Reservation-Desk.comfraudulent business

A Nov 25, 2018 Review updated:

DO NOT GET SCAMMED BY RESERVATIONDESK.COM. I simply inquired about a room on October 8, 2018 and was told that by providing a credit card number they'd hold the room for me and I could cancel at any time with no charge. The same day I called the hotel directly to find that the info reservation desk gave me about the room was not at all correct, specifically how many beds there were. We were attempting to book a family style suite. I was told by reservation desk that there were two bedrooms and a small living room. The room actually only had one bedroom and a small living room. I immediately called to cancel the reservation and demanded a refund telling them that the original person that I spoke to lied to me. They said ALL reservations are non refundable. Again I told them what the original person told me about canceling. The person told me they'd escalate it and send me an email. Of course I never received an email. I've since called them several times and every time I get another excuse. Each time I call I get a portion refunded after demanding and threatening them. At this point I have received a refund on my credit card for most of the initial charge. I'm still fighting with them on principle more so than the remaining $19. My credit card company is willing to dispute the remaining balance so I'm not giving up! I wish I could give reservation desk a negative 5 star rating.


  • Jo
    Jo Anne McLaughlin Jun 25, 2019

    absolutely fraudulent!

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  • Ha
    Hater of frauders Jan 16, 2020

    I made two reservations at at hotels for a trip we are taking in May and June of 2020. They charged me booking fees for both these reservations. This is the first time in my entire life of 77 years that I have been charged for booking a hotel room. I thought they were an honest company and hooked into them by mistake on the internet. Be cautious of them as they show up on the internet on most of the hotel booking sites. Take time and locate the hotel of your choice and call them directly and save the dishonest booking fees from

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