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The date of this incident was in September 2017. Yes, it was a while ago ... and yes I reached out to your customer service ... but they seemed stymied as to what to do. My complain then was the poor service and the small serving of French fries (there were 7) I received when I order one of the gourmet hamburgers. Add to that, I was charged for each ingredient put on the burger and the price was over twenty five dollars. The restaurant was absolutely devoid of customers (it was in late morning) and there was obviously a lack of staff to take our order, After considerable argument amongst the kitchen staff - the reception lady eventually took our order, but reluctantly so. Apparently, someone did not show up for work. Upon service of our meal, I could not stop myself ... I asked for the manager and took them aside (her) so as not to embarrass the server. The manager was unmoved ... totally flummoxed as to what to do. She only nodded her head in agreement (as if on camera) and suggested I make a complaint to head office. I did so in October, 2017. I received a reply sever weeks later asking for the names of the server and manager. I had neither.

Now my complaint is about customer service and accountability of the complaint department. Why does it require the customer to take names and witness testimony? this is good information for quality control and product branding. You can reach me at [protected] or [protected] if you want to keep this customer (and family).


Jul 21, 2019

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