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We have owned our Timeshare, purchased from Club Regina (Mexico) in 1995 for 15 years. The Reguar Maintenance fees have escalated greatly over the last 15 years. And, especially, since Club Regina was incorporated into Raintree Vacation Club. This year the regular Maintenance Fee was $846.00...AND... another additional "special maintenance fee" of $846.00 was also assessed. In all $1.692.00 in fees for this year (2009). In addition, we cannot go to any resorts other than Cancun, Puerto Vallarta & Cabo. They threaten to ruin our credit if we do not "ante up" the total fees. What can we do to fight these people? We are 69 and 70 years old and Mexico is no longer our vacation of choice. So, we put our time into RCI (another fee for one year $89.00). And then, another $194.00 to book a vacation. I think we could have had a decent cruise ticket for the $1, 975.00 it cost us this year. Linda Cormier, Menifee CA


  •   Feb 24, 2010

    Hi, Linda: I help the team at Raintree Vacation Club answer questions and resolve member issues/problems. Thank you for your long relationship. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to visit where information about the special assessment is posted and members are invited to post comments and questions. The special assessment has been difficult and we are happy to have it behind us so we can focus on using the funds to improve the resort properties. Since you are a VOC/B-share member who has not upgraded to Raintree Vacation Club Membership, I also want to be sure you know the special assessment payment you make will only fund upgrades, improvements and renovations at the Club Regina resort properties to which you have usage rights. No special assessment funds paid by you will be used at resort properties you cannot enjoy.

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      Mar 04, 2010

    Not to sound like Dan Keeney, but "Hi Linda!" I just saw your post of last week -- and Danny boy's well-honed response. Since you appear to be relatively new to this site, you may not know that Dan Keeney is a PR hireling for Raintree. He has zero credibility with this site's readers with respect to posting fair and disinterested information about the special assessment and other Raintree-related issues. In addition to creating the site to which he earnestly directs you -- at Raintree's paid behest by the way -- Dan also "responds" to questions placed on that site as well as hovering over this ComplaintsBoard site hoping to snare potential consumers of Raintree's brand of truth. Beware!
    But don't take my word for it. See for yourself. On another thread on this board ("Trying to Charge a Special Assessment, p.34), poster "costrow" asked Dan some straightforward questions about Raintree's new "Blue" membership level:

    Costrow: What is the Difference between a Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and now Blue?

    Keeney: There is no difference. Raintree Blue is simply a designation given to those with Diamond, Ruby and Emerald Memberships. Raintree Blue is not a new Membership Type.

    Costrow: Does this in any way reduce the number of units I have available to me with my Gold?

    Keeney: No.

    Costrow: Does another "Member Type" have preference when calling for a reservation?

    Keeney: No.

    Costrow: They [Raintree] are selling it in PV as a special package and for considerably more money. Why?

    Keeney: [82 days and counting -- still no answer...]

    What's that old saw about a picture being worth a thousand words? See below. In case you have trouble see the plaques on the doors of Room 3501 & 3507, they read "Raintree Blue." The reflection off the flooring under the right hand door is from the ocean view window of an upper story overlooking the beach Club Regina in Cancun. Old Club Regina and non-Blue members need not apply.

    So, members (and Linda), once again Dan Keeney is -- as he had admitted previously -- just passing on information he has been provided by Raintree. And, unfortunately, he has earned the same credibility that they have: none! Oh, did I mention that the Blue rooms are located just above the sales office in Cancun, for easy access the sleazy salesman and unsuspecting tourists.

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      Mar 07, 2010

    Thanks to an RVC member who's just returned from Los Cabos for more color on the "Blue pitch" going on at Raintree these days. You'll recall that Dan "Blue-is-not-a-Membership-Type" Keeney recently told all of us that the new Blue was in fact "simply a designation to those with Diamond, Ruby and Emerald Memberships." Huh? Then why, as member Costrow asked months ago, is Raintree selling Blue in PV (and Cabo and Cancun) as a special package and charging beaucoup bucks for it?

    Danny, sorry... Mr. Keeney must still be formulating an answer to that question -- AFTER 84 DAYS! -- so we'd better let our recently returned RVC member take it from here. (Dan -- pay attention!).

    Since the sales rep probably wouldn't want his real name used, we call him "Dougie Do-Wrong." While Dougie wasn't talking price, he did say that "blue members would have special privileges as far as booking whatever rooms they wanted and faster check-in." Well, then, let's explore!

