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Belle Tireunethical behavior

I have been trying to get cleared to drive for Uber (resume). I have taken my car 2011 ford Taurus to at least three different locations. Each time I go to one they say this is what you need to get done. I go and get it done take it back then its something else. So I decided I would just get work done then go back to same Belle Tire location. Upon getting work done for total of $600 I go bac to Belle Tire that wanted $1500 for parts and labor, they said I needed other work done> Same place I had just went to 10 days earlier. Belle Tire is constantly making other claims the company doesn't have a policy that all the stores follow. It was a very unpleasant experience and continue to be to this day! Still they want $750 for additional work on my car. The parts cost $245 the labor is $500!

Belle TirePoor Professionalism

I just took in a rim to have a new tire put on. Belle Tire said that they would have to order the tire. That was fine. I was not in a hurry. I was told that the tire would be put on when it came in and that they would call me. After 5:00 P.M. the next day, and having heard nothing, I decided to go check on the tire. They hadn't touched it. They rushed to mount and balance the tire, took my money and put it in the back my vehicle. When I got home to put the tire on, I could hear the air leaking out of the tire. They didn't check to see if it was leaking, so now I have to go back and see if they can fix it. I have had so many problems with my local Belle Tire, that I believe I would rather pay more and have fewer problems.

Belle TireRepairs not Needed, Fraud,Shaking Tires

Belle (Hell) Tire and Discount Tire to Rescue

January 9, 2009: I sent my son to Belle Tire 6780 West Main Oshtemo, MI 49009 to purchase a new set of Goodyear TripleTred for my 2007 Grand Prix with about 40, 000 miles on the car. Bought set of tires.

January 16 or 19: Son went back to Belle Tire because of tire shake. They rebalanced all tires. Chad at Belle Tire gives a quote for tie rod ends and says there is a bent wheel (out by ¼”). I called and talked to Chad and I refused repairs. I had my son bring the car 60 miles to my house to my auto shop.

January 20, 2009: Appoint at my auto shop and my bucks to check it out: no bent wheel, no bad tie rods, and no bad front end parts at all, so no repairs needed. What a surprise. My mechanic rebalanced the tires and suggested that we had bad tires.

January 23-30: I called Belle Tire and asked for a regional or district manager. I got a guy named Pete and I discussed my problem. We made an appointment for February 9, 2009 at 5:30 pm.

February 9, 2009: I took off work early to make the 5:30 appointment (I work to 5:00 and it is an hour drive). Pete put the car on the alignment rack, we waited, he came and got us, nothing wrong with front end. Pete offered to balance tires, said that the quote for front-end repairs should never had happened (nothing wrong) and gave us his apology. At this time I asked him what he was going to do about the scratched wheels from the tire changer? (Car had OEM tires on when I purchased the car two weeks before the tires were installed) I had inspected the wheels just before the tire purchase; they were like new, no scratches or nothing. Pete would do nothing for me.

February 16: talked to Pete again, he agreed to have the tires rebalanced or replaced at the Portage store per my request. Son took car to Portage store that week and they replaced one tire and rebalanced all tires, took for test drive and tires shook, returned and replaced one more tire, test drive and seemed Ok. Within two days tire shake is back.

Between Feb 10 and March 5: I found the phone number for Don Barnes, CEO of Belle Tire and I left no less than 5 messages for him. No returned calls from Don Barnes.

March 5, 2009: I called Don Barnes again; I got to talk to him. He was very helpful and wanted to know if I had pictures of the wheels. Asked for me to send and he gave me his cell number. Same Day, I emailed pictures of the wheels. Mr. Barnes called me and said that they would replace the wheels and they were on order and should be in by Feb. 10 at the Portage, MI store. I was not happy with the Oshtemo store after Chad had tried to replace front-end parts that were not needed. Sound good.

