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Real Insurance — life insurance "completely misleading"

I'm 64. In October 2008 I was reasonably fit and healthy, I decided to take out a $100, 000 Life Insurance...

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resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Real Insurance — Customer service

Real insurance is the worst company to deal with . I became their customer 3 years ago, they were so helpful...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Real InsuranceCar Insurance

I am writing to warn everyone that with real insurance be aware that you will have to pay the excess fee, even if the accident is not your fault. I was involved in an accident in July 08, the other driver was completely at fault - the police attended the accident and wrote up a police report. In order to get my car back I HAD to pay the $1000 excess, which I was told that they would refund when they received the police report. After may phone calls and all the excuses under the sun, I finally received my excess back in Apr 09, only after I rang the insurance ombudsman.

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    • Re
      Real Customer Jun 02, 2009

      I know for a fact that REAL insurance's policy is to make sure that their claims are kept within a range. Their staff are incompetent and they are about bullying- whether it be their customer or a third party. What they offer at time of sale- or policy inception is far from what they deliver in the end... Believe me... avoid Real

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    • Re
      Real Insurance Jun 10, 2009
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer


      My name is Magda and I work at Real Insurance. I just came across this post so I apologise for not responding earlier.

      I'm quite concerned to hear this negative feedback of my company. Having worked at Real Insurance for over 3 years, I must say that I'm quite proud of my coworkers and would never call any of them "incompetent." In fact, we get many customer compliments each day. It sounds like you don't share my view, however.

      Is it possible for you to contact me to let me know what gives you this negative impression of us so that we can investigate and address your concerns? I'd really like to help, but I can only do that if I know more. I encourage you to use our feedback form to contact me directly http://www.realinsurance.com.au/About/TellUsWhatYouThink.aspx. I would really appreciate your help.

      If anyone else comes across this review and would like to share any of their thoughts with us, please do so via this link http://www.realinsurance.com.au/About/TellUsWhatYouThink.aspx. The only way that we can address anyone's concerns is if we hear about them.

      I really appreciate your feedback! Thank you for your help!

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    • No
      NotHappyJan11 Mar 11, 2011

      I am writing to tell everyone about the service at real insurance. Be aware that you will have VERY incompetant, uncaring, blunt and useless service from these people, and the damage was not my fault. My car was maliciously damaged at a railway station. I paid the excess of $1000. The policy says I do not have to pay the excess if they have the offenders name & contact details. The police caught and convicted and adult male. So far I have about 10 emails from the policeman ... and today, after may phone calls and forwarding the policemans emails to real insurance I have received my first email from real insurance that said
      "Good afternoon,
      As per request the below summary is in point form for a more transparent understanding with the current status of you claim.
      -We are in the process of applying for the police report in order to retrieve the adult offenders details and seek recovery.
      -As per email below dated Sunday, February 27, 2011 8:44 AM sergeant team leader has applied for your excess.
      - AAA smash repairs have confirmed repairs are due to commence on the 4/4/2011 – repair invoice will come direct to Real Insurance.
      Please advise if you need any further clarification.
      Thank you

      Mind you I emailed the manager this morning asking what is happening. A young lady phoned me with Insurance and Legal jargon that I had no idea what she was on about so I said email me so I can sit and see what you are telling me. Also, it consisted of two different coloured inks and 2 different fonts. This is a so-called professional company. What a joke.
      And from what I have read here on this blog, it seems to confirm my thoughts that it may be a long, unneccesary, stupid before I see my $1000.

      Oh and now I see Magna's and yes I may just tell you all about this shabby service too ...

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Real Insurance — they are con merchants

    This company who's adds are presented by Foxtell as well as real life cover is a con company and will...