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RCNBad service

Today, the trend is to shout from the highest mountain that you are service oriented, but rarely follow through on actual service. No company epitomizes this more than RCN.

Here is my most recent (and final) experience with RCN. It contains a price hike, two service outages, and a complete disregard for the needs of the customer. See if you agree.

I received a bill that had an increase- the third in three months. I called RCN to inquire. The said the price increase was nationwide and due to �cable programming costs�. I kindly let them know I did not have their cable service, only internet (I cancelled the cable service through another bad experience over a year before). The representative had no facts to offer, only his blanket statement and left me with that.

After the rate increase, I experienced two outages in my internet service in two weeks. Now, an internet outage is not life or death, but I do work from home, manage my bills, and my family enjoys internet activity so there is some real impact to our lifestyle, for what it is worth. The first outage was due to some problem with the local equipment and they had it on file. I was never offered any consideration or rebate, but again, it is not life or death, so I did not give it much more thought at the time.

The second outage they had no explanation and told me a service technician would have to come out and replace the router. Fine, I said. He could be out six days from then, they said. I asked why it was so long and they said there were not have any appointments earlier than that for service.

I hung up and thought about this. On a hunch, I told my wife I would call back and see how quickly I could have a new service installed. The response from RCN was that they could be out the next day.

I called the only competitor and had them come out the next day to install their service. Now, I do not expect, in reality, that they are going to be any better. We only have two providers and there is no reason either one would have to offer real service in any event. I am not naïve anymore. But I was so insulted by the service provided by RCN, I made my resolve to switch then and there.

I called RCN back and told them to change the service appointment to a cancellation. �I can terminate the maintenance appointment, � the representative said�, �but Ill have to transfer you to arrange the cancellation.� So I was transferred. I saved the reader some detail here, but after being transferred, I had to repeat my state, zip, address, name, and password for the third time.

Then the cancellation representative kindly told me he was sorry for all the problems I had and offered me a free month of service. When I declined, he then told me where I could drive to drop off the equipment.

Drop off the equipment? I told him I was not driving anything anywhere. When the technician came to disconnect the service I would gladly hand the box over to him. �Well, the technicians are used just for maintenance, they can�t pick up boxes, � was the reply. I thought that was unbelievable and said, fine, send me a mailing box and Ill ship it out. �Okay, that will be $25. Or we can send someone to pick it up and that will be $50.�

I kindly told him that the box would sit here for 100 years and I will never drive it to their center. I will never pay for it to be returned. I did not know if it was in my contract, but thought that was ludicrous. He could do what he wanted. He kindly gave me the address anyway in case I changed my mind. By the way, the drop off center is in the worst neighborhood you can imagine. The last time I was there, I was almost mugged (no exaggeration).

After a rate increase, two outages, delayed maintenance, and the final insult of returning their own equipment to them, I hope RCN is not long for this world. I absolutely hate this company and I do not think �hate� is too strong a word. From top to bottom, they are the farthest thing from �service oriented� I have ever experienced.

Buyers beware!

Oh, I also forgot- since the maintenance request turned to a cancellation, they couldnt be out for another week after the original appointment, so I am sure I will be billed for that extra week of service as well.


  • Ca
    Carolyn Jan 06, 2011

    The RCN outages are killing me they average once a week...since the digital upgrade and three rate increases in the last few months they have become a horrible company. Never mind calling customer service. Outsourced and the CSR's read of cue cards. Their answer for every thing is the tech has to come to your house. There is something wrong with the box outside my house and they will not send someone to fix it. You have to call them to get a credit when the cable phone and internet goes out.
    I called the corporate headquarters(got a little help) have now filed with the FCC
    # RCN Corporation
    # 196 Van Buren St., Ste. 300,
    President Plaza, Bldg. 1
    # Herndon, VA 20170 Map
    # Phone: [protected]
    # Fax: [protected]

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  • Ha
    happy2bwithrcn Jun 28, 2010

    Now Verizon, on the other hand, they are the total opposite of RCN. Hell I could tell you some stories about bad customer service and horrible billing that would make your head spin. (SMH) I don't miss anything about that company.

