Rand McNallyrvnd7 global positioning system

On August 8, 2018, we purchased an Rand McNally RVND7 GPS. The unit worked fine until the latter part of April 2019. Beginning in early May 2019, I used the Rand McNally software to do diagnostics and repair several times which did not correct the issues (losing the GPS signal, inaccurate routing, and misreporting of vehicle speed.) I called Rand McNally (RM) twice and spoke to Tech Support. After the second failed attempt to fix the issues, RM asked for me to send the unit to their repair facility. We needed the unit for an early June RV trip we had planned.

We would be traveling 1100 miles to an unfamiliar area. As the Tech Support representative told us it would be returned in approximately 10 business days, we decided to postpone our trip two weeks and we returned the unit.. It is now June 14, 2019 and after several calls, I have been told there is no estimate for returning the unit to us.

We are now scheduled to leave on June 19th, 2019 and have non-refundable reservations. We are senior citizens and want our GPS or a replacement. I was told that they cannot keep staff and we have to wait indefinitely for them to get the staff to make the repairs. We want to take our trip and have a GPS with us that we bought and paid for.

Jun 17, 2019

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