    This is ingenious! And like most ingenuous ideas coming out of Raintree, this one probably originated in the dark back-alleys of that "other Doug's" creative mind. No doubt gliding through the no-waiting, First Class line boarding his flight from Copenhagen to Houston, Doug Bech couldn't help but notice how many fellow passengers were willing to fork over big bucks to get the best seats and sit down before everybody else. "AH-HA! If airlines can charge for such privileges, why can't Raintree?" And, a bit later, looking out his window seat at the brilliant blue sky, it came to him: "I'll call it 'Blue'! It's not a gemstone, it's not a precious metal, it's just a color! Who would suspect?" (I know, I know -- it's like I was sitting on Doug's shoulder!)

    It's just so...ingenious! Let every RVC member know that those very-hard-to-book ocean view rooms are available just for the asking -- and a credit card number -- if you are a "Blue Member!"
    Think of it! Raintree doesn't have to build any new rooms. They just take the best of the ones they've already got -- you know, those sun-drenched ocean-view, upper story rooms you always ask for and NEVER get -- throw in some upgrades bought with the special assessment fees paid by ALL the members, slap a removable, ocean-themed blue plaque on the door saying "RESERVED FOR BLUE MEMBERS" and voila: LUXURY AT A PRICE -- FOR THE DISCERNING TIMESHARE CONNOISSEUR. "Just fabulous, don't you think -- John, Sharon -- what do you think we can get -- $20, 000, $30, 000, $40, 000 more? Christ, I'm a genius, huh!!

    Doug, you are! So, that's how it all started, members. An answer to Raintree's cash flow problems, with all us paying for the necessary expenses through the maintenance and special assessment"membership fees" and, better yet, those RVC suckers paying tens of thousands of dollars more for the Blue "upgrade." Wow! Doug, this is even better than those corporate carve-outs you did at IP back in the late 80's! Really, how do you think this stuff up?

    Meanwhile, the plebes -- you know, the Silver-Gold-Platinum-Diamond-Ruby-Emerald riff-raff -- you and me, members -- are left to plead for an ocean view and sadly, once we arrive, settle for a room next to the elevator, laundry, or one facing the frontage road. (These days many members would settle for a refrigerator that chills, a lamp that lights and a room without mold.)

    So, book it, Dano. I think you can stop researching the answer to Costrow's question now. We figured it out without you. But really, you should drop us a note and let us know how it's going with Raintree's "Blue thing." What's next -- Coral, Magenta, Pink?

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      Nov 05, 2010

    Hi: I bought into Club Regina Cabo back in 2005, boy they are the best salesmen. Or I am a sucker...
    I have been to Cabo, PV, Isla Mujeres, and Kona, and quite enjoyed it, but got suckered in to buying more time.
    Why did I do it? I was furious with this special assessment as I have to pay in US funds and when the Canadian dollar was down, it costs quite a bit more. My Uncle has a timeshare with Wyndham and another one,
    he just paid a company 6, 000 to take it off his hands. I am so worried, I have over 30 grand into this place.
    I have heard people aren't able to pay there maintenance fees and in turn they, Raintree are going to probably
    do more assessments in the future to make up for this? Can you sell these places, I remember the last salesperson said Oh we will buy it from you...Do you think this is true. Plse help me. Donna

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      Nov 25, 2010

    I would be interested to join any class action suit against Regina. I bought Regina in 1996, when it was Hilton and since then, things have change a lot, as they've taken every single change in ownership as a way to reduce the value of old members. As a result, what I bought is not even close to what I am getting from them today, the cost has gone up, options reduced, time to use it reduced as well, etc. Almost every single item has been changed so they can sell more property to new owners without benefiting old ones. When I bought in 1996, the exchange value in RCI was supposed to be great. Now I can hardly can get availability where I want to go or get something of a much lower value. I would assume RCI is also part of this. In sum, I have so many issues and horror stories. I reluctantly paid the special assessment fee, and since 2008, they have almost doubled the yearly maintenance fee. This year is going to be $759.00. I was able to go to the Hyatt Coral gables through Hotwire for $70 dollars a few months back, or to the Sheraton in downtown Chicago for less than $150.00. How come I need to pay this much for something I paid thousands of dollars for many years ago? So in less than 12 months I have paid more than $2000 dollars. I could have gone to the Ritz Carlton for that kind of money.
    email [protected]