March 13: I called Don Barnes to ask about wheels, will check and call me back.
March 13: Pete called me (per talking to Don Barnes) Pete said they can not get new wheels and they want to put their 16” rims and tires on car and send wheels to Keystone for remanufacture. About a 4 day turnaround. I asked Pete for several hours to evaluate his offer.
I went to local Cadillac-Pontiac dealer with the car. Local dealer can have wheels in two days, in stock at dealer warehouse.
I called Pete and gave him the dealer and part number and price. I said that his wheels on my car would be like holding my wheels hostage; I was not comfortable with that option.
Don Barnes called me back and said he needed more time to get wheels at his cost. I told Mr. Barnes that I wouldn’t be held hostage with my wheels gone after the track record of Belle Tire this far. Don Barnes wants more time to get wheels. I said that is fine.

March 17: Pete called and told me that wheels will be at the Portage store today and Kevin will call when in.
11:30 Kevin called and wheels are in. We made appoint for 2pm for install.
2:00pm My son called from Portage store, 1 wheel is not same color as other 3wheels, paint has overspray obvious that the wheels are used and not any better than ones on the car now.
We refused to take the wheels offered. Don Barnes and I had agreed that I would get either New (OEM) or remanufactured (Keystone) wheels. Offered wheels were neither.
I called Pete and he offered a new set of Belle Tire wheels. I reminded him that new wheels will not resolve the tire shake and that I liked the stock wheels. I just want to be restored to my condition before I came to Belle Tire. No I do not want your wheels, thus far you do not stand behind your products. I called Don Barnes and left a message. I got no return call

March 25: I sent email to Don Barnes asking again for resolution of this issue, I just want to be restored to my condition before I came to Belle Tire. Don Barnes returned the email and the just of it was “What is it exactly that you want Belle Tire to do because it seems that everyone of our efforts are going by the wayside?”
This is the last that I heard from Don Barnes.

April 3: I sent an email to Don Barnes asking for resolution to this issue.
I still have damaged wheels and tire shake.

Discount Tire Benton Harbor, Michigan to the Rescue.
I call my local Discount Tire and made an appointment with Darryl. Had my son bring the car 60 miles home and took the car in and they inspected the wheels and tires. Had some out of round tires and they ordered new set of tires for us. Several days later we returned and had the new set installed. Problem resolved with the tire shake!
I still have the damaged wheels on the car, obvious damage from Belle Tire and their tire changing personal and equipment. Belle Tire Sucks.

  • Jm
    JMack56 Oct 23, 2009

    SCREW Belle tire to the FULLEST! I took my 06 Chrysler 300 in to find out what some rattling was on the passenger side. Come to find out it was my outer tie rod. They suggested I needed to replace BOTH at a total cost of over $400!!!And theyd need to keep it over night!

    I stopped in a few local individually owned repair joints, they all said “Eff belle tire, we’ll do it for less”

    But the biggest shock came when i went to the actual CHRYSLER DEALERSHIP. The stigma of the dealership is that youll always pay more, and youll always get screwed. Not in my case, they were the most honest, and told me that it was only the outer RIGHT tie rod and theyd do it for $100 and have it done in 2 hours.


    RIP OFF.

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Belle Tirecaution

4 mins ago by bcrefl 0 Votes
I use to work for belle. theres a lot that goes on. be careful when you go for anything, they like to "upsell" i.e., bg flushes that you do not necessarily need-coolant power steer, fuel system and brake system. also the free alignment check--what ajoke, if the printout says its in align the techs "bump" the heads on the tires to make it read out of spec, you buy the alignmnt, company and techs make money and consumer is out. if its free dont buy it! they donothing but bump the head to the spot it was and presto its done. the mechanics are under a lot of pressure by mgt to get the car out fast, sometimes not fixed right, but deal when it comes back later. mgt is under pressure to sell-their bonus and pay is tied directly to that. however think of this, belle has the best pay around--they pay mechanics up to 23% of labor and PARTS-think of it, the more parts u sell the more you make, be careful

Belle TireDamaged My Vehicle

. I recently installed a Team Z front end suspension kit along with headers and a full exhaust system on my 02 Mustang GT. I brought the car to Belle Tire to have them perform the alignment on the front end. I drop the car off and walk down the street to get my hair cut.

