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Rak bank simply better???
Please change this tag line, it does not suit the services and/or policies of rak bank.

My complaint is primarily focussed on the false, bogus and totally flawed cash back schemes run on rak bank titanium credit cards.

The card is sold to the customers by ensuring a 3% cashback and sometimes even a 5% cashback. And after a few months of usage when you realize the cashback is not in line with the promises made, you call the call centre and come to know that the scheme offers a 1% cashback on purchases made below aed 10000 pm, 2% on purchases made from aed 10000 to aed 25000 pm, 3% on aed 25000 plus purchases pm, and 5% only on international usage!!!

If that lie is not enough for a "simply better service", there are more ways to make fool of customers.

For my september bill, I ask why I received 1% cashback when I was entitled for a 2%. I get a reply that my bill is less than aed 10000. Then I ask why a bill of 9503 when my spending is very well above 10000 & hence entitled to 2% cashback. I get a reply "sir you have to make the purchases before 14th of every month to get them included in the credit card statement and hence get you 2% cashback. We cannot do anything in this case."
At least the telecaller was polite & I tried to forget this case & lose aed 100.

Now for the current month again when my statement was 9124, I make it a point to go and buy worth 1100 odd on 13th night to get the 2% cashback & not leave rak bank with any excuses. But to my utter surprise, rak bank has another new way of justifying the aed 100 loss to its customer by saying "sir it is jack's fault that they took the money on 17th not ours & u better deal with jacky's!!!" and wow what a rude tone & on asking do I scrap my & my family rak bank cards, a very convenient answer pops out of my telephone set "sir it is entirely your wish!!!"

Is this what you call "simply better"??

So a net loss of aed 200 in three months time, please give me one good reason why not to be upset about the entire scenario!!!


  • Ma
    Masn Jun 17, 2010

    RAK bank is one of the worse banks I dealt with!

    I was holding account & loan with them for 2 years, and during last year my salary started to be transferred late due to financial difficulties facing the company, so what the “simply better” bank did is to deduct two month installments from my salary! I received July salary in August 24th and they debited the installment of August & September, 10 days earlier!
    Moreover, when I called to enquire about that; the reply was simply it’s not bank problem “since your salary was transferred late; the bank will debit the payment for next month too”! And the guy on the other side was so rude to the point I started screaming.
    The funny part after a bad telephone conversation & being totally unhelpful he says:
    Is there anything else I can help you with? Thanks for calling RAK bank have a nice day!!!

    RAK Bank Simply Worst!!!

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  • Fi
    Firoz 500 Aug 10, 2010

    Actually its not the problem of the Bank, RAK bank is good but the person dealing with the customers are [censor]. They are just having basic education but talking skill is more. I want to write more about this type of things but i know its useless. Who will care but the Bank is just loosing its goodwill.
    Firoz 500.

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  • Ma
    |Mark Anthony Madrigal Sep 06, 2010

    I agree with the above comments, Their people are worst, they don't know the basic personal service. Is there anybody deal with this stupid Cristeta Balneg? I wonder how she landed a job in this kind of service?

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  • Xt
    xtremely Apr 19, 2014

    RAK bank are really stupid, someone called me and asking 7000 Dirhams for the credit that was closed 10 years. RAK system is completely rubbish! The system they is actually applicable of a trading who's doing this statement manually. Can't imagine how RAK bank hired this stupid and uneducated people... don't know how to deal with the people.

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  • Kr
    Krishnapal Singh Aug 20, 2018

    RAK bank is the worst bank when it comes to charges and collection. Their collection team is most provocative and abusive. They will go to any strength to humiliate the customer. People beware before taking any credit card or loan from RAK bank.

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  • Ra
    Rakbank Aug 27, 2018

    @Krishnapal Singh Dear Customer,

    Please contact us on 04 2130000 or provide your contact number for us to reach you.

    Thank you


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  • Ag
    agwan Aug 20, 2018

    i have cancell auto debit sysytem in my account

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  • Ab
    Abdul zahid Aug 21, 2018

    Call out my number .im waiting for last 90mins in the branch just for a auto loan payment form.and staff service is disgusting specially there is guy who dont how to talk with the customer.punit lalwani

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  • Aj
    Ajith Bhadran Sep 06, 2018

    Today I get a call from rak bank collection department (call from 0524263548 at 3.12pm) Rak bank representative talk to me very roughly and I feel like blackmailing.So please take necessary action as soon as possible, otherwise should given to that representative better training for customer support.Await for a honest reply.

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  • Ad
    Adel2017 Sep 10, 2018

    I’ve used my RAK Bank Matser Card once in Dubai Airport for an amount of AED 240. I paid 240 + 20 (interest) = AED 260.

    However, the bank is adding each month 250 AED as penality for paid amount!!!

    I decided to not pay these penalities.

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  • Mu
    mustafa shahid Sep 11, 2018

    Please told him to contact me Mr.Mustafa Shahid as he blocked my number as well and whatsapp

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  • Vi
    Vinnyrajeev Sep 19, 2018

    My name -vinnyrajeev, my loan is not released now, saying that they want clearance letter, my earlier bank given closure confirmation, it means no pending with them. Then what is the logic on blocking my loan

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