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I've been charge twice, € 34.95 each... I'm terribly angry at them, because they gave me the 5 days free trial, then without doing anything they began charging the premium membership price... Anyway, i was also quite naive and not practical myself, since I found too late this question (quite hidden to me):

"Why was I billed €34.95 when I signed up for a free trial?"

And their reply is the following:

"As indicated during the signup process, the 5-Day trial gives you free access to our Premium services for five days. To avoid service interruptions, your trial membership automatically renews as a monthly Premium membership, billed at €34.95 per month, unless cancelled before the trial expires."

Summing up. My personal suggestion is: stay away!!! from


  • Jd
    jdok68 May 16, 2012

    Do not trust these Reelvidz scam artists. Do not even touch the site. They just charged me for an account I don't have. I recommend you get another card and change your bank account. Accept the loss, you'll never get it back.

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