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I have repeatedly tried to book my car in for maintenance at Renault Cape Town. The service agent who took my booking informed me, 1 day before the date given for the maintenance, that the parts for my car had not been ordered (25 April 2008). I was promised a follow up a few weeks later. I have heard nothing from this dealer since. Every time I phone I am told the person is out, at the bank or will call me back. I have spoken to at least 3 people there since the middle of May and have had absolutely no service from any of them. I was even phoned by the "after-service satisfactory" people whom I told this story to and I was also contacted by the sales department asking me if I wanted to upgrade my car. I repeated this story to both individuals who stated they would "send an e-mail" to the relevant people.

The parts I need are grab handles for a Megane II and a gearlever knob. I was told that both these parts were under warranty when I first inquired about this in February 2008, after yet another disappointing service from Renault Tygerberg.

The service and general attitudes of the staff at the Renault dealers I have been to is disgraceful to say the least. I am planning on selling my car and will never touch another Renault again.


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      May 12, 2010

    try Strand Autoworks, fast snappy frendly and 30% chaeper then the con artisits at Renault.
    screw the warentee, they wont honour it anyway, been there done that.

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      Aug 09, 2019

    I bought my vehicle for cash at Penta Motors in Klerksdorp Renault Duster 1.5dCi new shape. It was all smiles after I bought the car and I gladly took delivery of the vehicle. The challenge came when I had to receive the registration documents of the vehicle, it took so long that they had to issue the second temporary registration permit. I contacted the branch and I could not be given access to the Manager Peet (every-time they would take the message and promised that he would call me back). I eventually found his direct cell number and I called him, immediately when he realized that it was me he was talking to he told me that he was in a meeting and he would get back to me. I eventually called Renault SA Customer Care Department and there I was sent from pillar to post. The lady who was said to be the most senior person promised to investigate the matter and get back to me (and that was in January 2019), I am still waiting for her to get back to me.
    Secondly when I wanted to take my vehicle in for service at Brits I was referred to KIA dealership. I took my vehicle in and the very first day after booking the car in I requested to talk to a technical person about some of the concerns that I had on the vehicle. A very rude white man who actually by the body language he displayed showed that he did not have time for me came asking me what I wanted. I asked him about the reverse camera sensor that was not flushing like others with the body and he asked me as to what is wrong with that because the camera is working. I explained to him that it was a defect because the sensor was not positioned like all the other sensors and he told me that he saw nothing wrong with that and he turned his back and walked away from me. I took my vehicle in for the second service and when I went to fetch it the vehicle was not properly cleaned. What is interesting is that after I have taken my car to this dealership for service (and it is now two times), I have never received a caller (like other companies would do) to follow up on my experience with the dealer. What is also very strange is that there is a Renault Dealership in Brits but we have to have our vehicles serviced at KIA.

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