As soon as I walk in, the sales person, Scott Mitchell tells me "Your exhaust was hanging down in the back, you'll have to get some different bolts to fix that." I was confused by this, and wondered why my exhaust had anything to do with an alignment. I told Scott that I knew of no problem with my exhaust, and that it had no leaks. I then proceeded into the waiting room to wait for my car to be finished. As they are finishing I see them pulling the car off of the alignment rack, and the guy driving had to call two other technicians to lift up on the rear wheel wells in order to get the exhaust to clear the rack as he was pulling off. I immediately go to Scott and tell him what I noticed, and directly ask him if they hit the alignment rack with my exhaust. He says "yeah it did hit." I ask him if there is any damage, he stumbles on his words and mentions a scratch. I tell Scott that before paying I'm going out to the parking lot to look over my car and see if there is any damage.

I get under the car and see where the X-pipe connects to the cat back there are scratches and red paint marks (the same color as the alignment rack). It is very clear that they hit the alignment rack with my exhaust and caused some damage, then tried to hide it without telling me. Scott comes out to retrieve me from the parking lot and I point out the obvious damage to him. Scott assures me that he has been working on cars for a very long time and that I simply need new bolts to correct this problem. I tell Scott that this is not good enough, my vehicle was brought in with the new exhaust in perfect working order, and I expect him to repair all of the damage that they caused. Scott then begins to blame me for the problem. Scott says that "your exhaust was hanging down so it's your fault." Yes, I know this is unbelievable, but that is exactly what he said. I am beside myself. This guy damaged my vehicle and said that it was my fault. I tell him that they should have checked the clearance as they were pulling onto the rack, and Scott's answer to that: "Well he can't see under the car while he is pulling onto the rack can he?" Once again, I cannot believe the logic that Scott Mitchell is presenting here. Apparently Scott feels that it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is not damaged while at their shop. I go back and forth with Scott for a while demanding that he repair my vehicle before returning it to me, which he continues to counter with an offer of putting my vehicle on the rack to show me what I need to do to fix it. Finally another manager steps in, by the name of Steve. I have dealt with Steve during all of my previous trips to Belle Tire, and I've never had a problem with him. He looks at my car and after some negotiation he offers to just write off the cost of the aliment ($50) and I will fix the exhaust myself. I agree to this, thinking that they were simply too lazy or inept to clamp my exhaust properly and I can fix it with simply some bolts as Scott suggested.

I end up leaving the store, rather displeased, in my car with a full new exhaust system that now has a leak in it. Later when I get home I begin inspecting the exhaust to see what I need to do. I then see exactly how extensive the damage is to my vehicle. They apparently struck the alignment rack so hard, that it completely ripped the flange off of my X-pipe, and smashed the bottom of the ball. I didn't know this when I inspected it at the Belle Tire because they made sure to slide the clamp back in between the two exhaust sections. It however had no actual attachment to the X-pipe section anymore. The passenger side of my exhaust pipe was hanging down with no connection at all. They had effectively destroyed my brand new X-pipe.

I can't believe the level of disrespect I received from Scott that day. My vehicle was seriously damaged in their shop. Scott had no intention of telling me about it, and only confessed to it when I directly asked him if they had hit their alignment rack. Scott went further to blame the entire incident on me, and tell me that it was my responsibility to fix.

I once did all of my wheel and suspension business through Belle Tire. I can tell you for certain that due to Scott's blatant disrespect for me they have lost myself, my family, and all of my friends as customers.

