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I haven't even heard of them! Nor did I recognize their site when my bank today told me of a payment that went out to them on Sunday! Taking me over drawn! When I questioned further we discovered they had been taking money since last November!! I didn't even have a computer last November!! I was wondering why each month I seemed £25 worse off than normal!! THEY ARE A SCAM, I don't know how they got my card details, maybe a sister company or related company I looked at at the time? Because when I looked on their site after finding out about the fraud today I do not recognize the site AT ALL. However what I do know is I'd NEVER agree to pay £25 to a site like this, I watch a lot of free movies online and if I ever come across anything asking me to use the premium services and/or pay I leave the site, Even the ones that offer a free trial as long as you give your credit card I do NOT fill out! I didn't phone the site due to all the comments I saw here! I was already on hold to my bank and I spoke the the police/fraud department... who have told me I will get all 6 months refunded by tomorrow! PHEW! However now I am scared to use the internet as I am still baffled as to how they got my details!


  • Mu
    Murike Feb 01, 2011

    Absolutely nothing current -- most movies I've never even heard of let alone seen in Blockbuster. They have got to be the worst of the worst, D to -F stuff. I recommend you not waste your time and certainly not your money!!!

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  • Mi
    Mio51 Aug 05, 2011

    They continued to charge my card after supposedly canceling my account. The customer service rep hung up on me when I insisted that they refund my money. STAY AWAY from these crooks!!!

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  • Te
    terrihedges Nov 14, 2011

    took money out of my account without our permission some one should shut them down and take them out.

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  • Mi
    Milday Jan 04, 2012

    Don't even consider this site!!! They don't have any good movies anyhow. All the billings issued already mentioned are true, same deal here. I wish I had seen this site first.

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  • No
    norman wood Jan 16, 2012

    please help us if have and keep on taking £24 from my account despite me not wanting this service how do i stop them from taking money from my account, as i do not use or intend to want it..let alone see any of their cheap so called films..thanks..

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  • Da
    danny balisbis Mar 27, 2012

    this site always took money from my credit card every month, i asked the bank to help me to cancel this but they cant help me..i never signed up from this site and i dont even know this..

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  • Re
    rescamed Sep 06, 2012

    I also have been charged for 6 months before I realized that they were billing me for $39.95 each month. I have never used their site nor do I even recognize it as ever being there. I don't rent movies off the internet.

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  • Cu
    Cucsu Oct 23, 2012

    So turns out, Reelvidz and ReelHD are linked and i didn't know that. If i would have known i wouldn't have signed up. All i got was vast amounts of charges and headaches DONT REGISTER ITS A BAD IDEA.

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  • Ob
    Obakite Nov 26, 2012

    They don't have any good movies...The site is using bait and switch tricks. I wouldn't use them again.

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  • Sh
    Shidda63 Dec 23, 2013

    This is a scam I, ve no idea how they got into my account but I am still being charged for absolutely nothing my bank cant seem to do anything KEEP WELL AWAY

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  • Wa
    wazza 01 Aug 07, 2014

    I have just discovered i have been scammed as well...i've reported it and the transaction withdrawl to my bank...trouble is how do you stop it happening next month and the month after that etc etc.

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  • Jo
    John Hay Sep 27, 2014

    For three months somehow this so called business has been withdrawing around half a hundred U.S. From my T.D. Savings account here in Toronto Canada, I don.t ever remember dealing with these people, yet I seem to be purchasing items over $40.00 U.S., and I can't figure out how they got hold of my banking info.? Has anyone else experienced the same? If so would you be kind enough to reply to me and info. Me of your problems with these people, and if you found out how they obtained the banking info.

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  • Em
    Emily7800 Jan 23, 2016

    They took over €600 from my account. which is the same company. It is registered to a Peter Mandell in Nicosia but I don't know if that information is correct. I am going to get to the bottom of this company and post a list of bodies to complain to.

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  • Az
    Azanil Putra Ahmad Aug 05, 2018 is root from ...stay away
    beware of as well ... they are the same

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