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  • S
      Feb 19, 2011

    Any class action

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  • E
      Apr 26, 2011

    April 23 2011 We just got back from Raintree's Club Regina in Puerto Vallarta. We made our reservations early last December 2010. We had previously visited in 2006 through RCI with banked points from another timeshare. We did the "90 minute" presentation and bought because of the "eye candy". The grounds, the ocean view from our 7th floor upgraded one bedroom, the pools, the beach, free access to the gym and tennis courts- we felt it was great and we knew we wanted to come back.
    What a difference today. Since we are Club members and have been paying a Special Assessment for improvements we expected our room would have the new kitchen with new appliances and granite countertops, WIFi, upgraded bathrooms, etc. Since we had booked early we thought, No Problem- WRONG! We called to see about getting an upgraded room with an ocean view. When I called RVC about two weeks before our flight, I was told told they were fully booked and the only thing available unless they got a cancellation was a marina view. I asked to be put on the list and was told I should call every day to check; they didn't have a list. I expressed my displeasure at this and the RVC rep called the front desk at the resort to check availability. Same story; they were booked solid but, if I was willing to fork out another $75 USD per day, they could do it. Well, our room ended up on the 3rd floor as far as you could get from the Lobby and what we saw from the window was the roof of the gym with the masts of some of the boats visible in the marina in the distance beyond. As far as the unit improvements RVC boasts about, there were absolutely none. The room looked exactly like the one we were in 5 years ago. What a joke!
    The free gym was no longer free because it belongs to the Westin and they are feuding with Club Regina. So now you have to pay to use what originally came free with your paid membership. There is also a 6' wire fence separating the two resorts, the grounds, and the pools. We could not use the closest elevator to our room to get to the first floor and access the Club Regina grounds because the fence blocked our access. We were on the Westin side of the fence at that point so we had to walk to the lobby in order to go use the pool.

    It is actually cheaper to book through Priceline and pick your room at the outset than to pay the yearly maintenance fees and special assessments from RVC. The bottom line for us is that we will not be going back and they can take their membership and their fees and shove it

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  • T
      May 26, 2011

    As a timeshare owner we can all end the misery of the RCI membership by going to . This site is free to join and you can upload videos of the resort and talk to other timeshare owners as well.

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  • P
      Sep 16, 2011

    Same complaints as above. We bought in 1996 and have upgraded several times emerald now I think. We did so so that we could have unrestricted time and better rooms...Bahaahahah...The maintenance fees have tripled and that doesn't include the mysterious "appraisal fees." As everyone else has stated we are not getting out money's worth as a-matter-of-face I'd say we are getting bambuzelled!! Now when we refused to pay these ridiculous prices they threaten to report to credit bureau and ruin our credit. I am very interested in joining a class action law suite. Anyone in progress please email me at [protected]

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  • J
      Jun 04, 2012

    I would like to form a group of Raintree/RCI (or any other name they use) victims to go to the corporate office with news media and demand justice. If we can't all go, let's make a video a sort of play for justice, #1 refund of special assessment fee, there were no upgrades. #2 for those who bought into the Westin facilities should get at least half their money back since now you can't use any part of the Westin. A fence? Please. We can try to sue, it won't work. It's time to take it nation wide and viral. If any of you are interested, please email me at [protected] Taking this matter to the Internet WILL go viral and maybe just maybe we can have justice by shutting them down.

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  • B
      Sep 15, 2012

    I have considered this also. The quickest way would be to have picketing outside their office, after alerting media. I would also inform the media of the various lawsuits that have had to be settled. I own stock in Holly Frontier. Need to tell the Board of Directors that one of them, Bech, is involved in other activities that might prove embarrassing for them...

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      Jul 31, 2013

    It seems like this is a very common problem in Mexico. My wife & i bought into a Royal Elite Timeshare in Playa del Carmen. We stayed in sandos caracol resort & signed contract for royal elite. we've found out in the last few months that availiablity of resorts that we require are very limited (sales person shown us extensive range of hotels). flight deals are no better than booking myself. we enquired to stay lanzarote sandos dec 2012 the ai rate is in total $1900 for the week. i feel that this is going to be costly in the long run, not the ideal deal that was sold to us. This is a forum with more complaints about this company:

    I'm in the process of calling the BBB and PROFECO and seeing what they can do. Possibly the attorney General also!!

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  • J
      Jan 28, 2014

    I too have the same complaint. When I emailed memberservices as suggested above, I was arrogantly told that it is within their right to jack it up as much as 10% per year, what a Fricken jobe this timeshare scam is. So frustrating that there is nothing we can do...