  • Bc
    bcrefl Jul 07, 2009

    I use to work for belle. theres a lot that goes on. be careful when you go for anything, they like to "upsell" i.e., bg flushes that you do not necessarily need-coolant power steer, fuel system and brake system. also the free alignment check--what ajoke, if the printout says its in align the techs "bump" the heads on the tires to make it read out of spec, you buy the alignmnt, company and techs make money and consumer is out. if its free dont buy it! they donothing but bump the head to the spot it was and presto its done. the mechanics are under a lot of pressure by mgt to get the car out fast, sometimes not fixed right, but deal when it comes back later. mgt is under pressure to sell-their bonus and pay is tied directly to that. however think of this, belle has the best pay around--they pay mechanics up to 23% of labor and PARTS-think of it, the more parts u sell the more you make, be careful

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  • Da
    Dave Surges Aug 30, 2009

    The guy above that states that Belle Tire pays out their Tech's 23% of Labor and Parts is 100% correct!!! My Brother just left a Chrysler Dealership because of all the closings, he went to a Belle Tire and interviewed and he left and called me and warned me never to go there again. This 23% of parts and labor is correct. My Brother has been a tech for over 20 years and he has told me about various scams he has come across. And there are a lot out there.

    But he says that there is no way he would work at Belle Tire as there is too much motivation for the technician to screw the job up or to just basically do whatever they can to overcharge the people. So the tech's make more money, then so do the Mgr's as their bonus's are part of what they sell to each client. So the Tech's are obviously "motivated" by the Mgr's and the customer loses...

    I won't go into detail, but I will say that before my brother told me this, I went to a Belle Tire, and they charged me for a four wheel alignment, and they didn't even do the job! My brother looked at the paper work and started laughing! He siad let's go get your money back...Too bad it is Sunday, but I will go Monday!

    Look I understand that it is a competitive market out there, and sometimes people come up with a creative way to bring money. But I think we can all agree that tech's should not be paid on the problems they find, as it will only lead to people "creating" problems.

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Belle Tirefaulty tire not replaced

In Nov. of 2007 I purchased a new pair of tires at Belle Tire of Madison Hts., MI. for our 2003 Dodge conversion van. Recently (about a week ago) I noticed a shimmy in the front end while driving to work. This only got worse over the next 2 days. Upon inspecting the front end myself I recognized 2 indentations in the outer sidewall of the front right tire. I knew immediately that the tire was getting ready to throw a steel belt. My wife brought the van to the Belle Tire where the tire was purchased to see what they were prepared to do about this.
The person who looked at it tried to give my wife a song and dance, stating that the tire must have been removed and placed back on incorrectly (absolutely not true). The brakes on the van were done back in November just after the tire replacement and the van was driven to Florida and back and has been driven daily since then with no issue until about a week ago. Since my wife has no expertise when it comes to auto repair it is my feeling that this unscrupulous repair tech. took advantage of her to the tune of $243 by replacing the rim and putting the same tire back on the vehicle. I am thoroughly disgusted with this result and feel that Belle Tire should own up to the poor quality of their workers. Because of this transgression I will no longer patronize any Belle Tire establishment and will warn anyone who inquires of me to "STEER CLEAR OF BELLE TIRE."

  • Fr
    Frank Artanis Jul 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Too often it seems like people tend to share their bad experiences with companies, but I’d like to share a positive story for a change. The other day I was driving down I-75 in my ’05 Saab, when without warning my front-right tire blew out. As a mother and a lawyer, every minute of my day is priceless so I needed to find help quick. I immediately called my Saab dealership. To my dismay, they seemed very unfriendly and the quote that they gave me was outrageous. So instead, I took my car in to a nearby Belle Tire at Woodward and 13 Mile. I was swiftly assisted by a sales representative named Mark. He was very pleasant and helpful. In the end, I was charged $128.99 for my tire to be replaced and there were absolutely no extra charges or hidden fees. That was less than half the cost it would have been if I had gone to the dealership. Additionally, Belle Tire balanced my tires, replaced my valve stems, disposed of my tire, mounted the new tire, and even filled my tires with the new environmentally-friendly Nitro-Nize all free of charge!

    And for all those skeptics or if you’ve ever been dissatisfied with Belle Tire’s services, you can contact their customer care team at [email protected] If you share your grievance with them, they are able to offer you coupons and discounts on your next purchase to make up for any problems you’ve had with them in the past.