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  • Ha
    happy2bwithrcn Jun 28, 2010

    Well I guess alot depends on where you live. My experience with RCN has been mostly a positive one. Actually they were the only ones who offered to come out and install Internet service at my new address with just 24hrs notice.

    I couldn't find any other company to match their time deadline and we have many different internet/cable companies in our area. Also they were willing to offer me a lower price deal than any other company I called and a free month of service no installation fee (good luck getting that with Verizon).

    I know they are not perfect but I have been with them since fall of 2009 and have very few complaints. In fact I have moved several times and took RCN with me and in the process I have not paid my monthly bill on time as I should have. Even so, I never felt like RCN was trying to rob me like I did when I had Verizon. They have been more than fair with me.

    I did have a few service outages but they were due to Squirrels chewing on my wires. Other than that come hell or high water my RCN service has worked like a charm. Whenever I had any problems I had the same TEch come out and he was really cool and helpful and was always on time. In fact there was times when the tech arrived and was sitting in front of my house calling me asking where I was. They are as reliable as any other company.

    In fact I remember taking days off from work waiting on Verizon only to be told that the tech didn't need to get in and not even receiving so much as a courtesy call from them. With RCN at least I feel like they value and respect me as a customer.

    My only complaint is that aweful Automated phone system that requires you to enter your account number multiple times before you get through to a real person. Also if you are trying to pay your bill via automated phone line. FORGET IT! You are better off going to a payment center or mailing it in. Other than that honestly of all the companies I have ever had and I have had quite a few RCN has been the best for me.

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  • Ne
    Nerorick May 22, 2009

    Thats very true, i pay for the 10mbps and i dont even get there 60% promised rate its incredible how the get away with selling customers like us false service. for a fact you can test this your self just us there test site ( you can change the first 2 letter for the state your in from 6:00PM ET and on for the sad trough that your just getting ripped off. and All you'll get is we will send out a tech for you first thing next day at the time that you dont really need him to be there oh and they wont send you a tech after 5:00pm ET Because they just cant.

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  • Da
    David Parsons May 03, 2009

    Here's yet another story about RCN's terrible service. I couldn't make this stuff's definitely comedy show material.

    We have premium service with RCN, and HDTV channels. To get to another channel, one must hit the "guide" button on the remote and enter the channel number. The problem is that the "guide" button doesn't work on any HDTV channel, so to get it to work, we must manually move 100 channels, one by one to a non-HDTV channel and only then will the "guide" button work.

    I watched as my wife followed the instructions of the RCN service "professional":

    An attempt to get the box to reboot:
    (1) Turn off the cable box manually (do not use the remote) by pressing the power button. Now, with the cable box off, press and hold the menu button (!?) No surprise that no buttons responded with the cable box off.
    (2) With the cable box on, press and hold the menu button. Didn't work.
    (3) and only after that did he finally correctly tell her to press and hold the power button to get a reboot, which didn't fix the problem at all.

    In fact, they don't have a fix for this problem, but told us that they'd need an hour of time to disable our cable box to fix the problem(?!) They still haven't yet fixed it.


    Next service problem --

    We want to watch boxing Saturday night on the InDemand channel. The Pay-per-view boxing match costs $49.99 on regular InDemand or $54.99 on High Definition. Both channels advertise that boxing starts at 8:30PM, but when we elect the $54.99 for High Definition we become aware that the show that we are now enabled to watch starts at 9:00PM with a "Pregame" show listed on the channel guide from 8:30PM to 9:00PM. The problem is that we're not able to watch the pre-game show at the High Definition price.

    So, we call the service "professional" at RCN at 8:30PM. The service guy first tells us that there must be a problem with our converter box because the show is advertised as starting at 8:30PM. And he proceeds to give the instructions for a cable box reboot. Then, I tell the guy that the problem is not with the cable box, but rather that the cable guide shows an 8:30PM to 9:00PM time slot that we are not authorized to watch even though we paid for it and apparently are authorized to watch after 9:00PM (because the channel guide turns the time slot green when you're authorized). Well, it was very apparent to me that the service "professional" at the other end of the phone could not look at what I was looking at. He must not have had a TV in front of him(!) And he then told me that he understood the problem and had to call another department to seek an answer. Whereupon, he proceeded to put me on hold until 9:00PM when I could get access to the program. Even after 9:00PM, he never took me off hold, and so I just hung up.

