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ERP Operating LP

2 N Riverside Plz, Ste 400
United States - 60606

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 312 474 1300(Head Office) 1 4
+1 424 732 4200(Los Angeles) 2 2
+1 949 344 7705(Southern California) 1 2
+1 415 767 7174(Northern California) 1 1
+1 617 648 2160(Northeast Area) 1 3
+1 646 833 3960(NY - NJ Area) 1 1
+1 206 577 9038(Northwest Area) 1 3
+1 202 971 7111(Washington DC) 1 3
Los Angeles
6100 Center Drive, Suite 750, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Southern California
2355 Main Street, Suite 225, Irvine, CA 92614

Northern California
333 Third Street Suite 210, San Francisco, CA 94107

Northeast Area
50 Staniford Street, Suite 400, Boston, MA 02114

NY - NJ Area
230 West 41st Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10036

Northwest Area
51 University, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98101

Washington DC
1500 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Suite 25, Washington, DC 20005

Equity Residential Complaints & Reviews

Equity Residential / continuous break in and vandalism

Oct 07, 2019

My name is Amika Brown and I currently rent apartment 173 at the Versailles in Woodland Hills. I have lived here for almost a year and a half. My Mercedes Benz has been broken into 5 times since moving in. Money was stolen, garage remote and other items were stolen. My second car a 2018...

Equity Residential / broken lease mistake

Oct 05, 2018

Hi, my name is Javier Figueroa and the reason for this complaint is that in October, 2016 I went to Laguna Niguel, California to do a construction work for 3 months. The company that hire me had an employee name Ruben Robles that was living at that moment with his wife Cinthia in one of...

Equity Residential / overcharge

Sep 29, 2016

This Business is a ripoff I was living there for 6 years payed in full. every year when I renewal the lees they never clean my place (carpet) I asked and they say NO. in the time the I was living there they come to fix the wall with different color of paint and they say don't worry about...

Equity Residential / everything

Oct 06, 2015

i dont think that equity residential does a good job with specifying certain things as far a noisy neighbors and pet policies. We have lived below some of the noisiest neighbors in the year that we have lived on an Equity Property, not even in the first week of moving in, we had to addre...

Equity Residential / unfair move out practice

Jul 30, 2013

Heritage ridge by equity residential - this is one of the worst apartments to live in, and the most difficult when it comes to move out. they say assigned parking, but the parking space is so crammed up, even a 4 door mid size car is difficult to fit in. no play area at all for kids. pool...

Equity Residential / lying and false charges

Jan 09, 2013

Was told a story by three separate employees over a nine month-period on what would happen if we had to break our lease (I work internationally and often have to move on short notice). Once we actually moved out, they suddenly changed their mind and said I owed them more money. They turned...

Equity Residential / arrogant management


We were living on a 1 bedroom apt for 6 months, my baby got older so we want to move in for a 2 bedroom apt, we also picked one of them in the same building but when they had lots of apartments available they informed us several times about available 2 bedroom apt, but now that they have...

Equity Residential / unfair and misleading practices


Equity Residential (NYSE: EQR), one of the largest publicly traded owners and operators of residential housing in the US has been alleged in fraudulent practices and overbilling its customers. I personally have been a resident at one of the Equity Residential Properties apartment complexes in...

Equity Residential / unfair move-out practice


I recently moved out of Sheffield Court Apartments after having lived there for over eight years (in three different units). When I moved out, I asked to be present at the inspection. I was told that the inspection was already scheduled and the manager in charge of move-out inspection...

Equity Residential/Carmel Terrace Apartments / mental harassment


I live in unit 166 of carmel terrace apartments managing by equity residentail. I moved in march 6th 2010, when I moved in I mentioned that quality of tub is not good. They ignored it. Now, property management saying that they fixed the tub and asking me to pay charges for that. I told...

Equity Residential / rent increase


BEWARE!!! I have been living in a building managed by Equity Residential for the past two years and just recently got my rent renewal and my rent had gone up by 20%!! When I called to see if there was anything at all that they could do, I was simply told that there wasn't much and...

Equity Residential / refund of security deposit


In April 2010, I decided to move to Austin and opted to get out of my lease early. After extensive discussions with the manamagent at Carmel a Deerfield apartments in San Antonio, I paid all the required fees to terminate my lease early. I was told I would receive ALL of my security...

Equity Residential / truly awful customer service


I live in an Equity Residential property in Arlington Virginia. I paid a few minutes before midnight while I was traveling in the pacific time zone, checked my email and got a confirmation before midnight. Their payment processing server in the central time zone decided I was late and I...

Equity Residential / new rent collection practices


To whom it may concern, Equity Residential, a national company with 9 properties in the Portland area has newly instituted several key changes to their rent collection policies that I believe run contrary to Oregon Landlord Tenant Law. 1. All properties have discontinued the afterhours rent drop...

Arboretum Apartments / the worst living conditions


Wet Pizza on public walkways (see picture), Pot left in bags outside (see picture), barking dogs, screaming babies, vandalism to cars and property, loose and open garbage, disinterested management at all levels make living at the Arboretum Apartments in Canton the WORST living experience...

Equity Residential / terrible experience


In 2002 I moved into one of Equity Residential's apartment complex's called Tansbourne Terrace in Hillsboro, OR. I lived there from July 2002 to July 2003, and then moved into another one of the apartment complex's (that was I suppose my first mistake). When I received the lease...

Equity Residential / awful company


In 2002 I moved into an apartment complex owned by Equity Residential called Tansbourne Terrace in Hillsboro, OR. I lived there from July 2002 to July 2003, and then moved into another complex owned by Equity (that was I suppose my first mistake). When I received the lease expiration...

Equity Properities Residential / holding fee


My son who has been an Equity Residential Apts tenant for the past two years, was robbed twice in the residential parking of Coconut Palm Apts in Coconut Creek, FL. As a concern parent, we requested a move to another Equity property with security gates. The manager at Coconut Palm agreed...