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  • Ro
    royce1944 Mar 18, 2017

    went to belle tire for my right front tire pressure was low. they said it was one of the weightswere leaking, it was at12.58 when I was there. went shopping and got home about 2pm. hear noise coming from my right front tire. it was leaking air and my pressure was dropping again.had to hurry up and get the car back it was a rim leak. I spent my day running around tofix the problem thart shouldof been fix right the first time I was there.i should be compasated for their mistake.thank you .Kathleen belcher 3133661717 detrit, Michigan 48203 store # 23

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Belle TireFraudulent work

November 14 2006 front brakes, pads, new rotors labor- $340.00 on son and daughter in laws car, fast forward to june 17 th 2008 same car now needing new rotors, new pads along with comp-lete rear brakes that bellle tire said did not need done $629.00. Belle Tire warranty covers 2 years on pads and rotors belle tire would not honor warranty priceless the red wings need to find another sponsor they have a crook on board.

  • Lu
    Luke Jul 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just was at bell tire recently with the same problem. I went in there with the problem of rotars and the situation became calipers needed to be rebuilt and the brake pads needed replacing, and the front two tires needed to be replaced. I paid $985.00 in total and I cannot tell whether the tires were replaced because they look the same as the old ones. I am hoping that there are no other problems but I have this sinking feeling that they are not legit.

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  • An
    An average guy Apr 23, 2009

    I have been in this line of business for several years, there are some scams going on with a lot of them. In most cases a mechanic will ESTIMATE a repair. Look up the word estimate and get the meaning.
    Let me tell you the order of what happens when a customer goes into a repair place because of a problem...
    1. Jonny Consumer's car runs very rough, 2003 blah blah. check eng light on.
    2. Salesman explains charges related to diagnosis of problem.
    3. He agrees to have it done.
    4. Salesman exlains to mechanic the issues.
    5. mechanic does a diagnosis and suggest/recommends a possible sllution(s). Example: plugs wires a coil pack due to misfire on a certain cylinder or whatever and maybe other repairs for whatever reason.
    6 Suggested work to be done is handed to salesman who then should go verify or look at some of the issues that were found by mechanic.
    7 salesman writes an estimate and presents to customer.
    8 At this point work is declined or autorized.
    Its ok to decline work at that time and go get a 2nd opinion.
    Here is what happens when you do that. Repair facility #2 may aske for your other estimate from previous facility and offer to do that same job for less money. BUT WHY? Because they want the business and are willing to take a little less profit to get your money. So now Mr consumer thinks the other place was trying to rip him off and he tells his friends and writes an nasty letter to the corporate headquartes of the first facilty claiming they tried to rip him off. When in all actuality he was given the normal price for repairs. But not all shops have the same pricing. Just like grocery stores, hamburger meat prices differ with each store.
    No not every situation is the same and there are hidden problems behind the obvious ones that may come to light after the initial repair., so does that make us out to be the bad guys?
    Also sending your wife, daughter, son or friend to a facility with your car because your car is making a strange noise when going down the road and they can not provide any more information other than that makes it very hard to know what to look for from the mechanics point of view. Every car will make a strange nooice from time to time. Repair facilities need specifics. Sending them on a wild goose chase will only create confusion and could cost you more money and a lot more time.