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  • Am
    ammsy Jan 13, 2009

    I have to agree with all the postings on this board. RCN is an absolute diabolical company and I am sick of being in a building that only provides RCN service and not being able to use another carrier.

    I have had service, billing, customer care issues with them and neither of these are easy to resolve. The reps are completely incompetent. Please check your bills because extra charges are added all the time. When I phone to get different quotes - that's exactly what I get - different quotes for the same services depending on the rep you speak to. They all like to say "oh, you were on a promotion". This is a total lie. It is just a line to deceive the fact that they are constantly ripping customers off. Why is it that one day I ring to find my basic package is $154 per month (with high definition access) and the next day I'm told I could get everything, in HD access for $139 a month! Why is it that I noticed last month my basic charge was $170.00 a month. Surely there must be a government commission that RCN is answerable to and I have every intention of pursuing this complaint. First, it should be totally illegal for anyone cable company to have a monopoly on any one building. We should all have the freedom of choosing which company we would like. I spent many years living in Europe and I have NEVER come across the kind of deceptive and incompetent practices RCN regularly exercises.

    Another time I waited 3 days for a technician to show up. Each time there was a no show and everytime I called the rep on the line insisted that the technician turned up but that I was not home! It was beyond pathetic! Only after hanging on the phone on the 3rd day for nearly two hours and screaming my head off at the rep did I manage to resolve the issue. This is totally unacceptable.

    I am totally dreading the onset of February when the switch to digital is made because i expect that this too will be mishandled by RCN who have already sent me a box that is supposed to be installed. Why is it that I even have to install yet another piece of equipment when I am already receiving cable coverage. I thought these extra boxes were only for those who did not have cable service.

    Honestly, the company needs to be reported to a federal commission and to better business bureaus. While these forums are good for venting, they do not solve the problem that rogue outfits like RCN continue to operate as ineptly as they do and continue to rip off people.

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  • Valerie Oct 09, 2008

    Something needs to be done about cable companies ripping people off with tier services. I pay extra to get "up to" 5Mbps through RCN only to find out that it's not even close ie 1.5Mbps at best and .8Mbps average which is lesser than their lower tier. A tech was sent out after I'd spent hours on the phone (with customer support in some far away country) who was nice but basically knew that I was SOL and that RCN wouldn't do a thing about the service.

    People should get more than half of what they pay for with this type of service, saying "up to" whatever speed means the company doesn't even have to try and deliver and like many others I'm tired of being ripped off by this practice.

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  • Ni
    nicole Sep 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever done. I am scheduled for new service with RCN as I type. My appointment was scheduled between 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. today (9/16/2008). It is currently 9:30 p.m. I am typing this message with one hand because I have RCN on my home and cell phone attempting to find out if the technician is still en-route or not. I have been transferred so many times that it's unbelievable. I was told that he would be here in 45 minutes. That was at 8:10 p.m. It is now 9:40 p.m. (time is ticking as I type) and I am being told that he will be here in 20 minutes. My home phone just went dead. I am going to bed. I will cuss a technician out if he shows up at my house after 10:00 p.m. to install a "Bundle Package". I am going to post this message wherever I can. We need more competition. I can't get satellite because of my location. I just got rid of Comcast. I am frustrated. Is there another option available?

    ; am trying to get service with RCN. they were supposed to come out today from 5:00-8:00 pm. it is now 9:24 p.m. i am attempting to find out where the

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  • Os
    Oscar Aug 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I Moved to a new Condo, and they didn't show up when the appoint was set for not till late that evening 7:00PM.
    Are you kidding me. An that only that he didn't have the equiment with him, or control and left an old box that had been out of service from another location, TV wasn't set it up. Came back the next day and still Nothing. Made a hole in the WALL mess up my new painted walls and broke a frame on the wall and scrach the floor. They promise to come back n refinish my floors. I have done it my self they call a few month later asking if the work was DONE I told them kindly ### NO. I HATE>>>>HATE.>>> THIS COMPANY...



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