Rak Bankharassment; credit card

S Apr 03, 2018

I am writing this on behalf of my brother who has a rakbank credit card for more than 3 years now. He had maxed out the card 2 times and both time cleared the total outstanding on it. This is the 3rd time the card was maxed out and this time for the past 6 months he has been making delayed (not default) payments. He keeps getting more than 7 calls per day from rakbank and he answers the call and tells them when the next payment can be done.
Recently they have started calling me, instead of him saying he has not been picking up the calls, which is funny because they called him 5 mins before they called me and I heard him talking to mr. Rizwan who asked to make a deposit of aed 1000 that and the rest of the amount to be paid later next week. Mr rizwan calls me the next day saying that my brother was not reachable and has not been answering his calls to which I told him I know ur talking to him and as per your advice he has made a payment of aed1000.

Two days later rizwan calls me instead of my brother asking me if I have had a chance to talk to my brother to which I asked what should I talk to him about? He says regarding our conversation. I told him that since you spoke to my brother and he made the payment as per your advice what more do u want me to speak to him about. Every day after this I am getting calls on my number from different people from rakbank (though I am not the cardholder) telling me that my brother is not answering his phone and then calling up my brother within minutes threatening him saying they will deposit the security cheque by 5th if he doesn't pay remaining aed 1200. My brother paid aed 1000 on 2nd and then he gets a call on 3rd saying if balance aed 300 is not paid the same day the next day his cheque will be deposited.
First they threatened to deposit cheque if not paid by 5th then they said if not paid by 3rd. I wonder are they playing games. Do they change dates as and when they want?? Is this the way to treat customers? Especially customers who are making the payment even though the payments are delayed? I wonder what they do to people who do not make payments at all. We pay financial charges for the delayed payment plus have to listen to their abuse (not fair) and the irony is in the fact that we are listening to this because we are still in the country trying to make the payments rather than running away.
Who decides to threaten to deposit the cheque every day?? It's become a joke now with us... Every day they call and say we will deposit today, tomorrow.
Don't they have a system that once a customer is called for the day, details are logged in so that 100 people don't call the same customer asking for the same thing.
I also want to know on what basis are they calling me and harassing me (asking me whether I spoke to my brother, he is not reachable etc, then calling him as soon they cut the call with me) and we are thinking of filing a case against them for this harassment.

It's not as if we are going to run away without paying, we are picking calls up and are making payments (though the payments are delayed). Don't understand why they need to lie and threaten people.

Mr rizwan (he was the worst of the lot.. Kept abusing my brother), mr. Hector, mr. Alan, ms sadiya and all the other 100 people who keep calling every 1 hour from rakbank... Please coordinate among yourself, keep track of your to do list and don't waste time calling the customer all over again.. Imagine the number of other poor customers (and their relatives) whom you are missing to call and threaten and make their life miserable.
As far as we are concerned, we will continue to pay our debts (even though delayed - for which they are charging us financial charges) till it's paid in full and record these entertaining conversations with rakbank for future use. Hope for some sort of coordination from their collections department and hope that the calls become one per day.
Signing off without expecting a response from their side….

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