    Now to those folks that think BelleTire are basically crooks. You my friends are wrong, mis diagnosis of a problem does happen from time to time. ESTIMATING a repair is just that AN ESTIMATE. There have been instances where the total of a bill was decreased due to the fact once the mechanic got into the job to do a repair, something else was the culprit and therefore the estimated repair did not need to be done only something less costly and less time involved had to be repaired or replaced. And also vice-versa. But things of such nature are not known until the mechanic actually starts working on the vehicle.
    Mechanics are ususlly paid based on labor time to do a specific job. Example, visual inspections, test driving a vehicle and giving and estimate of what the problem is are usually free so a mechanic is not goint to start taking parts off your car unless he is getting paid to do so, thats how he makes money. So best guessing and informing a customer that there could be underlying problems once "we start getting into the job". Those are un-forseen, like a caliper bolt breaking due to rust/corrosion, bleeder screw breaking due to rust/corrosion, caliper pistons not being able to be pushed into the caliper or leaking after being pushed back in. the latter 2 instances usually are due to negliance of the customer because he/she failed to have that squeeking/grinding noise looked at soon enough. this scenerio has happened more times than I can count: hubby gets in wifes car to go to the store, starts it up and the radio is loud. He turns it down and goes on his way. he starts hearing a god awful noise when stopping. once he gets back home he askes his wife about the noise... I have necer heard it she says.
    All I can say to that is HERE'S OUR SIGN".
    FYI Please have your vehicle inspected on a regular basis Belle Tire will do this for free, they also will check your alignment for free and inspect yor brakes for free. They also try to stay competitive with pricing on service and tires. To have a part replaced by Belle Tire gong to be cheaper than having it replaced by a different repair facility? Not always because of a couple of variables, labor rate and part availabilty/price mark up. Lets face it nothing is for free and every business is out to make some money and not give stuff away. All business have a matrix they use to stay afloat and make money.
    How do I know all of this, I am a Belle Tire employee. At the store where I work, we try very hard to not mis diagnos a problem, we try very hard to inspect all tire related issues. Does that mean we dont miss something, not it does not, we are only human and we make mistakes but if one is made and we are made aware of it, WE DO OUR BEST TO MAKE IT RIGHT WITH THE CUSTOMER EVEN AT OUR OWN EXPENSE! I can only speak for the store I help operate but the policies are company wide.
    If you call a repair facility and want to know prices onn things like brakes, shocks, struts etc, be prepaird to be given an estimated cost. Not all vehicles have the same parts/prices for parts. it is best for the repair facility to have the vehicle there to determine things like with or with out ABS/plastic clip on ABS wire, 9 or 10 inch rotors. There are many variables taht can come into play. So by calling around before hand does not mean your gonna get that exact price. Over the phone pricing on service is again anestimate... Get it inspected, get a written estimate, shop around then go back to the place you first went to and give them the opportunity to at least match your best price. We at Belle Tire try our best to be competitive when it comes to service work but we may not always be the lowest. We do beat our competitors in tire pricing for tires that WE CARRY IN STOCK, not tires that are usually a special order.

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Belle TireWarranty Scam

Bought a couple of tires. After I got home and read the receipt I noticed they added in $6 per tire for their replacement warranty. It's optional but no one ever mentioned it.

I called them to correct it and was told I had to bring the receipt in and have a check sent out by their corporate offices even though I had paid using debit card.

When I finally went in to confront them I as told they didn't need to disclose the warranty as it was "part of the quote" I had received.

I wonder how many people they fleece on this warranty that never even know it exists.

  • Ja
    Jay Smith Jan 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dude it was 6 per tire and if you ever had a tire that wasnt repairable youll save more than you 6 per tire.

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  • Ga
    Gary Rogers Feb 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I hate Belle Tire! I used to take my car and my wife's to the one in Lake Orion. They gave us a really good deal on new chrome rims so we got all of our service there (thats how its supposed to work, right?) and I took her car in for pair of new tires, and one of the employees came and got me to 'note previous damage' wifes VW bug had 2 big dents where the lift goes under the car. They straight up lied to me! my car did not have those dents when I took it in. I just shrugged it off because the employee told me that they are plastic and would bend back when the weather got warmer. So they didnt'. So I took it to a body shop. $1450!!!!!

    Belle Tire in Lake Orion did $1450 of damage to my car and LIED to me about it!


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  • Ba
    Baseball 2011 Apr 10, 2011

    Belle Tire sucks., never seen them honor a warranty - always got an excuse.

