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CB Casual Dining Red Lobster Do not hire Justin Matherne, Ed Travis and Melinda Vander Vieran as managers
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Red Lobster review: Do not hire Justin Matherne, Ed Travis and Melinda Vander Vieran as managers

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Do not hire Justin Matherne, Johnny Moore and Melinda Vander Vieran as restaurant managers, Because they hire bad black co-workers and bad white co workers who like to start problems and start trouble at Red Lobster in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Brown Deer & Wauwatosa)! At the Brown Deer Red Lobster, Justin Matherne hired bad white waitresses from Teri Parado Andrea Hilmes, Stacy Rohrer, Donna Laughlin, Diana Ernst, Deanne Korth, Bobbie Jo Collins, Tammy Rabitoy, Tammy Kunkel, Elizabeth Schroeder, Christine Hebert Dawn Whitney, Athena Kautzmana and Carol Muranaka.! Justin Matherne hired bad black co-workers from Doug Roy, Steve Smith from Clarksdale, Mississippi, Dwight Williams who is a sex offender! Justin Matherne claims that he is a religious christian man who like to hire bad co-workers and waitresses, Dawn fired Deanne Korth for her selfish stuck up attitude and Jim Lubinski fired Andrea Hilmes for her wrongfulness! That's why Justin Matherne got fired and terminated for not taking care of things at the Brown Deer Red Lobster! Melinda Vander Vieran hired bad black co-workers and hired white co workers Norman Atkins, Antoine (Uno) Bluntson, Daniel Loose, Charlotte Jackson and Oscar Cannon! The real troublemakers are Bobbie Jo Collins who be blaming people for stuff that they did not do at Red Lobster, Teri Parado Stacey Rohrer likes guys who drink alcohol and party! Tammy Kunkel, Christine Hebert and is snotty and stuckup on co-workers and people. At the Wauwatosa Red Lobster, Restaurant Manager Ed Travis hired bad black co workers from Jeffrey Williams, Jamarlowe Banks Alexis Cox, Yonda Howard, Melvin Watson and Charles Rodgers as troublemakers who start trouble and start problems against good workers! That why bad black co workers and bad white co workers got fired or quit from those two Red Lobsters from Milwaukee (Brown Deer and Wauwatosa! The Red Lobster Brown Deer closed down in 2001, because they was not making enough business and The Red Lobster in Wauwatosa and Greendale are making a lot of business!

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