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Restaurant.com Complaints & Reviews

Restaurant.com / the actual site itself

Zilen on Jun 26, 2017
This site is crap. I thought their would be normal restaurants on hear. I was surprised to see that they had none for Zanesville Ohio but they didn't even have anything for our capital of Columbus either. I'm highly dissatisfied and thought it would be much better then this. I received a...

Restaurant.com / restaurants not accepting certificates

BlueFlame25 on Jun 14, 2017
The site rely on the consumers to keep their site up-to-date and even when they have known about restaurants that have stopped accepting their certificate they continue to sell the certificates to unknowing buyers. They might as well sell certificates to any company and restaurant in the...

Restaurant.com / Gift cards and customer service

Robert Liszi on Apr 19, 2017
Can't pull up my gift cards that I have in my account, over $100 worth. Customer service lines always ring busy. Maybe they have so many complaints they just leave the phone off the hook, IDK. Big Rip Off! Web site is poor at best because if you click a link the page won't load. I...

Restaurant.com / Coupon purchase not associated with the restaurant

Robin Grandia on Jan 7, 2017
Purchased 2 twenty-five dollar gift cards for 10 dollars each the restaraunt declined them stating they are not for their store! Told this happend to other people too! Spent the money prior to going now I am out 20 bucks and I will never use restaraunt.com ever again! I will also pass on...

Restaurant.com / Restaurants refusing to accept gift certificates

Jerry Berning on Dec 31, 2016
I went to starving artist cafe in easley sc today and spent 50.00, attempting to use a 25.00 GC. They refused to honor it. I'm pretty upset as the r3staurant wasn't great to begin with and then having to spend all my cash, not to mention the extreme embarrassment of being refused. I don't...

Restaurant.com / Horizon ridge mini mart

Ghost167 on Dec 19, 2016
I purchased the certificate Dec 10 and try to use it Dec 18. The owner told me the certificate is old and he will not accept. I got the only offer from restaurant.com for $10 to exchange with $20 use. He claimed he does not have this offer. He basically refused me to use the coupon. I do...

Restaurant.com / $25 certificate from united airlines mileage

Richard Bellerose on Dec 11, 2016
Tonight (12/11/2016) I attempted to use the first of several of your certificates issued through my UA mileage account only to be rebuffed at the restaurant that refused to accept the "Does not expire, " $25 certificate. The Phanom Thai Restaurant 400 Waller St. San Francisco, CA...

Restaurant.com / Impossible to contact yous

rudiger pigfoot on Dec 10, 2016
Please help? Ive tried the web page over 20 times and ive called a dozen times. And nothing!!! I have eight certificates that all are to permanently closed restaurants. Ive tried to "exchange" these through the web site but it never worked. I typed everything precisely as it should...

Restaurant.com / Seriously incompetent

AnnamarieMolloy on Dec 5, 2016
They contacted me to redeem my gift certs and the site is broken. This ALWAYS HAPPENS. I e-mailed the help section four times and got back nothing but automated responses that were clearly generated to answer general questions about how to use the site. No human is ever available to...

Restaurant.com / Gift cards & websites

chicagorob1 on Dec 1, 2016
I used Restaurant.com certificates for several years, until the participating restaurants started adding ridiculous requirements, like "Redeemed Mon-Thurs only, 4 diners and $100 minimum purchase" - for a $25 certificate that cost me $10. I ended up only getting 15% off, worse deal than a coupon. A...

Restaurant.com / Gift Certificate

AlvinF on Nov 11, 2016
Restaurant.com sells various gift certificates to various restaurants so the buyer gets a discount or viewed in another way greater purchasing power. Unfortunately there are many instances that the restaurant certificates advertised on their website either don't do business with...

Restaurant.com / Theidealmeal.com - $100 gift card

Linda Digiusto on Aug 8, 2016
I was given a GC for Restaurant.com but the instructions on the back tell me to log in to www.theidealmeal.com. When I try to do that, the website is not available. When I called the customer service number on the back of the card, I get a busy signal - then a definite hang up. Thi...

Restaurant.com / They are listing restaurants offering discounts who actually haven't signed up to offer a discount

Amanda Kerr on Jul 9, 2016
I am a restaurant owner in Rome, GA and a customer came into my restaurant today with a coupon from Restaurant.com that read $25 certificate with purchase of $50. We NEVER Signed up with this company or agreed to offer this type of promotion. This is very bad for business when a customer...

Restaurant.com / They are selling fake gift cards!

Jack on Apr 7, 2016
Don't use this service, they are selling gift cards that are not working. I have purchased a $100 gift card and invited my girlfriend on a date. We arrived at the restaurant, ordered some food and enjoyed the evening. But when we finished our meal and I provided them my gift card they said...

Restaurant.com / Fake coupon!

Richard on Mar 18, 2016
I have purchased a coupon from www.restaurant.com and it seemed like a great deal, but it was too good to be true! So I invited my girlfriend to a restaurant and she was very excited about that. The restaurant I picked was extremely expensive but I had my coupon. So, we arrived, ordered...

Restaurant.com / Shortchange on Gift Certificate Exchange

Reviewer93150 on Feb 3, 2016
I had a $25 gift certificate that I needed to exchange because the restaurant was no longer a part of Restaurant.com. I exchanged for two [2] $10 certificates and should have had a remaining $5 to use for another "deal". I have emailed at least 7 times and while getting a response to each...

Restaurant.com / Unauthorized sales of Don Carlos Mexican restaurants in Houston and Waco Texas

Customers came in with Restaurant.com's certificates in hand to redeem them for $10.00 and $15.00 face value off their bills. We have no idea where Restaurant.com is selling the certificates for our 4 Texas locations. When the owner called Restaurant.com. The said there is no written...

Restaurant.com / Restaurant certificates

Reviewer78699 on Dec 31, 2015
Do not buy certificates from this company. Some of the certificates i purchased went through without a problem. Others were rejected by the restaurant as not valid. When you try and get this resolved with restaurant.Com all you get is canned email responses. I have been scammed!!!

Restaurant.com / scam cannot redeem purchased gift certificate

youarefakerstoo on Dec 15, 2015
12/02/2015 I received a restaurant.com $50 gift certificate from a local store for making a purchase there. I registered myself on restaurant.com's web site including the code on the back of my gift certificate. I was able to view the participating restaurants on restaurant.com's site but...

Restaurant.com / Sell invalid restaurant gift certificate

b/x on Jul 29, 2015
I purchased 3 local restaurant certificates, for "Sake house Japanese cuisine restaurant", from "Restaurant.com". Today i went there and tried to use it but rejected by the restaurant owner. Then I called the restaurant.com costumer service and talked to the supervisor Ms. Anna. She said...

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