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  • Ki
    kimba1962 Apr 07, 2013

    Belle tire is the worst. At least the roseville, mi one is. Terrible customer service, rude obnoxious snotty people working at the counter and they've screwed up EVERY SINGLE TIME I've been there. My yruck was recently taken there without my knowledge for an insurance claim, andf they kept my wheel locks, and they were rude whern i went there to pick them up. Prior top that I had them replace one tire, they replaced the wrong one and got mad at me when I told them so.

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Belle TirePoor service!

This is my second complaint on this issue. I had stated previously I had purchase 4 tires from Belle tire, along with the extended warranty($12 per tire). One of the tires turn out have a defect, so I took it into the store to have it replaced. Not only did the Belle Tire facility not honor my warranty, they tried to say two of my tires were defected (or cupped, which they say is not covered by the warranty), then tried to sell me two tires, instead of one, for a price greater that I paid for the original ones. Not to mention they had my wife drive away with three lug nuts one one of the wheels (there should have been four), which they "stripped, then later repaired after I filed a complaint. This is one of the most frustrating and appalling experience I have every had with a tire company. Believe me, my opinion is valued by a number of people that could have possibly been potential customers of Belle Tire. Regards!

  • Tg
    tgreif Jan 19, 2008

    i have not purchased tires from this company. but have had similar experiences . i'm glad that they have posting like this . iam inthe market for 2-4 new tires and will not go to belle now that i have read this page thank you for standing up and speaking out . by the way do not ever buy from Williams Kia in traverse city mi they are deceptive in their advertising also bad dealer

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  • Ti
    tim embury Feb 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Watch out for the warranty scam. Say you buy four tires with a 70K mile warranty. Road hazard etc extra $12 per tire. Now a tire goes bad, (it happens) so you have it replaced under warranty. Now you have three tires with a warranty and one without, so you buy another warranty for this tire, additional $12. Now this tire had a defect, another $12 warranty.

    Sell many JUNK tires, and think of the profit you can make !!

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  • Mi
    Michelin Man Mar 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The government has standards for all tires to meet. All tires sold in the us meet this standard. You get mad bc of junk tires. You probobly didn't buy the best set they had. Ide rather pay $12 than 60 0r 70 for a new brand name tire. ScAm thats funny indeed companys make money off that warranty. but often if your polite Belle tire will eat the cost of a new tire and it only costs you another $12. Ide go write a complaint about the school you attended!! You must have flunked 1st grade math if u think $12 is a rip off to pay for a new tire. By the way its $6 ANYWAY

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  • T
    t Aug 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    off the subject but i went there bought a tire, had only 2 days and it got a flat. they wouldnt replace it either. oh yeah by the way the sales guy sold me a 6 ply tire for my truck when it was only designed to be on a trailer axle. it said on the tire. for trailer use only. why would he sell me that tire if it wasnt suppose to be on my truck?. kinda of a lawsuit thing huh? i knopw they dont honor sidewalll punctures but still, they could of helped me out and they just said no. he even asked if i wanted another tire for 65 dollars! i laughed and said the first one didnt work, do you actually think i would want another piece of s9897878 from ya? hell no. lost a belle tire customer!. hmm where will i take my vette for rims and tires? not belle tire. thx for listening

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  • Sl
    Slip Kid Sep 03, 2009

    Belle Tire put 4 new tires on one of my vehicles, only put 4000 miles on it. The van only sat for 2 months and 3 of the tires started showing dry rot. They may have been new when they put them on but I believe they were old stock. Anyways, they would not replace them as guaranteed. Told me I had to buy 4 new tires because it was my fault.
    I ended up getting new tires at Goodyear for this van. They lost a customer and obviuosly, they are hard to deal with when it comes to a tire warranty.

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  • Je
    jerry frizwalt Dec 14, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    total rip off!!! especially on mechanic work. beware!!

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  • Je
    jerry frizwalt Dec 14, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    BEWARE!!! the mechanic work is extreamly overpriced, i have never left a belle tire store without feeling ripped off

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Belle Tire — Refused to replace the tire!

I went to Belle Tire in Lansing and bought two new tires for the front of my Astro Van. 3 months later I...

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