O Jan 29, 2020

I rented a car online from (reference# [protected]). When I arrived at Orlando Airport on January 18, 2020, after an hour of calling Economycars they never answered the phone to pick me up from the airport. I was forced to take a cab 45 mins and 65$ later to my destination. At 11:30 PM on the 18th I called, they could not reach "economy cars" either. I asked for a refund. said they would refund my money once I re-booked a new reservation. After repeated attempts to book a car online, I was unable to book a car near my current location in the middle of downtown Orlando. I was staying directly across form an Enterprise rent a car, which I tried to book through the website. Having no luck booking a car locally, at 10 AM eastern time on the 19th I called to re-book a reservation reasonable distance to my location. After 4 hours (I have the phone log) on the phone with the agents in the UK. they told me I had to go all the way back to the airport (45 mins and 65$ in cab fare) to pick up a car, at more than double the price I had already paid!!! Eventually an agent from was able to book me a car through another third party named "Unitedrentalcars" (Ref #[protected]) at Alamo which was 15 mins and 20$ from my hotel. I was forwarded a conformation email from United rental cars that the new rental cost would be $172.00 from Alamo ($8 less than my original rental from the airport). I arrived at Alamo rent a car the moment Alamo opened, on the morning of Monday the 20th. The Alamo agent at the desk inside the Crown Plaza, laughed when I told her the story and said the rental car was going to cost me $352.00. I showed her the conformation e-mail from Unitedrentalcar, that clearly states $172.00, she understood completely but was unable to honor the price. She was actually very nice and did her best to help me. I picked up the phone to call United but was placed on hold. I was scheduled to be at a meeting in 40 mins over an hour away. Needless to say I had no choice but to pay the $352.00 and be on my way. During my hour long drive on the 20th, I called to try to get my original $180 refund from because I did in deed re-book to a vehicle at twice the original cost. Once I got an agent on the phone, they stated that I couldn't get a refund until Economy cars (remember them) confirmed I did not pick up the car. So I patiently waited a week from my original pick up date (January 18th) until Friday the 24th. I then called to ask the status. An agent at said they sent a request to Economy cars but haven't heard anything, so I would have to wait. I contacted this AM January 29th, they gave me the same story! They couldn't confirm with Economy cars that I never picked up the car. After a very stern discussion with the agent at, I informed him of the "statue of frauds" in the state of Florida that they were in violation of. reached out to Economy cars by phone directly. The agent was unable to reach anyone by phone at the local store in Orlando (big surprise there). He eventually reached a national reservation representative from Economy cars, who in fact confirmed I never picked up the original rental car, therefore he could refund my $180.00. cost me well $250.00 (difference in extra rental cost and cabs) not to mention 6 hours of my time. If anyone would like the information and proof please contact me using the above reference #s you have my information. I use for my personal and business travel often but after this I cannot see myself using or recommending in the future. I would welcome the opportunity to make this right.

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