated our call centre through which we market our product to members of the public and who intentionally and without authorisation and without the knowledge or consent of management, loaded various members of the public’s account details onto our system, creating the misrepresentation to management that such persons indeed legally agreed to becoming members of our company, being entitled to the benefits of such membership.
The necessary disciplinary action was taken against the individuals involved in the syndicate and the company has dismissed these persons from its employment. A criminal charge of fraud has also been laid against individuals and we trust that arrests will be effected in the near future.
Further to the above, necessary steps have been taken and measurements put into place in order to avoid the re occurrence of this unfortunate event.
We apologise for the misunderstanding and inconvenience suffered by innocent members of the public that suffered loss due to the syndicate’s actions as explained above.
We have further taken the necessary steps to reimburse the members of the public involved and who have suffered loss.
To the best of our knowledge and according to our records we have reimbursed all the members of the public that have been involved in this incident and have suffered financial loss.
We request that any individuals that have not been reimbursed for their loss to kindly contact us on [protected] to bring the loss to management’s attention in order for the company to reimburse such individuals.
We once again apologise to the public for the inconvenience suffered and ensure the public of our utmost good faith in bringing a product to society that brings effective legal advice and assistance to its members.
We trust that you find the above to be in order.
Yours faithfully

7:39 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Legal Exec Unauthorised debit

This company is debiting my acc and I don't eve have any link to them, 3 x debit in 2 months. I queried with them and I was that was a mistake as I they don't even have my details on their systems. I managed to reverse the first 2 debit but the third one bounced and my Bank bank charged me R120 for the unpaid debit. Now I have been trying to get that R120 payment back I phoned them about 20 time . The owner Ronnel Naidoo said they will pay the amount as the mistake was theirs, 20 days later I can not get hold of him and consultant cannot give straight answers...How can I resolve this issue. How can we stop these unauthorised debit and what are the banks doing to protect us from fraudelent like this one?

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Update by Lucky Gigaba
May 30, 2014 6:06 am EDT

My name is Lucky, my problem is Legal exec deducted R244 from my acc in March and I reversed it, call them to make sure that does not happen again. Lady by the name Maria Maluleke assured me that it was a mistake I am not thier customer. In April same deduction and again I reversed it, they came back on the 9th of May for deduction again, sadly there was no funds available and it bounced back then I had to bare a cost of R120 unpaid debit. I call Legal Exec to pay this amount and Ronnel Naidoo the owner will pay but 20 days later I cannot get hold of him. The call centre lady is one to assist me. How can you make a same mistake 3 times.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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6:29 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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In May (2013) I noticed that there were money deducted from my account by legal exec which was about 10 times as much as I originally agreed upon. I phoned them to try and understand why the money was deducted and asked them to please ensure that the money gets transferred back into my account and at the same time to cancel my policy with them as I had...

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