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      Apr 11, 2014

    I bought in to Raintree Vacation Club in 2004 with my husband. Like everyone else the "eyecandy" was just too much not to buy in to . For the first 4 months of belonging to Raintree, joining up in Park City, Utah we were able to have one of the largest rooms available and use the pool that they had with all of our children come and stay with us. It was absolutely wonderful. I booked another time with friends and had the same experience. Being able to book the larger facility that wasn't in our contract. THEN, BAM!!! We booked in Washington State and had to pay a entrance fee when we went to one of Raintree's vacation spots...WHAT!!! We already have payed maintenance fees, NOT to have to pay this. I complained at the front desk and afterwards to Raintree, and of coarse got the same answer...upgrades! We were assessed like everyone else the special maintenance fee and got behind because we were unaware at the time that we were assessed this amount and we had our credit ruined along with hours on the phone...I have detailed written conversations with SEVERAL of their people telling me that they were taking care of it, only to have it NOT done. It was a total nightmare.
    Last year they offered for the members to pay an extra 1, 000.00 to sell back their time share to them and you were able to use the rest of your points over the next 15 years. GOD tell me why I didn't do this. My husband after much thought told me to go ahead and do it...2 days after the deadline of being able to do it. I told him several times that we need to pay the money and just get out. TO LATE. I have read all of your comments and have had the same experiences that almost everyone of you have had. Calling and not being able to get in ANYWHERE when we wanted to go.
    I talked with a Raintree representative just yesterday and told her about my disgust with everyone of our compaints and of coarse she was very helpful with telling me to get on a waiting list etc. etc. ect.
    I also called a company that gets people out of their times shares...he asked me which one I belong to and the minute I said Raintree, he said..."I'm really sorry but we don't deal with that company, they are to nasty and very hard to deal with. We have not been able to help anyone in getting out of their timeshares with that one so we have given up on trying to help people with them, good luck"
    WHERE do I go from here!!!

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  • J
      Jan 27, 2016

    I bought at Club Regina Cabo in late 90s. I have tried several times to get out of the timeshare yet I still own it. I just paid a fee of $1800.00 us dollars. I am in Canada and that hurts. I haven't used my timeshare in over 5 years but I continue to pay. Last year I stopped paying and told Raintree that I was giving my timeshare back. They hired a collection agency to get my fee and threaten my credit.
    When I purchased the timeshare I asked the salesman if they would buy back once units are sold and he assured me that they would. Of course that was not true.
    I like many people are completely stuck. Class action I am in!!! J Austin Canada

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  • S
      May 15, 2018

    @j Austin Broken record here... but same experience. Bought in Club Regina, Cabo, in 1999 for $19, 500, paid in full and upgraded in 2000. I was told could sell back to them at any time, that they are so popular that they would have no problem reselling, to look at it like an investment. Maintenance was $575, I was told it would not increase more than inflation and Today Maintenance is $1800... and I am stuck until 2046.
    Now I am broke, on social security, and I told them I can not pay any more. They said not their problem, they can not take back and they can't sell it for me, told me to go online and sell it. They also said they can not be held responsible for what a salesperson TOLD me -who probably is not with the company anymore!!
    I have tried to sell for over a year, to give away, even pay transfer fee etc., and no luck. If their maintenance fees had not grown so substantially... I might have a chance. But no one wants those fees when they can just go online and pay way less for a week. So now it is a ball and chain...
    Now I have had my credit card company deny the Maintenance fee charges (on auto pay) because I had reached my limit. So now... I will be going into default.
    They do not care... will not take back because they say they are not sold out of their inventory yet. So we are competing with their current sales. Offered to pay them to take it back. No... Zero empathy, zero ethics! This why soooo many scammers are taking advantage of our fellow timeshare holders, we are getting desperate! Again, they don't care, just say to watch out for this and that company.

    I had another timeshare, bought at the same time, Playa Grande, and they were understanding. They just took back 2 weeks I had with them and did not charge a transfer fee. The difference of a successful company?!

    Raintree has such a problem with backlash on these timeshares sold with a specific timeframe, that they came up with a new program 7, and 15, that does not lock new buyers into a perpetual system. We should have been grandfather in!!
    We need to publicize this ruthless organization through social media and warn people not to buy from them but to buy from us... and in the meantime...
    CLASS ACTION, I am in!!!

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  • Y
      Nov 23, 2016

    Hello everyone, I am a victim of this time share as well, I highly recommend you to forward your complain to PROFECO, we need to be listened, here is the information

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  • D
      Feb 01, 2018

    Member since 2002!, on a Even/Gold plan so billed every even year...current assessment for 50k pts for 44 frigging years! So what can
    a person do, if there financial condition is very bleak? What would be the legal recourse of RVC, contract has been paid off, just the maintenance
    fees payable until 2046. File personal bankruptcy? Tried to give away, sell, course always have the scammers who claim to get rid of your
    maintenance fee for only $5k. What guarantees this will work? Course, if your MF keeps going up, seems to me I would be better off to pay 5k and be rid of future MF assessments? Anyone else in my situation or has told them to no more payments and will deal with any repercussion RVC may impose?

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