The complaint has been investigated and
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C Nov 22, 2018

Good day

I just want to use the opportunity to explain my experience with Renault.

First of all, me and my fiance came to see the car on Saturday 17/11/2018 and I was excited and immediately attracted to the second hand Citroen DS3, so badly that I decided to fill in an application form and. On Saturday I was told by Renault staff that my car was worth for R122 000 on 17/11/2018 after they checked it thoroughly which was somewhat acceptable to me, although I still felt it was too little. Monday 19/11/2018 when I wanted to send the rest of my documentation, I was told that Renault will only give me R105 000 for my car (Ford Figo). Suddenly I was "confused and sad" because that was not said to me on Saturday. Then it cost me driving back and forth twice while I'm not near Centurion to beg them basically to give me more for my car after something else was said to me initially on Saturday. To be honest it was actually an "insult" to me when I heard they wanted to give me only give me R105 000 because no other place offered me so little and they said something different on Saturday and honestly if I knew that they would only give me this little I would havet even bothered sending the rest of my documentation. After a lot of negotiation, please take note a lot of negotiation to give me more for my car, we then agreed for an amount, even though I was really upset about the way we had to argue for the amount. The purchase would have been my first time buying a car on my name and I was excited at first, but it was as if the process from the start was a struggle.

Secondly, I discovered after the fact on Wednesday 21/11/2018 that a R1100.00 fee would be deducted from my account for the "help" offered by Renault to look for insurance on the car, without any indication that I had to pay something from the start. I was shocked when the PM8 & UBRSURE person informed me that this amount will be deducted off my account. I still have the text on my phone as proof. It's such small things that make you feel uncomfortable, in a way that you start wondering if it's really supposed to be this difficult and complicated which in return took away my excitement for the car.

Thirdly, when I had to pick up my car yesterday Wednesday 21/11/2018 I was initially excited. There was a time agreed upon between me and and the sales person for 12h30 to receive my car . I had another appointment scheduled on the same day 21/11/2018 at 14h30 which I informed the sales person about, in Montana, which is not just around the corner. 12h30 came and gone and the it was indicated to me later that I could only get my car at 13h45 because they are still waiting for the contract. This caused me to rush because I had an appointment at 14h30 which they knew off. When I finally arrived at Renault they were still wiping the car inside and I did not even get a bow to which I really looked forward to and so I was only disappointed once again. The cherry on the cake was the struggle with my id when I went to collect my car on that day 21/11/2018 which I did not have with me at the time as this is my first car I would have bought and I mean I did send all my details through before hand and I had my license with me. The mere fact that I was not given an alternative or explained to why I should specifically have my ID which I still do not understand, and after which they just said we need your ID which meant I could not get my car even though I had my License which is a form of Identification in RSA. This meant I had to rush home which is in waverley, look for my ID in 15 minutes time in order to make my other appointment in time and had to then go back to Renault. I just decided just leave my car and get it the following day. I was very sad actually because I was very excited about the car. My logic then told me that a passport must also work because, according to the Department of Home Affairs, a passport and license is valid as a form of identification in RSA and even at other car dealerships but not with Renault centurion. Fortunately, I phoned the sales person before I drove through on 22/11/2018 for nothing, because something told me there was going to be another problem again, and my gut feeling was right unfortunately, because they also don't accept aPassport even though I am from RSA. Now I have to get an affidavit etc. I said to the sales man as I was extremely upset, something should not be so difficult and should upset me like this. It really felt like they does not want to me to have the car. I was "actually" in tears yesterday and today because I just felt after all the trouble, this too? And Renault should really advise their staff not to just send a customer away without any explanation or alternative.

My whole feeling about the car has changed because of poor service and it's a pity. One's first experience to buy a car should not be so complicated and traumatic. I'm honestly very disappointed and sad in your customer service because I do not feel happy and excited as I would have liked to feel. I do not wish such an experience for anyone else. I will never recommend anyone to go to Renault.



The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Renault's response · Nov 24, 2018

    Dear Chantelle,

    We'll surely forward this to the concerned country head. They will get in touch with you to assist you further in this regard.

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